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This is Why you Don’t Call the Police

A woman was given $12,000 as a tip.  The waitress ran out and the woman who left the tip told her to keep the money I’m not sure why she would involve the police.  My suspicion is because that’s what we’ve always been told to do.  What is unsurprising is the police departments reaction.

Officers told the woman to wait 90 days in case someone claimed the money. The Forum reports that after three months, police told the woman the cash was being held as drug money.

See, the officers don’t want to loose that money.  Honestly they probably already spent it on hookers and blow.  Then again they can just get the blow from the lock up, so just hookers then.

Ultimately this is yet another example of why you don’t involve the government and police anymore than necessary.  They are more than willing to take property that is not their just because they can.  They take it and keep it using any excuse that fits their fancy, more often than not it’s drugs.

I don’t like drugs, I wouldn’t do drugs even if they’re legal.  That said they should be legal for no other reason than I’m sick of people trampling my rights, freedom, and liberty because someone wants to do something in the privacy of their own home.  Let’s cut the BS about accidents, DUI is already illegal, and as harsh as I sound an overdose is just Darwin doing some spring weeding in the gene pool.  The “War on Nouns” is nothing more than an excuse to violate the rights of people for victimless crimes.  If someone wants to destroy themselves that’s their business.

Look at the CATO map which is nothing more than a graphic display of the innocents who are casualties in this “War on Nouns”.  Remember, when someone talks about outlawing drugs they’re either trying to secure their cash flow or they want to further the police state.  

SSCC #430–Billings

A 12-year-old girl suffered burns to one side of her body when a flash grenade went off next to her as a police SWAT team raided a West End home Tuesday morning.

Why would an officer feel he needed to throw a flash-bang towards a small young child?

Police Chief Rich St. John said the 6 a.m. raid at 2128 Custer Ave., was to execute a search warrant as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation by the City-County Special Investigations Unit.

Ahh, the war on drugs.  Supposedly they felt this to be a high threat raid, except no one bothered to take into account the two small children in the house.  Instead they felt it to be a better option to kick down the door, break windows, and emotionally scar them since you know, knocking on the door and serving the warrant would be some how bad.

The real clue is that no charges have been field, the police claim they found evidence, of what who knows.  Most likely they will use that “evidence” as leverage to prevent legal action on their negligence.

State Sponsored Criminal #430: The Billings SWAT Team

Because by no means should an officer use his own brain to think whether or not “X” is a good idea or actually required.  Even more so, hand the potentially dangerous material to someone too stupid to wait till it goes off before letting it go.

h/t The Wife.

SSCC #119 – Ogden PD

This one makes me sick. 

A former South Ogden police officer has been sentenced to a possible
life prison term on charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and
forcible sodomy.

Welling, 41, worked for the agency from August 2008 until his
resignation in January while both the internal and criminal
investigations were ongoing.

As this incident occurred while the officer was off duty the reason for it’s inclusion is because of the trust children are instructed to give to police officers.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 119 Andrew Welling

Because the trust gained by being police officer is something to abuse.

SSCC #375–Update

Via Lance I got the following regarding SSCC #375:

Due to a technicality, a drunken driving charge was dismissed against the Gladstone State Police Post commander on Wednesday in Chippewa County District Court.

The exact issue at hand:

Dispatch directed police to obtain the search warrant from a former Chippewa County court employee who was no longer serving as magistrate at the time, said Vizina. The former magistrate had been relieved of her duties five weeks prior due to mental health issues, he said.

"Dispatch sent the officers to the wrong place to sign a warrant," said Vizina.

Because the former court employee was not legally authorized to sign and execute the search warrant, any information police obtained under the document during the investigation could not be considered as evidence, Vizina said.

"Blood test results were not admissible and could not be used in court," he noted.

How convenient.  That’s not to say the judge wasn’t right in this case, but it’s interesting that they would screw the pooch so hard when one of their own screwed up so bad.  Don’t worry though, it couldn’t possibly be intentional since they bothered to put him on paid leave.  Heaven forbid he’s held accountable.

State Sponsored Criminal: William Smith

Because when your buddy does a DUI, just make sure it’s not a current judge that signs the warrant.

SSCC Honorable Mention–New York

A New York Police Department officer has been indicted in the shooting in February of an unarmed man who was pursued into his Bronx home amid a crackdown on street corner drug dealing, according to a law enforcement official.

Well at least he’s being charged.  The person shot is yet another victim on the war on nouns.  While there certainly appears that there was some chaos in that apartment, this definitely should be heading to a jury.  It’s not quite accountabilibuddyable as he hasn’t been terminated from the department yet.  There were no weapons found, however drugs were found according to an older article.  It also appears that even their superiors were questioning their actions from the beginning.

The Bronx district attorney and the Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau are investigating the shooting, but in interviews, more than a half-dozen police officials — from detectives to commanders — picked apart the decisions made that day by the members of the Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit, known as S.N.E.U., and raised troubling questions about their actions.

Is the war on nouns really worth killing others over as well as basically giving police a blank kill someone over pot card?  All of this is the inevitable result of these laws.  Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean you have to do it.

State Sponsored Criminal Honorable Mention: Ramarley Graham

Because a baggie of pot totally looks like a gun and is totally worth shooting someone over because you didn’t want to wait for someone else to “steal your glory”.

SSCC Honorable Mention–Seattle PD 01/05/2012

Seriously with the way Seattle PD and the Seattle City Attorney are behaving when crap like this happens I’m both happy and pissed off.

After more than a year of bruising news, the Seattle Police Department found itself reeling Thursday after a veteran officer died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound hours after being arrested in an undercover drug sting.

So I’m happy that a corrupt officer has finally been held accountable, doubly so he did it to himself with the barrel of his own gun saving the public the costs of prosecuting him.  Now why would I be pissed off I hear you ask, well that’s simple.

“This is a tremendous tragedy,” Deputy Chief Nick Metz said at a somber news conference Thursday evening at police headquarters.

Know what a tragedy is Chief Metz?  The abuses your department is delivering to the law abiding public, the behavior of your police officers, and the all out corruption displayed by your department.  Then again maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, maybe he was innocent and just caught in the cross fire.

On Wednesday, as part of a so-called “integrity test,” an undercover officer from another agency working in the Rainier Valley approached Nelson and gave him a purse that contained cocaine, Metz said.

Unknown to Nelson, he was under surveillance by detectives watching to see if he booked the cocaine into evidence.

“He did not do that,” Metz said.

The officer was followed in his car after work and stopped by police just outside the city limits.

“There was a search, and we found a quantity of the narcotics,” Metz said.

Well there went the caught in the crossfire theory.  There is a time to stand up and say, “We Fucked Up! Here’s what we did wrong, this is how we’re fixing it.”  This department lacks the ability to air its dirty laundry and continues to act as if for some reason it is exempt from the rules of lawful behavior.  It appears that Deputy Chief Metz is just considering this a tragedy because the guy got caught and then committed suicide propelling the incident to the front page. 

State Sponsored Criminal Count HM: Deputy Chief Nick Metz

Because it’s a tragedy when one of our officers gets caught, doubly so when he does something to cause it to end up in the news.

via Joe

SSCC Honorable–State of MA

It appears that the state of Massachusetts decided that instead of doing their job they preferred to let a criminal roam free.

An immigrant from Ecuador living illegally in the United States, Guaman may face deportation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency following his arrest.

That’s not surprising, but then look at his history.

Milford police arrested Guaman in 2008 on charges of assault and battery on a police officer and at least one public employee and of breaking and entering, according to the police and the Worcester district attorney’s office. The case was continued without a finding for one year.

They didn’t throw his ass out when the had the chance.  The result sadly is not unsurprising.

MILFORD – Nicolas Guaman, accused of dragging a motorcyclist for a quarter of a mile after a collision, showed not a flicker of emotion when police told him the motorcyclist was dead, a document filed in court yesterday showed.

The state has it’s hands in the blood of that motorcyclist.  Their refusal to punish the individual responsible for his crimes and lack of respect for society contributed to the cold blooded murder.  An active member of the state may not have committed the crime, but they aided and abided the man responsible.

Because it’s much easier to let the criminals roam free than do their job.

H/T: JayG

A Note for CSGV, Here’s What PSH Gets the Public (SSCC #336)

Someone on their way to work induced someone in the greater Boston area to go into a fit of PSH recently.

What people inside didn’t know–Brockton police had just received a
911 call–reporting a man with a gun walking toward the store.

911 caller: “And he’s got a gun in his back pocket, so I don’t know what’s up with that.”

911 Operator: What’s he look like?

Caller: He’s black, he has a red shirt on, and like tan pants.

So we have someone turning their pants brown on account of someone walking towards a store with a “gun” in their pocket.  So what happens to the store employees that don’t actually match the description?

Watch: the man police confront in the red shirt and black pants is Bill Ceneus, a 10 year employee of Save-a-lot.

You can see one officer wraps his arms around Ceneus, lifts him up, and within seconds, he’s on the floor.

is handcuffed and searched by three officers. No weapon is found…

Well I guess it’s a good thing the officers didn’t just shoot him.  But it begs the question, where’s the guy with the tan pants, since you know the officer is obviously color blind.

where’s the guy the 911 caller saw with a gun? While Ceneus sits in
handcuffs, another store camera shows police confronting a different
store employee–wearing a red shirt and tan pants. He’s in the produce
section –and as he shows them, he has a pricing gun. The police report
says that’s what “was mistaken for a firearm.”

Lets see here, the caller induced himself into a rage of PSH over what he thought was a gun.  The end result, one man physically assaulted and another detained and harassed.  The result of the physical assault is now a lawsuit whereby the taxpayers are going to pay out*.

The public at large, especially those who go into PSH over the sight of a firearm are not able to accurately separate real firearms from fake.  Take this (the call was for a man with an AK-47 mind you), this and this for other examples.  There are numerous other examples but those drive the point home.

There is a cure to the cause of PSH though.

State Sponsored Criminal #336: John Doe

*I am including this in the criminal count.  It was an unnecessary assault based on the ramblings of a panicking individual which the officer couldn’t be bothered to see he didn’t match the description or the fact red was a store uniform.  Doubly so since the report differs from witness statements and video as to their justification for force.