SSCC #385–St. Paul

A St. Paul, Minnesota family claims in a lawsuit that police officers who conducted a wrong-door raid on their home shot their dog, and then forced their three handcuffed children to sit near the dead pet while officers ransacked the home.

Words fail to express my rage.  I shall do as Weer’d said and let it speak for itself.

State Sponsored Criminal #385: The St. Paul Minnesota SWAT Team

Because you need to teach little Timmy and Tiffany to obey their perverted Uncle Sam at an early age, and if you plug their dog and make them lay next to it, the next time Pedo-bear TSA agent molest them they’ll ignore it because they don’t want their new Sparky to take a bullet.

h/t Popehat

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3 Responses to SSCC #385–St. Paul

  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    It’s like these departments are aware of your blog and are trying to ‘win’ or something.

    I know hindsight is 20/20 and all, but just what were they thinking when they did this? Would that be acceptable if it were the correct address?

  2. Lyle says:

    CYA is a very powerful force in the world. What if the U.S. suddenly became fully constitutional, for example? How many indictments would come down to what are otherwise ordinary politicians and department hacks at various levels?

    Don’t think that it hasn’t occurred to them. This is why they are terrified by the teaparty. At some point they could end up as desperate, cornered animals, and that can be extremely dangerous. We should remember this when discussing tactics.