SSCC #357 – Portland PD

Good on this young man for telling that officer in polite way to foxtrot oscar mike.  Now while the supervisor sent him on his way after he showed up, there will be no punishment or reprimand given to this over zealous officer for his transgressions.

His assumption was that oh you have a gun so all your rights are hereby surrendered.  Listen here sparky, that’s not the way it works, nor should it work that way.

Since I know you won’t be punished for your decisions that day, you make the count.  Lack of being held accountable is like quietly stating, “it’s OK unless you come across one who knows his rights.”

Get a different job there officer McDonald, because you suck at this one.

State Sponsored Criminal #357: J. McDonald

Because carrying a gun means that an officer can do what ever he wants, including sweeping your legs with your own weapon and confiscating your property.

h/t SayUncle

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One Response to SSCC #357 – Portland PD

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    That’s one of my biggest fears when the cop swept him.

    Portland PD got royally fucked in a lawsuit when Chief Chitwood did exactly this and seized a lawful gun at a public park.

    The citizen claimed his gun while open carrying.

    Good on this guy knowing all the legal background.