New York City gun permits…

It is so nice when then New York times actually provides us ammunition to use against gun control

Getting a handgun legally in New York is a two-step process. First, applicants must obtain a license, which costs $340, takes about 12 weeks to process, is good for three years and requires a background check by the New York Police Department. In addition, fingerprinting costs about $100.

Those who pass that hurdle then must get a purchase authorization from the police for the particular weapon they intend to buy. One handgun license may list up to 25 weapons (so far, no one has tried to register more than that, officials said), but buyers must wait 90 days between purchases.

So it costs $440 dollars for the ability to ask the New York police department, “Can I purchase this gun?”.  Many, especially in these harder economic times, do not have the disposable income to spend $440 on a weapons permit, especially given the cost of living in New York.

Continuing on through the article they provide a nice list of prominent names that have weapons permits.  Of the entire population of New York City, only 4,000 have permits that allow them to carry a concealed weapon.  That’s 0.0477% of the population of New York.

Compare that to Washington State, where in 2007 there were 258,000 permits, coming to a ratio of 3.9%.

The government can discriminate against who it issues permits to, and lower class individuals are prevented from owning firearms due to the high costs of licensing. 

This also completely disregards the fact that New York released the names of permit holders to the public. While they may have withheld street address, it still provides a shopping list for criminals.

Some are Bat Shit Crazy

It ends up that there is a animal problem in a high school in Louisiana.

Attempts to rid McDonogh 35 High School of bats that have been flying around the third floor are being hampered due to the fact that officials have been told these bats are an endangered species and can’t be exterminated.

Some people seriously lack the ability to think.  The bats present a health hazard to the students and those working in the building.  I’m sure if it wasn’t a public school, OSHA would be breathing down their necks to get money.  Think about that for a second, one agency would require their expedient removal for health and safety, the other would fine them for removing the animals improperly. 

Overall this environmental crap has gotten out of control, the health and well being of people come first.  Especially since it’s not as if the bats were nested there as we colonized America, the school didn’t even exist yet.  Maybe the winged vermin are on the endangered species list because they made some poor habitat choices, including picking a home where a two legged predator lives.

Why do we need the TSA again?

So the TSA today actually harassed a US Representative from Alaska to the point she’s returning home by boat instead of by plane. 

An Alaska state lawmaker is making her way back to the state Capitol after refusing a pat-down search at a Seattle airport, a spokeswoman said.

While our congress critters should be put through this same mess that the rest of us are.  However one should always be sure to never bite the hand that feeds you.  Most likely though our all knowing leaders will just exempt themselves from this hassle while they ensure their serfs constituents are continually abused.  It just another example how every incident involving TSA starts with “The Stupid Asshole”.

Later I discovered an undercover TSA agent showed just how much of A Security Theater the TSA is. 

The source said the undercover agent carried a pistol in her undergarments when she put the body scanners to the test. The officer successfully made it through the airport’s body scanners every time she tried, the source said.

(Emphasis mine).  She tried this multiple times and never failed.  Joe Huffman talked about his experiences with an X-ray machine in  an episode of BB&Gun’s.  The fact is the TSA can be thought of as defensive fortifications.  Tactics and strategies will be formed to get around these defensive fortifications, and because of this they will always be playing catch-up.  The fact is the TSA has never stopped anyone, and the people they abuse are the ones who’s lives are actually in jeopardy and will be the ones to actually stop an incident.

With all the criminals the TSA hires, the way they behave, and their total lack of effectiveness why haven’t our congress critters rendered them impotent?


Quote of the Day–Edmund Burke (02/20/2011)

The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion. –Edmund Burke

[The American people have been fed numerous lies as of late.  From lying about why the government needs to kill the internet, to the impending doom of an assured terrorist attack.  Many believe them, others do not even really understand what they’ve lost.  Today yet another danger of government involvement in the internet could be seen in China.

Someone who Janelle works with just turned 20 and lives in one of the sororities doesn’t understand what’s wrong with the TSA scanning machines or pat downs.  Her comment was, “You get a physical from your doctor, how is the TSA any different.”  She couldn’t seem to understand that government is was force, and the fact she had no voice in the matter was a problem.  Government is force, and they will expand that force through deceit and claims of necessity.   Not to mention she couldn’t comprehend it was A Security Theater

Even more than that though, no one seems to understand these are not their rights to give up, and even more importantly they are not rights that can be removed from others.  Not by law or by force of man can our natural rights, which include the right to be secure in our persons and property, can they be removed from us.  For when we allow these rights to be destroyed, we shall begin our decent into serfdom and slavery.  -B]

Open Carry and BBQ

Some friends have a barbeque joint in Moscow, and they give a 10% discount for open carrying.  I was in Moscow so I decided I’d stop in, and ended up hanging out for four hours.  While I was there I couldn’t help but take pictures.

Their wall of awesome.


Since there were three Kimber’s in the room we decided to have a group photo, can’t argue with some gun p0rn.


The left full size is a Custom II, the right is an original Custom.  The left two can also be seen here.  The Big Bear is an awesome sandwich, but seriously, cutting it in half is a pain in the ass.  The thing is freaking massive.


They also sponsor a local hockey team, with the most awesome name ever.


If you root for the other team, you’re wrong. For those who noticed yes, they do have beer on tap,


and they have many signs now advertising it.


Beer is served the way god intended.  Chilled and in mason jars.


If you haven’t been there, I highly suggest it;  If you went there previously prior to the new ownership, go back, it is wonderful now.

[end shameless plug]

*note: I was in no way compensated or paid for this, it’s just that awesome, and I like the barbeque and the owners that much! Seriously.