SSCC Honorable Mention – Miami

Remember, just call 911 and the police will be on their way to save you.


So tell me, do you still want to trust the police to save your life when seconds count?  He’s being paid by the public to perform his duties and does nothing.  Now remember the state is protected from such negligence as this since the police have no duty to respond, see Warren v. District of Columbia.

When someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night, which do you want?

  1. To call 911 and pray they arrive in time to stop the criminal aggressors.
  2. A method to quickly and easily defend yourself at a distance minimizing risk to yourself and family.

There are those currently in the government that want to remove that second option.

State Sponsored Criminals: Dario Socarras, Jennifer Gonzalez, and Jose Huerta

Because when seconds count, those charged and paid to help the public would rather drink coffee and ignore their duty.  It’s not fraud when you’re lying and getting paid for what you lied about right?

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2 Responses to SSCC Honorable Mention – Miami

  1. tl671 says:

    Believe you me, having been a life long beneficiary of the brand of “law enforcement” that MDPD offers, everyone, including the crime victim is much better off for these bastards having sat on their asses. This way the victim is only violated once. If they had responded, they would likely have arrested the 911 caller, as is their preferred course of action. If they show up, someone is going to jail, at minimum. And they don’t particularly care whom.

    • tl671 says:

      Also I forgot to mention, this is not Miami police department, which only covers the very small part of Dade County that is Miami proper, but Metro Dade County Sheriff (or as they like to call themselves now Miami-Dade PD), which covers all of Dade County. This is one of the few, if not only sheriff’s office in the nation, that is headed by a political appointee, rather than an elected sheriff.