SSCC #558-#560: NYPD

NYPD officers pepper-sprayed three little children, including 2-year- and 5-month old babies, because they thought the kids’ mom jumped a subway fare, the family claims in court.

Because in Bloomberg world that is reasonable.  No wonder Bloomberg doesn’t want anyone in his city armed, with officers behaving like that people might be liable to defend themselves from the criminals employed by the state.

State Sponsored Criminal #558: Maripily Clase

#559: Suranjit Dey

#560: Jermaine Hodge

Because when you out number someone and you think they may not have paid, pepper spray them and their children.  No need to use thought or a reasonable level of force, you’re a member of Bloomberg’s finest don’t you know!

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One Response to SSCC #558-#560: NYPD

  1. Old NFO says:

    THAT is just beyond the pale… Those kids had to be in agony, and for NO reason…