In Which I Become A Professional Photographer

So I recently got a check in the mail from a company, that shall remain nameless, for services rendered.


You see, said company has a company calendar that is sent to customers and given to employees.  Well they needed pictures to use with the calendar and they selected two I took in 2011 for inclusion in the calendar.  Evidently they needed more winter photographs.

Cold Winter Day

Ice Tranquility

I really was hoping they wanted to use this one though:

Lone Prints

The prints across the field are Joe‘s, he was at the Taj as this picture was taken.  Who cares, I’m getting paid cash money for snapping a picture, that’s AWESOME!  Now to master the art of using Photoshop.

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3 Responses to In Which I Become A Professional Photographer

  1. JeanC says:

    Yeah, getting that first check for a picture you took is a great feeling :D

  2. Mom says:

    Great news and great pictures. We’re proud of you son.

  3. LibertyNews says:

    Nice! You’re going to frame it and put it on the wall instead of spending it on ammo or a new lens, right? ;)