SSCC #363 – Upper Moreland

I applaud those who went out to hassle the petty tyrants.  Honestly those who take part in those road blocks are some of the most despicable people in the world.  Seriously, anyone who would willfully violate their fellow citizens like that are no better than the TSA.

State Sponsored Criminal #363: Upper Moreland PD

Because the idea that you can catch a drunk driver by harassing the rest of the populace totally self-justifies.  Never mind that you will violate many more than you will actually catch.  Never mind the law exists to protect the innocent from abuse.

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One Response to SSCC #363 – Upper Moreland

  1. Lyle says:

    May as well arrest everyone. That way you get all the criminals, right? These stupid sons of bitches want to start a war just for the sake of it, I swear. You know, just the act of trying to intimidate the protesters is a crime in itself. The justification has always been the same too– “You have something against safe streets?” Years ago I named them;
    New Americans for Zero Infringement of Safety.