This is my shocked face…

Dave Hardy over at Of Arms and the Law just posted something that has me completely non-shocked.

Of what a prosecutor friend once told me — that he was appalled to think of how all the power given a prosecutor these days could be used to entire ruin an honest man, or one who had made some minor error. Here’s a case from the 11th Circuit, applying what appears to be established law, holding that the prosecutor and his agents are mostly protected by absolute or lesser forms of immunity from a civil rights lawsuit.

My dad always told me a couple things regarding the law.

  1. There is no correlation between the law and justice.
  2. Prosecutors live by the mantra, “It takes a good prosecutor to convict a guilty man, it takes a great prosecutor to convict an innocent one.”

Recently Uncle posted about a DA offering bonuses to prosecutors who hit conviction targets.  I’m seriously beginning to wonder if they are using convictions to just strip honest people of their rights and make them subservient to the state.

I guess I’m Cynical

When I read the following all I could think was, that’s a good start. 

A Republican plan for the 2012 budget would cut more than $4 trillion over the next decade, more than even the president’s debt commission proposed, with spending caps as well as changes in the Medicare and Medicaid health programs, its principal author said Sunday.

I wouldn’t shed a tear if any and every last entitlement program was dead ended tomorrow.  Even more than that, I would prefer to see every government investment program done in as well.  The way investments work is risk and reward system.  The government programs have absolutely no risk, yet they promise huge payouts.  The question becomes how do they afford this?  That is quite simple, the government covers it’s losses by the use of force collecting the funds required from the those who pay taxes.

Government is force, those who vote receive entitlements from government are merely asking the government to steal on their behalf.

Do as I say not as I do!

Yet another example of the exemption the political class provide themselves when it benefits them became apparent today, this time with regards to “green” policy.

As Leftlane pointed out in the original article about Obama’s new energy plan, there was already a loophole of sorts that would allow E85 approved vehicles including full-size SUVs to qualify as “advanced technology vehicles,” but now a new announcement by the U.S. Secret Service has revealed that federal vehicles used in certain capacities will also be exempt from the law.

These are the same people who have outlawed your standard incandescent light bulbs.  The government has no business being a nanny forcing people to expend money on a particular product.  If a homeowner wants to pay a higher electricity bill that’s his business.  Frankly I find CFLs considerably worse for the environment given the heavy metals, lead, and other materials required for manufacturing.  A CFL is actually hazardous waste, how many are going to be thrown out as standard garbage?  Couple this with the fact that fluorescent lights give many people headaches, lack of color quality for photography, and their inability to be used with dimmer circuits, you have to wonder why anyone would force this issue. 

It ends up it was political.  Doing this provided the excuse GE needed to close the last light bulb manufacturing plant they had in the states and move the work to China.  Remember the CEO of GE is buddies with Obama, and they escaped their tax burden for the year.

Anyone who thinks that “green” policies are done for the environment, wake the hell up please.  Politicians are using it to gain power.  You lead by doing, these people aren’t leading, they are forcing us to do this and it doesn’t actually benefit us or the environment.  I think Dogbert said it best.

What is really sad though is some would actually believe what Dogbert says in the second frame would actually be possible; laws of thermodynamics be dammed.

DHS, Brown Shirts is thy Name

A couple weeks ago this came across my desk however it finally made it far enough for some ice cream to flow.

Fans attending this year’s March Madness games will be greeted by a video of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and NCAA President Mark Emmert encouraging them to “say something” if they see suspicious activities.

Everyone’s gauge for suspicious is different.  Many will call in when they should actually be minding their own business.  There are people who call in about an AK-47 when it’s obviously not.  This is nothing more than further pushes to desensitize people and make them more willing to report on their neighbor.

While something bad could happen how is reporting every “suspicious” activity going to help.  How do you separate the large volume of unnecessary noise from the actual incidents?  This is a basic problem of security in general, large amounts of false data result in you decreasing your sensitivity.

Overall this whole scheme is doing two things:

  • Make the sheep feel more comfortable by the use of a security theater.
  • Make people more comfortable and amiable to the idea of calling in their neighbor.

My response is this: Go to hell.

Quote Of the Day–Jay G (03/30/2011)

One child is conversing through the internet with a friend who lives across town; the other is writing a letter to a girl some 10,000 miles away that he knows because his dad and her mom read each others’ blogs and participate in the same gun forum.

Y’know, even though I don’t have a flying car, I like living in the future…

[I spent last weekend using a radio to talk with Eastern and Western Europe, the Philippines, Russia, China, and South America.  Thanks to the wonders of modern signal processing pulling people out of the weeds I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to hear or talk with made it that much more fun. 

The wonders of modern technology make this an awesome place.  I’ve made more contacts through gun blogging and GBC than I would have previously at any other time.  I can easily find and independently verify information on my own.  It’s a wonderful age, that the media and the gun grabbers I think are starting to hate.  It’s too easy for people to figure out the anti-gunner lies, or discover facts they would rather have us not see

Guns, bringing people from all over the world together.  Even kids.  -B ]

HB 1016 Passed the Senate

HB 1016 just passed the senate 47 – 0 with 2 excused.  At this point it has to move across Christine’s desk.  Normally I would be concerned, but with the overwhelming support from both the house and senate I’m not too concerned.

Supposedly according to the NRA’s facebook page there are those who disagree with the legalization of suppressors claiming they could only be used for nefarious purposes.  That’s why absolutely no one showed up to EITHER public hearing to speak out against it here in Washington.

Suppressors are a safety device, if you disagree with suppressors, pull the muffler off your car or shut the hell up!

H/T to Uncle on the facebook incident.

Update:It has been Signed.