SSCC #452-#456: Socorro

Alvarez, Orta, Varela and Delgado are accused of official oppression, but no further details were released. In addition, Varela and Delgado face charges of aggravated perjury and tampering with governmental records.

Now yes they got busted and they seem to be tight lipped as to the problems.  But there are two serious notes, one this bust accounted for 15% of the department.  The second:

Alvarez, who has been in and out of the police department in the past couple of years, was rehired by the city in July 2011 as lieutenant. He took over as the leader of the police department after the Police Chief Jaime Avalos went on medical leave in September 2010. Avalos continues to be absent from the department, and Garcia would not say whether he has been fired or is still employed.

Alvarez was involved in a previous internal investigation in 2008, when he was accused of dereliction of duty and prisoner abuse. He was investigated for allegedly using unnecessary force against Ricardo Landeros during an arrest. A grand jury declined to prosecute.

Imagine that, there was a history with these officers and the department had a reason to be concerned about their behavior.  Have no fear though because the department is arguing these men are the exception rather than the rule.  Given the history involved here, that claim is highly suspect.

State Sponsored Criminal #452: Jose Alvarez

#453: Refugio Orta

#454: Raul Huerta

#455: Javier Varela

#456: Israel Delgado

Because the people shouldn’t pay attention to the history surrounding officers, remember the whole department is infallible. 

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Hmmmm, must be pretty bad for them to cover it up from the get go…