Ever have one of those days…

Where you want to work on something but at the same time you want to go work on a bunch of other stuff.

Yeah today is one of those days.  On the upshot I did discover a new theme I prefer for the site while working on the pet project.  I’m doing some other stuff around the house in preparation for some stuff going on later this month.

I’ve also been working finishing up my stage designs for August.  I’ve got two more stages to go.  I did however make one stage that was an adventure into minimalism, making due with less.  It’s a short stage, but should be fun never the less.  I have discovered though it takes practice to think about Revolver, L-10, Limited, and Open and coming up with different solutions for each.  Even more so trying to avoid the wide open hole to let someone just completely wreck the stage.

I need to shoot more stages though to help the creativity.  I would go work nationals as staff. I think I’ll plan on trying to do that next year.

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