SSCC #492 – Robbins

The police chief of south suburban Robbins was charged with drunken driving this week — his second DUI charge in three years.

The number of ads I saw over the past month about not drinking and driving has been astonishing.  All of them were from different law enforcement associations and some even my local state patrol.  Evidently for some reason this individual feels he’s somehow exempt from it.  Not only is he exempt, but he still has his job.  You lead from the front and this type of behavior thus far has served as an indicator of other problems brewing within a department.

State Sponsored Criminal #492: Johnny Holmes (No I’m not making that up.)

Because when you work in law enforcement, DUI isn’t a big deal.  It’s merely to strip individuals of their 4th amendment rights.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Gah… Pathetic that he is still working…