SSCC #521 – Hendersonville

37-year-old James Holbert, Junior was arrested for DWI on Monday morning in Hendersonville, While on duty in his Highway Patrol cruiser.

Holbert resigned after he took a breathalyzer test, about an hour after his supervisor noticed something way out of the ordinary.

I’m sure he could move to Indy and they’d accept him with open arms.  At least this guy didn’t run anyone over.

I’m glad he was busted for it, but you would think someone would notice before he hops in the car.  Since so many seem to like the idea of punishing the many for the actions of the few, maybe we should install the DWI ignition disconnects in all police cars.

Hey, politicians want to confiscate my property which has never hurt anyone for the actions of a madman, seems fair to me.

State Sponsored Criminal #521: James Holbert Jr.

Because DWI is only a danger and a problem if you’re not a cop.

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