SSCC #497 – Trenton

The Trenton police officer who was photographed for allegedly sleeping inside of his police car over the summer lost his gun in a police station parking lot.

The attorney who represents the officer says his client was “very upset” after he lost the weapon.

Officer Richard Takach left the gun somewhere on the side of his car or his bumper in the police station parking lot at Hermitage and Artison Monday morning at 3 a.m. just after his shift, his attorney Stuart Alterman said.

Now if your familiar with gun laws and how restrictive the state of New Jersey is regarding weapons permits, you know exactly why this one’s on the count.  It’s a classic case of being “anointed”.  And remember, right now some politicians are talking of confiscating civilian arms.  Tell me, how would that help when you have Officer Fife here?

State Sponsored Criminal #497: Richard Takach

Because proper gun handling and gun safety is only required if you don’t work for the police.

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