Been There, Done That

I recognize this silence and mood, both from growing up and the recent unemployment in this house.

Found via Kevin

Fearless leader came out yesterday and said that unemployment drastically dropped.  Except that also included some new ways of calculating the numbers.  Except every way I’ve heard of them calculating the numbers is cooking the books.  My wife was "unemployed” for a year and a half, though she didn’t qualify to be counted amongst the unemployed even while trying to find a job.  It’s all done to provide political leverage.  But if we use the same method they’ve been using it provides us a decent window to see what the trend is like.

Shamelessly stolen from Joe, who took it from Tyler Durden,  tell me, can you spot the statistical outlier?


Or how about seasonally adjusted:


If you can’t make sense of the Seasonally Adjusted chart, let me give you a clue.  Which one of these has a swing month to month well beyond any other?  Can you spot it?  I knew you could!  The fact is, employment sucks and here’s a big clue for everyone, government cannot make it better.  Despite the smoke politicians blow up your ass about creating jobs, they can’t create jobs.  There are only two things that government regulations can do, make it more difficult to hire someone or remove money from the pocket of someone who would give you a job.  If anything when they throw money at something it actually tends to have the opposite effect since people want the free money.  More on that bit later.

Everyone keeps looking at the state as being the solution to their problem.  They keep asking what can my government do for me!?  Well if government had its way, it would make you their slave by making you dependent upon them.  From the looks of this lady, they’re succeeding. 

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4 Responses to Been There, Done That

  1. Wolfman says:

    Funny thing, but October is the tail end of harvest for many areas, and also the point at which stores start hiring seasonal workers. In the North Country, October marks the start of snow season temps for state, county, city, and private snow removal. This is possibly a reflection of seasonal employment- iow, temporary. Its a little job creating magic we call ‘Christmas’ and ‘Winter’. Does the administration want to take credit for that, too?

    • Barron says:

      Around here temp hiring for harvest is more of August-September. If you have a really late crop maybe October. But the other side of the Christmas coin, that’s when most companies attempt to save money by cutting extra costs. This includes laying off employees no longer necessary since they have the stock they need to sell through Christmas, or other companies just had massive layoffs and now we’re going to try and get work done cheaper. Read that as, lay off the contractors we hired to clean up the mess from the last round of layoff hires and repeat the process. My dad was the contractor. It was this time of year when he’d be laid off and then come beginning of January job offers would start coming in again.

      Unemployment happens, and you either keep moving forward or you sulk. Our politicians would prefer to mire everyone down in tar so we all suffer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Is life, is not fair.” Yeah sometimes you get the short straw and when you do, make the best of it.

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