I know a couple people who this would fit nicely….


If you’re note sure who I could possibly want to give a couple of these to, you haven’t been following me that long.  Kurt has another design that you’ll have to run over to his place to see.

I will say it’s helping light a fire under my ass.  The wife and I came up with another idea recently to do a snake other than the classic Gadsden snake.  It’s a matter of getting the base image and running it through Photoshop.  God I have too many projects and ideas.

Now CSGV hasn’t called me an insurrectionist, but they have said I was most offensive.  Does that count?

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One Response to I know a couple people who this would fit nicely….

  1. Rolf says:

    I like that. Bring a few to boomershoot next year – I’m sure that more on the mixing crew than just me would like to buy one from you.