SSCC #440–Chattanooga

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports ( Greg Luther claims in the $400,000 suit that he wanted to photograph a car crash that damaged his fence and retaining wall. Officer Brian Blumenberg told him he could not photograph the crime scene.

Officer Blumenberg’s response when the victim asked to speak to his supervisor?

When Luther asked to speak to a supervisor, Blumenberg threw him to the ground, handcuffed him and put him in the back of a patrol car, the suit states.
An internal affairs report states that Blumenberg was concerned that Luther would step on evidence. Blumenberg received a reprimand but it was not determined he used excessive force.

Really?  That wasn’t excessive force?  That wasn’t an unlawful arrest either, especially considering that was damage to his personal property.  Damage that he would need to document himself for insurance purposes.  Who in their right mind trains their officers to deal with the public in such a manner?  Who thinks that using force of any kind in that situation is acceptable?  Oh that’s right, our would be masters.

State Sponsored Criminal #440: Officer Brian Blumenberg

Because when someone calls the police about damage to their property and politely asks if they can document it, beat the hell out of them.  Doubly so when they decide to challenge your authority by asking for a supervisor within their rights.

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One Response to SSCC #440–Chattanooga

  1. Lyle says:

    “Who in their right mind trains their officers to deal with the public in such a manner?
    Exactly. They’re not in their right minds, nothing is being done about it, and so this will get worse.