SSCC #550 – Lloyd

Sean McCutcheon, the resource officer who fired a shot from his service weapon in a hallway at Highland High School, has resigned from the Lloyd Police Department after an investigation concluded the incident, though unintentional, was due to “officer error,” the department said on Friday.

First, that’s what happens when you finger [email protected]#$ your weapon!  Seriously folks, just leave it in the holster, that’s where it belongs until you need it.  If you pull it out to clean it, by all freaking means strictly adhere to the 4 rules and remember the 5th too.

That said, tell me, in the land of the new SAFE Act, why is it these morons, who don’t even know how to use their weapons, be allowed rights that they then deny to their citizens?  Further, if any citizen had a ND in that type of location where it was the fault of the user, I am confident there would be some sort of charges pressed against the individual.

Remember though that these people are highly trained and would never take a weapon into the field they’ve never test fired or zeroed.

State Sponsored Criminal #550: Sean McCutcheon

Because when a cop finger [email protected]#$s a weapon, he needs a slap on the wrist.  When a peon does it, hang him out to dry and use it to trample the rights of others.

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