SSCC #314-#317 – TSA

The real reason for the war on nouns is to allow our fearless leaders “who know best” to create their own little enterprises in the illicit trades they create.

Two former and two current Transportation Security Administration
employees were accused of allowing large amounts of cocaine and other
drugs to pass through X-ray machines at security checkpoints in exchange
for cash, authorities said Wednesday.

I’m sure there was actually probably more involved, at least in the form of greased wheels.  I am by no means shocked or surprised by this.  At this point I don’t think that disbanding the TSA will be enough.  I’m starting to want someone’s head on a pike.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 314: Naral Richardson

315: John Whitfield

Joy White

317: Capeline

Because being a TSA agent means you can abuse the law abiding while getting pay offs to look the other way when criminals walk by.

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