Semi + Pedestrian Overpass = Broken Trailer

Buddy of mine got pictures of this incident described by the Moscow Pullman Daily News.

The southbound lanes of Stadium Way in Pullman are closed until 10 p.m. so crews can clean up the wreckage from a tractor-trailer that collided with a Washington State University pedestrian overpass this afternoon.

So how bad could it have been.  Ripped the top of the trailer?  Nope even better actually!


In case you don’t see it that well, here’s a better picture.
That’s right folks, the spine of the trailer is no longer straight.  I have a feeling that the truck was probably in the wrong lane for maximum clearance for the trailer as the walkways arch through campus.

Then again for the most part I never see semi trucks drive that section of stadium way, they take the truck route that avoids the overpasses.

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2 Responses to Semi + Pedestrian Overpass = Broken Trailer

  1. Old_NFO says:

    Yep, THAT left a mark… :-)

  2. Went back after work about 19:00, what you can’t see from any of those pictures is the huge mess of whatever fluid leaked out of that thing. They were unloading the trailer into another trailer, looked like bundles of shredded paper in the trailer.