Quote of the Day – Ry Jones (6/2/2014)

people hate being system administrators, now I have to set up ntp on my light switches?

Ry Jones – IM Chat

[This was in reference to the announcements from Apple this morning and their home automation ventures. He does have a very valid point. Just about everyone hates system administration tasks so heavily that they quite often pay other people to do it for them.
If someone said you too could automate your house, but you'll have to maintain this network of stuff I'd just laugh and walk away.-B]


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2 Responses to Quote of the Day – Ry Jones (6/2/2014)

  1. oldnfo says:

    Um… no … HELL no… I can get up and WALK to the damn light switch…

  2. Rolf says:

    Maybe that is the plan – if it’s “cool” but a pain, then you outsource your home-admin, they can bill you ever month for “guaranteeing” “proper” operations and “money-saving” settings on all devices, to be “green” and “sustainable,” while “relieving you” of such “domestic drudgery.” For only a mere $9.99 per month.