SSCC #533 – New Orleans

“We were just sitting there laughing and out of nowhere, I saw two guys grab Ferd,” says Newman.

“All of a sudden, I’m on the wall. A whole bunch of people just came up and threw me up against the wall,” says Hunt.

Those people were plain clothes law enforcement officers, nine of them State Troopers and one NOPD officer.  The two young men were taken down to the ground.

The officers made a mistake with their choice of victims.  Their mother, who had just gone to get them something to eat was a uniformed officer.

I don’t trust NOPD at all.

State Sponsored Criminal #533: John Doe

Because when you’re a cop you can assault whoever the hell  you want and get away with it.  If it ends up being another cops kid, just claim they were interfering with the “investigation”.

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One Response to SSCC #533 – New Orleans

  1. jeanc38 says:

    Yeah right, you want ID from a couple people, you rush them, pick them up and slam them to the ground. Last time I was asked for ID the officer simply asked to see it. When did the procedure change?

    What I see is a bunch of thugs attacking a couple kids simply because the kids were black. Some cops REALLY need to lose their jobs and get hauled up on assault charges (tho since this IS NOLA, that sure as hell ain’t gonna happen).