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SSCC #92- Huston PD

Houston police announced Thursday that they have indefinitely suspended an officer who was legally drunk when he crashed into a school bus earlier this year.

When I read that I figured well maybe he was off duty and was on his way home so this is more of a “honorable mention” category.  Then in my research I found this line which makes me think this isn’t his first rodeo.

A veteran Houston police officer with a blood-alcohol content of .205 — more than twice the legal limit — was driving to work when he collided with a private school bus this month, authorities said.

Emphasis mine.  It bugs me that the two papers are indicating a different BAC, though the newer article may be the result of a more accurate blood test.  Either way he was well beyond smashed and he was going to continue to be smashed well beyond after his shift started.

Then to add insult to injury the police tried to fault the bus driver and even cited the bus driver.  So Trejo wasn’t charged with DUI until two weeks later.  Thankfully the citation against the bus driver was dropped.  In a shining glimmer of hope.  Trejo was basically fired by the department meaning the pension board can decide not to give him benefits.  That little bit right there would shift this from SSCC to also being Accountabiliabuddiable (A possible thought for the name of the other series). 

I wonder if this guy is going to move up to Indianapolis now and join the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.  Tam say’s it’s so common up their it’s loosing it’s news worthiness and they probably scout for talent

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 92 – Ruben Trejo

Because blowing a .205 means you’ve got just enough buzz to ride you through the whole shift!

Via Ry.

SSCC #93-97–Wisconsin State Police

Skip to 2:07 for the part you actually care about.

Seriously I’m at a loss for words at the behavior of those officers.  What that man was doing was protected by state law and they arrested and assaulted him.  Even after being notified of their being in the wrong.

A note, I would suggest after notifying them of the law just keep your mouth shut.  They have created a monopoly on force by disarming everyone attempting to view a public meeting in a public building.  Some civil attorney is going to have a field day with this.

State Sponsored Criminal Count**: 97

Because cops can do whatever the hell they want despite the law. We create civilian disarmament zones and qualified immunity so cops can act without fear of reprisal.

*This is a perfect example of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Public unions are bullshit, but the behavior of the police and the flag preventing an act protected by state law is total crap.  Every officer involved should be thrown in jail immediately at a minimum.

**It has been pointed out that the video is lacking in what happened prior to the arrest.  There is a possibility these individuals were creating a ruckus in the gallery.  I am going to let this stand due to the statement banning video from the Gallery which blatantly violates WI law.  I wish there was video showing him just sitting there doing nothing but recording but who knows.  It appears to be correct and I’ll let it stand unless someone has video showing otherwise.  

SSCC #103/104 – Miami-Dade Police

This young man had done nothing wrong.  These officer were out looking for a good time, nothing more.  Not to mention the fact that he quite obviously through his appearance and speech has down syndrome.  He was the perfect victim for these bored officers to abuse.

A bulge could be any of a number of things that do not include a weapon.  I can think of many which are health related.  I have a friend who has a bulge due to an insulin pump.  My dad had a bulge from his pain meds just before he passed away.  This doesn’t even include the idea that maybe clothes got bunched up, or they are concealing something they would just rather not have seen.

The idea that concealing something automatically provides a reason for law-enforcement to stop, detain, and search you is disconcerting on so many levels it’s not even funny.  Especially since a search is not legal unless you are being placed under arrest.

Looking at this from another point of view, what if that had been a legal concealed carrier?  That person could have been easily ventilated on the sidewalk by what appears to be Officer Roid-Rages yet another of cousins.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 103, 140  Officer John Doe 1*, and Officer John Doe 2*

Because a bulge is the first sign you’re about to have a good time, well at least that’s what she said.

*If you find the names of the officers, please contact me

SSCC #274,#275–Daytona

A woman attacked by a police K-9 dog while she was taking a cigarette break behind the restaurant where she worked could be getting a $100,000 settlement from the city.

Well, maybe there’s more to this story.  Maybe she was running away trying to escape the police.

Around that time, another officer radioed Oteri to let him know he had arrested the suspect on the Taco Bell property. Oteri decided to let the dog keep tracking because police were told the suspect had a gun earlier in the day, and he wanted to look for the firearm.

The dog kept pulling toward the Taco Bell, across Fentress Boulevard, onto the 7-Eleven convenience store property and then to Taco Bell. McCarthy was behind a 6-foot wall, the animal darted to the other side of the divider and attacked.

Nope, it was a completely innocent woman who was minding her own business that was attacked and permanently scarred by a lazy police officer.  I say lazy because who was too lazy to hold onto his dogs leash.  To top that off, the dog didn’t stop the attack immediately when instructed to do so.  The money quote is this though:

Police Chief Mike Chitwood said Oteri told him the day after the attack he was “sick” over what happened and could only apologize.

“He didn’t do anything malicious,” Chitwood said. “It was a mental lapse from someone I expected more from.”

No, there is more he could do.  He could take the dog out back like Ol’ Yeller and put her down.  If it was your dog or mine the state would be doing that for me.  Then I would be looking at a civil suit as well as a criminal suit for the fact it was a vicious animal.  Instead the dog and this officer live under qualified immunity.  Stuff like this happens not because it’s a freak accident but because no one is held accountable anymore in law enforcement.  The only person taking responsibility in this case is the tax payer.

A mental lapse resulted in a disfigurement of a woman, know what that’s negligence if I ever heard of it.  I don’t care he feels sorry for the woman.  Feeling sorry doesn’t fix what he did and that he’s responsible for.  Yet even though he’s responsible he will never actually be held accountable.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 274: Officer Michael Oteri

275: K-9 Izak

Because when you’re dog goes haywire and you work for the state everything is just hunky Jim Dandy. 

SSCC #485 & #486 – Seattle

A witness who called police said she saw a woman driving a Nissan Altima away from the scene with front-end damage. According to police, the witness said a female driver stopped the car in the middle of the street and switched places with a man in the passenger seat.

Officers conducted a search of the area and found the car near the accident with its engine running. Officers contacted the couple in the car and immediately realized the occupants were two off-duty Seattle police officers. Each of the off-duty officers had been drinking, police said, and were arrested for DUI.

It’s the holidays and you constantly hear about the police cracking down on DUIs.  Evidently these officers felt they were exempt from that and hit and run.  Given the history of the Seattle PD this one goes on the count.

State Sponsored Criminal #485: Jane Doe
#486: John Doe

Because hit and run while drinking and driving is only bad if you don’t have a badge.

SSCC #497 – Trenton

The Trenton police officer who was photographed for allegedly sleeping inside of his police car over the summer lost his gun in a police station parking lot.

The attorney who represents the officer says his client was “very upset” after he lost the weapon.

Officer Richard Takach left the gun somewhere on the side of his car or his bumper in the police station parking lot at Hermitage and Artison Monday morning at 3 a.m. just after his shift, his attorney Stuart Alterman said.

Now if your familiar with gun laws and how restrictive the state of New Jersey is regarding weapons permits, you know exactly why this one’s on the count.  It’s a classic case of being “anointed”.  And remember, right now some politicians are talking of confiscating civilian arms.  Tell me, how would that help when you have Officer Fife here?

State Sponsored Criminal #497: Richard Takach

Because proper gun handling and gun safety is only required if you don’t work for the police.

SSCC #158 – Vermont State Police

Troopers responded to a home April 6 at the request of developmental services and mental health professionals. The man with disabilities including Down syndrome, was told by care providers that he needed to be taken to a new placement. He refused to get dressed and accompany the caregivers. When troopers arrived, they attempted to escort the man from the home, but he pulled away. Trooper Paul Mosher, who is assigned to the Derby barracks, deployed his Taser.

Because someone who isn’t really aware of whats going on but just knows that the world he knows is being upended is totally in need of a shot with a Taser.  The only outcome of this was that Vermont has altered it’s policy on the use of force with a taser.  The officer involved however has not been disciplined or removed from duty.

As The Minutewoman is currently working with people such as the victim and I have spent a lot of time around them it bugs the living hell out of me when I see crap like this.  Seriously I wouldn’t mind seeing that damn taser disappear due to the attitude cops place towards it.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 158: Trooper Paul Mosher

Because when someone sees his world crashing around them, the proper response is to tase them into accepting it.

SSCC Honorable Mention – Everett

A termination letter by Everett Police Chief Kathy Atwood noted that Nelson, 40, had been a School Resource Officer, as was his then-wife, and that the 16-year-old girl was a student at the school where Nelson’s wife worked.  The girl in question became close to Nelson and his family, the letter said.

Prosecutors declined to charge him since the age of consent is 16 in the state of Washington.  Worth note however is this statement from the police chief.

But the police chief, in her letter to Nelson, said, “Your conduct as credibly detailed by (the girl) reeks of sexual exploitation of a vulnerable minor. You as (1) a police officer, (2) an SRO, (3), the husband of (wife) former SRO, and (4) something of a father figure to (the girl) had an inherently coercive hold over (the girl). Your conduct, as described by (the girl) must be categorized as reprehensible.”

Instead of protecting a minor as a police officer, “you exploited (redacted) and caused her harm,” Atwood said.

Good on the chief for doing the right thing for the right reasons.  As the chief is doing the right thing, barring some how the appeal being accepted, I think this is the best possible outcome in this case.  Though it does beg the question, what would have happened had it been a teacher, would the teacher be prosecuted?

State Sponsored Criminal Count Honorable Mention: Brian Nelson

Because there is no correlation between the law and justice which means as a cop you can do anything morally or ethically questionable.  That is unless you chief actually has a conscience and a pair of stones.