SSCC #548 – Las Vegas

 An officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is now on paid administrative leave, after being recorded during a traffic stop. 

The YouTube video, which has gotten thousands of views, shows the officer react angrily after rear-ending a motorcycle. It happened near Harmon Avenue and Koval Lane.

Below is the video of the incident.

I’m sure that officer and Officer Roid Rage would get along great.  Mr. Officer, you were following too closely if you couldn’t stop before hitting the bike.  Maybe next time you should respect the dangers that riders have from cagers like you.*

State Sponsored Criminal #548: John Doe

Because when you’re a cop and following too closely and it results in an accident, blame the guy in front who was trying to not be run over.

*It’s the behavior of cagers that really makes me not want to ride motorcycles.

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  1. JD(not the one with the picture) says:

    Bad cop, take a paid vacation.