Quote of the Day – Sebastian (5/29/2012)

Our opponents were used to a media environment where they could grab
hold of the narrative and drive it as far as they like, but that does
not work in the world we live in now. The funny thing is, no one can
control it for long, not even us. But for some reason that’s
strengthened our hand, and severely weakened theirs.

Sebastian The Narrative Slips Out of Control for Josh Horwitz

May 29, 2012

[I think Sebastian nailed this right on the head.  No one really has control of the narrative anymore, even as hard as some people might try.  No matter how hard people try, the truth eventually comes out.  Our opponents previously were able to win hard and fast because they could control the narrative.  They could pull at peoples heart strings.  Now though, they can pull at the heart strings at the beginning and then facts and logic will overtake random emotion.  People become upset when someone uses their genuine emotions nefariously and ultimately were made to feel sorry for someone who in the end turns out not to be the angel he was made out to be.

Just the same, we can not control the narrative either despite what our opponents may think.  We don’t control it, it’s just that we’re the ones presenting the truth with facts to back it up.  For the most part, that’s what the majority want, they want the truth.  It so happens that the truth, facts, and logic support our position.  All our enemy has is falsehoods to try and pull at people’s emotions.  Since no one controls the narrative, they can’t stop the narrative from changing from what they started to tug at peoples heart strings.  In the ends all they are left with is a group of people so emotionally invested in the narrative that they lack the ability to think rationally or freely.  So the question becomes, did we really loose any support from those people?

I didn’t think so either. -B]

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2 Responses to Quote of the Day – Sebastian (5/29/2012)

  1. Lyle says:

    And as we speak, the forces of evil are working to find ways to seriously curtail our freedom on the internet.

    • Yup, discovered this earlier today.

      I’ve always hated restraining orders, more specifically how easy they are to abuse.  This just further cements my opinion of them as nothing more than a method for individual A to attack the rights of individual B without their presence to contest the charges.