Denial – The first stage of grief…

So evidently our “opponents” went into total meltdown mode last night.  But the serious denial moment was capturedby Days of Our Trailers.

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How is that for complete and utter denial?  They were in such an alternate reality or so lost in their own delusions of self-worth, that they added something in before it even happened.  Have no fear though because when they got caught with their fly down, they did what they always do and scrubbed it clean.

via DooT

Now I’m trying to document as our opponents as they traverse the stages of grief.  It is worth noting that everyone goes through it much differently.  Some will quickly transition through different parts of the stages of grief.

It is obvious that many are in denial, some have expressed anger.  Next up is bargaining. As I have said before, there will be no bargaining, we have done it before and at this point I will give no quarter.  The sooner they transition to acceptance of the death of their bigoted views, the better.

It is known how our opponents fantasize about violence and the like.  As many of them transition in to anger, be on the lookout for outbursts.  If you see any, please send them my way.  I’m going to tag all of them as “Grief of the Anti-Gunners”.  I will take some time here soon and tag older posts that tie into it as well.

Their meltdown is going to be long and spectacular.  We should at least congregate and note the highlight moments.

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5 Responses to Denial – The first stage of grief…

  1. NotClauswitz says:

    The way these drooling idiots lurch from one panic-driven mistake to another, over and over again and not suffer a complete nervous breakdown, one is forced to question whether they have an actual CNS, or just a vestigial malformed brain-stem?

  2. I am in EMT and have learned “Brady” means slow…I am not sure how long it will take these folks to get a clue, but they remind me of a 3 year old that knows he is wrong, but just sticks with the lie in hopes his tenacity will pay off.

    • Barron says:

      I am reminded of a scene from the Simpsons in regard to tenacity… “Can we have a pool dad? Can We have a pool dad? Can we have a pool dad? Can We have a pool dad?…” Some times it does pay off, with regards to lies and deceit, it never does.

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