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SSCC #132 – New Jersey State Police

While some would say he didn’t escape the wrath of punishment, many would say he certainly isn’t getting nearly enough.

A State Police trooper has been suspended for six months without pay
for using pepper spray on a suspect who was already handcuffed in the
back seat of a patrol car.

The trooper, Kevin Husband, tried to cover up his actions by saying
in State Police reports and again in an appeal hearing that the spraying
took place outside the car during a scuffle, according to documents
detailing the 2008 incident.

Nice, falsifying documents, assaulting someone while under arrest, and he’s left employed.  While he may get a suspension, the fact is these types of incidents should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The evidence indicated that the officer ultimately didn’t need to use the pepper spray in any case.  The fact that he attemped to cover up his actions indicates he knew it was wrong, and the cover up is worse than the act itself.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 132 – Kevin Husband

Because when you get bored on shift, pepper spray someone in cuffs contained in a car.  It will provide hours of laughter.

SSCC #166 – Vermont State Police

In keeping with my previous post regarding the state monopoly on alcohol and the PSH involved I found the following quite fitting.

A Vermont State Police officer has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, according to the state attorney general.

He did resign from his job, but he only got a $500 fine.  No time in jail, nothing.  We’re coming up on the holidays and I always remember seeing numerous ads from police agencies about drinking and driving.

The fact of the matter is drinking and driving is bad and he sure as hell knew better.  I have absolutely no sympathy and while he’s no longer employed the lack of a stiff sentence given his position is wrong.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 166: Joshua P. Lemieux

Because drinking and driving is only bad when the person who does it isn’t in law enforcement.

SSCC #167-#170 – Clermont Police


A Clermont police officer was fired this week after an internal investigation revealed that he falsely arrested a teenager on a drug charge and lied on the arrest report.


From reading the article it appears that the main reason this individual was fired may not be because of his actions in this particular case. Instead it is because of political wrangling between him and the chief. Never the less, the evidence of this officers unlawful actions stand on their own.

Given the gravity of the charges and potential damage to the defendant and the fact these were sworn statements it is disturbing that there would be any tolerance for perjury. If he wasn’t sure exactly where they came from he should have reviewed his evidence instead of making it up. Then he continued to believe his own lie after other officers pointed out the inconsistency.

The actions of that officer are most definitely worthy of jail time. The other officers that were aware of the inconsistency contributed to the wrongful arrest. They had a duty to protect the wrongfully accused from their fellow officer who was intent on continuing his wrongful arrest.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: #167 – Officer Cecil Garrett is most guilty

These officers did not shield the wrongfully accused after discovering the mistake.

#168 – Mark Edwards

#169 – Marc Thompson

#170 – Dennis Hall

Update, the Chief was framing them.

Because lying on the police report and ignoring physical evidence that is less fallible than a human is perfectly fine when you’re a cop.  You’re a cop and thus you are an infallible god right?

I’m sure someone’s fuming

So I’m sure our opponents will go into PSH over the following:

The four hour course, which will be held this Saturday, January 12th, is recommended for children who received a new BB gun, shotgun or hunting rifle for Christmas or for those who may already have a gun.

Sheriff Steve Prator told Shreveport Times, “Children who will receive a gun for Christmas can try it for the first time in front of certified law enforcement academy firearms instructors.

That’s right folks, a Sheriff’s department is offering free firearms training to kids.  But it gets better, to cover the costs of the training some different sources have stepped up to the plate.

The course is free and is sponsored by donations from local citizens, Walmart, and local wholesalers.  Children without a gun can use a gun that will be supplied by the academy, according to Shreveport Times.

I’m sure our opponents are screaming how Walmart and other businesses should be buying back the guns from the kids.  How that if we keep them hidden and out of sight children will never find them or be curious about them.  At the same time though these individuals are more than happy to have them go through sex education, because you “know kids are curious and not talking about it won’t do anything to solve the problem.”

I’m sure someone else will scream how it’s insensitive given the recent school shootings, blah de blah blah blah.  At which point their hood and veil come off.  We see right through their lies into the bell of the beast.  This isn’t about making kids safer, this isn’t about stopping criminals, it is about banning firearms and control. Period.  They use the tragedy merely as an emotional crutch to support their agenda because they cannot support it with facts and logic.

Don’t believe me?  Let’s look at a conversation that happened over at Sebastian’s place.  I’m going to post it here because honestly, I don’t want it lost down in some thread in the comments, I want it front and center.  Especially with how it ended.  This is pretty long so I’m shoving it below the fold.  Here is a link to skip to the conclusion below the fold.

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SSCC #51-DC police

The D.C. police officer accused of drunkenly shooting at transgendered people has been punished at least twice before for alcohol-related incidents, records and sources said.

Charging documents released Monday described how Kenneth Furr crashed his Cadillac into another vehicle early Friday morning, stood on the hood of the victims’ vehicle and shouted, "I’m gonna kill all of you."

While he wasn’t on duty, he did commit this act with his service weapon.  Tell me, do they allow concealed carry or open carry within the capital for civilians?  Given the answer to that question I find this issue state sponsored.  Doubly so considering the egregiousness, bigotry, and down right viciousness of the incident.  The icing that sealed my decision on counting it even though he was off duty is that his punishment is only paid leave.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 51

Because being a cop means you can assault anyone you don’t like and just get a paid vacation!

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SSCC #405-#407: Woodbury

When the gunman who had been tormenting the group told Henderson to go to the window to see if any police were outside, Henderson took his chance and made a beeline for the door. The kidnapper opened fire at him in response but missed. As Henderson bolted out the door toward them, Woodbury police opened fire and cut him down.

That’s right, the victim was shot and ultimately killed by the police for trying to escape his captor.  Supposedly he wasn’t listening to commands, probably because there was a man with a gun behind him trying to shoot him.  The police assumed he was armed and killed the hostage.

No worries for the cops though:

The three Woodbury police officers who fired their weapons are on standard paid administrative leave. They are officer Anthony Ofstead, an 11-year veteran; officer Stacey Krech, who’s been with the department for five years, and officer Natalie Martin, who’s been with the department for two years.

It is interesting that we constantly hear about how great less lethal options are and in the middle of a standoff no one seemed to think that might be a good idea for when a hostage escapes.  Evidently a hostage is supposed to just obey their captor and hope the aggressor decides to let them live.

The lesson from this, the cops will not save you, they will shoot you.  If you want to survive someone holding you hostage, kill them yourself.

State Sponsored Criminals #405: Anthony Ofstead

#406: Stacey Krech

#407: Natalie Martin

Because a hostage trying to escape is totally a viable target. Because you know a man trying to engage you with a firearm will be running as fast as he can while trying to shield himself.  Good hostages know to obey the police so they can be shot by the aggressor.*

While some may say I am “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” it doesn’t matter.  Law abiding citizens, even more than that, victims of crime have the right to be able to go home at the end of the day.  That right exists more so than those who serve in law enforcement.  If those officers dislike it, they can find a new profession.  They killed an innocent man and will suffer no consequence for doing so.  The victim had no weapon on him and received a treatment of lead from his “saviors” while trying to escape his captors.

At minimum it’s manslaughter, you can even claim involuntary if you want, but they hold the responsibility.

SSCC Honorable Mention–Gardner Police

A Gardner police officer already facing charges of child rape, and another man who was his roommate, are facing charges of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman who was their roommate.

Larry J. Landry, 35, and Tyler Hartley, 20, have been charged with three counts of indecent assault and battery on a person over age 14. They were arraigned Sept. 27, and pretrial hearings are scheduled for Oct. 18.

That right there has all the signatures of upright and honest all over it doesn’t it?  The guy looks like the guys I saw dealing drugs in high school tats and all.  There’s some questionable items in the article.  Such as why she remained in the living arrangement after the first incident.  However I do know that sometimes people end up in a tight spot and don’t think they have any other option.  Especially when you see the following:

She said she was afraid to turn them in because she worked for Mr. Landry and his father doing security and did not want to lose her job.

In this economic environment loosing your job can easily mean loosing your ability to eat.  Fear for her was well placed and is certainly understandable.  Hopefully bubba on cell block D makes this former cop feel the same discomfort he put this woman through.  Not to mention how much child molesters are loved in prison.

Because being a cop and the son of a woman’s boss means you’re free to do whatever you want.

SSCC #11–Las Vegas PD

Today’s entry comes from Sin City.

A police department review found that Officer Derek Colling violated police policies when he used "excessive force" on Mitchell Crooks, reports the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Earlier this week, the Internal Affairs Bureau notified Crooks that Colling was found to have violated Las Vegas police policy – a development which pleased Crooks.

He beat up a citizen because he had a video camera.  News flash not just for police but anyone in public.  If you don’t want it on video for the world to see, don’t be doing it in public.  This officer had previously been involved in two fatal shootings and now beat the hell out of someone for having a camera.  It makes me wonder why he was so against having more footage of any police encounter.  If anything as long as an officer is behaving himself within the confines of law and decency, video strongly works to their benefit.

For example see this video involving an open carrier out of California:

Contrast that to Officer Roid Rage.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 11

Some police are worthy of the badge, some on the other hand shouldn’t be there.  It is the job of the department and public to ensure officers behave at all times in a manner worthy of that badge.