Quote of the Day – LawDog (1/31/2013)

And when it comes down to brass tacks, the individual is the only person ultimately responsible for his — or her — own safety. Part of that responsibility involves being able to defend your own self, with appropriate tools.

Gun control is denying you those tools in exchange for the nebulous assurance that the police will “do their best”.

“Doing their best” oft involves putting a toe-tag on your corpse and finding the guy that killed you so that he can plea bargain his way out of an extended sentence, but that’s gun control for you.

LawDogGun-Free does not equal Violence-Free
January 30th, 2013

[First, go read his whole post and watch the linked video.  That is by far the best example I have ever seen to show the complete and utter failure that gun-free-zones are.

Lastly, those paragraphs are the central point of this debate and you either admit this harsh reality, or you pretend that unicorn farts do exist and you want the force of state to coerce others into giving up their tools for non-existent unicorn farts.

This is the world our opponents want.  This is the world many of our elected representatives want to force upon us.  Make no mistake, they want the strong to prey upon the weak and they want the state to have a total monopoly on force.  -B]

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