Quote of the Day-Bill Quick(9/7/2012)

I live in California which means I am living in prison.

Bill Quick – Comment at Gun Blogger Rendezvous

[The most common reply to someone at GBR when they say they’re from California is either “I’m sorry” or “My Condolences.”  This comment was made while talking to a representative from the NRA when he was asking about what was on the horizon to help with the restrictions seen in places like California.

It is obvious that I’m around my kind of people.  While we all recognize that we are winning and doing well, as Joe said yesterday, “We’re no where near done, we’ve barely gotten started and have a long way to go.” -B]

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One Response to Quote of the Day-Bill Quick(9/7/2012)

  1. Lyle says:

    The most common reply to someone at GBR when they say they’re from California is either “I’m sorry” or “My Condolences.”

    We’re all being cheated, robbed and abused. It’s only a matter of degree. That CA is worse off doesn’t make the abused in Idaho any better, and it doesn’t let the abusers here off the hook. So our abusers in Idaho are less successful than the abusers in California. Uh, Huray?

    The way I see it is we each have a personal choice to make. Will we allow ourselves to be probed for weaknesses, tricked, intimidated and filled with doubt, or will we stand up and call a trickster a trickster even as the trickster pretends to be our friend?