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Ken Anderson faces three felony charges, including concealing evidence. Anderson was the district attorney who prosecuted Michael Morton in 1987.

Morton spent 25 years in prison before DNA evidence proved his innocence. Anderson’s attorney plans to challenge Friday’s ruling.

Another person within the prosecutors office acted to protect Mr. Anderson and did everything possible to prevent the evidence from being admitted.

25 years of a mans life gone.  All because this prosecutor lived by the following mantra

It takes a good prosecutor to convict a guilty man, it takes a great prosecutor to convict an innocent one.

Remember that the next time you think about what happened in Boston last Friday.  Doubly so since there’s no correlation between the law and justice.

State Sponsored Criminal Ken Anderson

Because when you’re too lazy to find the real killed, throw the innocent man who lost his loved one in prison.  When the real killer kills again, just play dumb.

h/t Rob Halvorson

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