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SSCC #411 – Seattle

That’s right folks, the Seattle PD had decided to return to the land of the criminal count.  This one is juicy…

In a complaint filed in Seattle Municipal Court, Donnie R. Lowe, 45, was accused of knowingly violating a no-contact order issued after his arrest in June for allegedly assaulting his wife.

Lowe’s wife was believed to be a passenger in a car when Seattle police stopped him Aug. 14 for allegedly talking on his cellphone while driving, according to sources familiar with the case. But Lowe was not immediately arrested because police were not able to verify the court order as a result of a computer problem, the sources said.

Now initially it doesn’t sound that bad, especially since the judge issued the no-contact order without a request to do so from the wife.  So a judge did something against the will of both the defendant and plaintiff and they possibly violated it, but here’s the real reason this sucker is juicy.

The new charge further clouded Lowe’s career in the Police Department, in which his bachelor’s degree in business and master’s in public administration helped him land a position on the police-reform effort but whose troubling history of bad judgment and misconduct raised questions about his selection.

That’s right folks, the Seattle Police departments first choice to aid  in their reform behaves like this.  It is worth noting that he has since been removed as the team leader and the situation has changed due to this incident.

Since then, the city and Justice Department reached a comprehensive settlement agreement in July in which a court-appointed monitor will oversee broad reforms in police practices.

The most entertaining part though is this isn’t the first time he has behaved in a questionable nature.

He previously was disciplined after he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in 2008. He pleaded guilty to an amended charge of reckless driving, later dismissed when he met court conditions. The department then suspended him for four days without pay after an internal investigation.

Lowe also received internal reprimands for inappropriate physical treatment of his handcuffed son while he was in police custody in a holding cell in 2006, and over an improper effort to retrieve from a man nude photographs of a female acquaintance in 2002.

Have no fear though, I’m sure he’s on paid administrative leave, pulling down his $148,000 salary.  Seriously you can’t make this stuff up!

State Sponsored Criminal #411: Donnie R. Lowe

Because what better man to help aid the department in reform than a man who is obviously in need of some reform himself.


SSCC #258 – Seattle PD

I knew Seattle couldn’t stay out of the count for long.  Just look at their previous instances in the count.  Five full incidents and an honorable mention.  They barely made it over one month since the last post.

A Seattle police officer has been caught on tape talking about “making
up” evidence while two wrongly arrested men sit in jail. It’s the latest
shocker uncovered by a KOMO 4 Problem Solver investigation into the
Seattle Police Department’s vanishing dashcam videos.

Well maybe they did something to cause the officer to believe they did something wrong or were involved in the initial incident.

But Officer Brad Richardson, the arresting officer, never questions the
two about an assault. Instead, Richardson makes what’s called a felony
stop, taking cover behind his car door with his gun drawn.

Interesting, he claims they ignored his commands yet they continued walking towards him.  Yeah who walks towards a police officer with a drawn gun.  The whole thing stinks to high heaven, doubly so as this is the department that has a habit of disappearing dash cam video or delaying it to protect officers.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #258: Officer Brad Richardson

Because you can arrest whoever the hell you want.  If they’re innocent, just make something up, you’re a cop, who’s the jury going to believe?

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SSCC #238–Seattle PD

Seattle can’t make it one week without getting in the count.

The footage shows two dock workers waiting for work get handcuffed. One is hit with a Taser, and both are arrested by police just because the passenger "lips off" to police.

KOMO News uncovered what the American Civil Liberties Union calls a classic case of "contempt of cop." This type of contact, which starts off as a minor stop and quickly escalates to use of force and arrests, is at the heart of what critics say is wrong with Seattle police.

Don’t worry though.  The officers are protected under qualified immunity.  Go read it, all I have to say is I’m hating the Seattle PD more and more.  I thought I couldn’t hate them anymore, but they keep proving me wrong.  Especially since all they did was give him a reprimand.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 238: John Doe*

Because contempt of cop is punishable by a beating and a Taser.

*If you find his name, tell me.

SSCC #222 – #225 : Seattle PD

A local man called the cops on Seattle officers when he felt a traffic
stop was spinning out of control – and the entire incident was captured
on a police video that shows the man being yanked from his car and
thrown to the ground.

Sound familiar?  Well it should because this isn’t the first time the Seattle PD has ended up on the count for pulling someone out of a car.  It gets better though when you find out that the victim called 911 because the officer was behaving erratically and caught it on the 911 call.  The victims attorney nailed this situation on the head though.

Gebreselassie’s attorney, James Egan, says, “I’m not sure what lessons
are ever learned when the police department can’t police its own.”

Remember, this is the Seattle PD where an officer got away with murder after shooting a deaf man in the back.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #222: John Doe

#223: John Doe

#224: John Doe

#225: John Doe

Because when you’re a cop you can act like a total dick and people just have to deal with it.  If they attempt to verify your authority, beat them into submission.

SSCC Honorable Mention–Seattle PD 01/05/2012

Seriously with the way Seattle PD and the Seattle City Attorney are behaving when crap like this happens I’m both happy and pissed off.

After more than a year of bruising news, the Seattle Police Department found itself reeling Thursday after a veteran officer died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound hours after being arrested in an undercover drug sting.

So I’m happy that a corrupt officer has finally been held accountable, doubly so he did it to himself with the barrel of his own gun saving the public the costs of prosecuting him.  Now why would I be pissed off I hear you ask, well that’s simple.

“This is a tremendous tragedy,” Deputy Chief Nick Metz said at a somber news conference Thursday evening at police headquarters.

Know what a tragedy is Chief Metz?  The abuses your department is delivering to the law abiding public, the behavior of your police officers, and the all out corruption displayed by your department.  Then again maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, maybe he was innocent and just caught in the cross fire.

On Wednesday, as part of a so-called “integrity test,” an undercover officer from another agency working in the Rainier Valley approached Nelson and gave him a purse that contained cocaine, Metz said.

Unknown to Nelson, he was under surveillance by detectives watching to see if he booked the cocaine into evidence.

“He did not do that,” Metz said.

The officer was followed in his car after work and stopped by police just outside the city limits.

“There was a search, and we found a quantity of the narcotics,” Metz said.

Well there went the caught in the crossfire theory.  There is a time to stand up and say, “We Fucked Up! Here’s what we did wrong, this is how we’re fixing it.”  This department lacks the ability to air its dirty laundry and continues to act as if for some reason it is exempt from the rules of lawful behavior.  It appears that Deputy Chief Metz is just considering this a tragedy because the guy got caught and then committed suicide propelling the incident to the front page. 

State Sponsored Criminal Count HM: Deputy Chief Nick Metz

Because it’s a tragedy when one of our officers gets caught, doubly so when he does something to cause it to end up in the news.

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SSCC #388–Seattle

We all know how hard the Seattle Police department works to get their employees eligible for the count.  Today we get a rare behind the scenes look at how they grow the outstanding police officers that are a shining example that others should inspire themselves to.  (If you didn’t have a clue, that whole last sentence was sarcastic!)

A Seattle police officer caught on video kicking a handcuffed suspect in the head has been suspended for 10-days, but he won’t have to serve the suspension as long as he stays out of trouble.

Some how he escaped the wrath of the legal system, though an internal investigation did reveal the use of excessive force.  His punishment a 10 day suspension with this note:

…Seattle police chief John Diaz ruled that Haynes will not be required to serve the unpaid suspension as long as he stays out of trouble for two years.

How nice.  So that’s out they have groomed so many fine upstanding officers.

State Sponsored Criminal #388: Garth Haynes

Because you know that you only need the threaten punishment when it comes to officers of the law.  Following through does absolutely nothing to drive home the point that what they did is wrong.  Heaven forbid you use the misfit to set an example of.

SSCC #234–Seattle PD

But criminal defense attorney James Egan never expected the city would preemptively sue him just for asking for police dash cam video.

Wait, the city is suing him for requesting public records.  Well maybe he was just pestering them with BS requests.

The situation involves two cases Egan handled pro bono. He believed the videos in each case show officer misconduct. Egan wanted to know if those officers had other questionable arrests, so he asked for 36 additional dash-cam videos.

Seattle PD is arguing that they are caught in the privacy law, what fails me though is these videos are a matter of public record.  There are admissible in court as evidence.  The only reason I know of privacy laws being involved is if the victim has been sexually assaulted.  But then we see the real motivation behind these efforts.  It has nothing to do with protecting the privacy of the public and everything to do with protecting their corrupt police officers.

The city argues it doesn’t have to release any videos for three years. That also happens to be when the statute of limitations runs out for suing the city and, as a KOMO News investigation discovered, it is also when dash-cam videos are routinely erased from the system.

Wonder why they don’t have to release videos until after the statute of limitations?  Could it be a game of cover your ass kids?  Remember this is the same department who shot someone in the back.  This also isn’t their first rodeo in the count either.  Three or more times is enemy action. 

State Sponsored Criminal Count 234: Pete Holmes

Because when an officer beats someone, hold on to the video and delay it until it no longer matters.

SSCC #282–Seattle

They just can’t stop, and this time they’re using your tax money to help shield them.

The department believes a public records fight over thousands of dash cam videos could carry a heavy price tag this year, according to the city’s own internal documents.

Well how bad could it be?

The department has already paid out more than $100,000, and this year it expects the amount to nearly triple with a projected loss of at least $300,000.

They’ve already been slapped before regarding this but they keep coming back because suppressing video is the cornerstone which protects their hired goons officers.  When video gets out, that’s when officers get caught.  Maybe they think they actually have a chance though and are justified.

Egan also discovered an email from the city attorney’s office about a lawsuit filed by KOMO News. We sued last fall after SPD refused a request for police videos. The email indicates the city believes its chances of winning the case after court appeals are less than 50 percent.

So in other words they’re spending money that isn’t theirs on a frivolous lawsuit to protect criminals hired by the state.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 282: Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes

Because the job of the City Attorney is to waste taxpayer dollars protecting the state’s hired goons who terrorize those same taxpayers.