SSCC–Auburn Washington (My Home Town)

Former Auburn police officer John Michael Clemmons pleaded guilty in King County Superior Court Monday to assault for fondling a woman during a traffic stop.

Go read the account.  This pervert that received state protection and exemption.  Of course his fellow officers were there in a show of support, because heaven forbid they stand up for the people they’re sworn to protect when it’s their own abusing them.

State Sponsored Criminal: John Michael Clemmons

Because when you’re a cop, you can cop a feel of whoever the hell you want and if they fight back it’s assaulting a police officer.

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One Response to SSCC–Auburn Washington (My Home Town)

  1. Archer says:

    Good questions posed here: At what point is it acceptable to use lethal force to defend from the officers sworn to protect us? Why, exactly, should the rules of engagement be different because the attacker/rapist wears a badge?