SSCC #328 – Nashville

Before the traffic stop was over, the officer would take $22,000 cash
that the man had been planning to use to buy a car — without charging
him with a crime.

I’m willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that money also is already working it’s way out of the evidence lockup.  As there is no crime tied to the “evidence” there is no reason for it to be retained in inventory.

This is an officer being a dick because he can.  The man committed no crime and he had his property confiscated for it.  Why not make people prove they’re not utilizing their car for illegitimate purposes.  I have no duty to provide you a withdrawal slip from my bank without a warrant.  Hell I have a box at home I toss spare cash and change in.  Over time that’s going to grow into a larger value of cash.  Fuck banks, they did nothing but tack on fee after fee while I was with them.  I’ve since gone to credit unions but I still don’t trust them.

Why am I being forced by an officer of the law to engage in commerce?  My response to that dick, “Fuck you I don’t have to.”  May you and your boss end up in prison for deprivation of property without cause under color of law.  My only hope is that you’re found by someone you put in prison and your transgressions paid for.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #328: Officer John Doe

Because an officer of the law is judge and jury rolled in to one and is free to confiscate property as he sees fit without regard to due process and the law.

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  1. Old_NFO says:

    Louisiana got sued over this a couple of years ago.