Actions have consequences…

So I got a text from my mom last night:

Police reportedly having difficulty buying ammo according to the national news.

To which I replied:

Welcome to the club folks.  Maybe you LEOs should tell your legislators to chill out and stop using tragedies to infringe rights.

Now, it is not a joke, and it’s very real that some departments are having trouble getting ammo.  Is it a surprise?  Which is more profitable for the manufacturers right now?  Hold it for the police or sell it to consumers?

Sult’s department is one of many law enforcement agencies in Georgia that Diamant found with bullets on back order – tens of thousands of rounds each.

“It affects our ability to be prepared,” Sult said. “It affects the potential safety of the officers, because they’re not as proficient as they should be.”

Now for my moment of warm shining insight of connecting some possible consequences not considered by some.

Who currently is buying ammo at a rate previously unheard of?

  • Law-Abiding non-LEO Civilians.

Who currently is conserving ammo as if they will not be able to get more tomorrow?

  • Law-Abiding non-LEO Civilians.

Who must continue to expend ammunition due to legal and department policy requirements?

  • Law Enforcement Officers.

Who will be tasked with enforcement of any new gun laws dreamed up by our elected critters?

  • Law Enforcement Officers.

Who stands to not have enough ammunition to enforce said treasonous laws?

  • Law Enforcement Officers.

Yeah, personally I’m failing to find anything wrong with this situation.  If our elected representatives would like to keep our paid law-enforcement officers plush with ammo, the solution is simple.  “Stop threatening the rights of Americans.”  Creating a bunch of felons overnight with the stroke of a pen will do nothing but result in conflict and additional unnecessary work load for those who honestly work in law-enforcement.  It is worthy of note that the class of individuals I am talking about should not be confused with those who appear on the SSCC.  Though many of that latter group are chomping at the bit, waiting for the order as an excuse to fight their brother.  The badge is merely a method to get away with criminal actions themselves.

Keep the heat on our representatives.  Don’t stop, and honestly even if it looks clear, do not waver.  It is quite possible and probable they may indicate our overwhelming strength early in order to cut down our response.  Look at what happened in Illinois.  The bills would die just to be resurrected again.  They wanted to fight the bear, by god they’ll get it.

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One Response to Actions have consequences…

  1. MD says:

    This was happening before all the talk of new laws, your local Deputy can explain, I talked with him regarding this last summer.