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SSCC #174-181 Philadelphia PD

The male officer allegedly stuck his hand down the girl’s shirt and
touched her chest during the two-hour search in an auditorium full of
students at Harding Middle School on Oct. 24, according to the suit.

What was the search for I hear you cry?  Well here’s yet another example of the abysmal failure of zero tolerance.

Lawyer Michael Pileggi said his client told him that the search was being conducted because school officials believed a student might have brought a BB gun to school.

(Emphasis mine).  But wait, why didn’t they just use metal detectors to try and find the “weapon of mass destruction”?

The girl said the officer searched her body with the detector wand, which
revealed no evidence of a weapon. He then “physically patted down the
plaintiff touching her inappropriately,” the suit said. The officer
“placed his hand down plaintiff’s shirt and felt around her chest area.”

So let me get this straight, these officers, 8 of them, 6 male 2 female, felt it was necessary to pat down all the students even after they wanded them with a metal detector.  A girl so young that she’s probably as flat as a wall and wouldn’t have anyplace to hide anything much less a firearm.  None of the school administrators said a damn thing because they “trust” the police without question.

Remember though, beyond the taxpayer having to pay for the abuses by these officers nothing will happen to them thanks to the wonders of qualified immunity.

Every last one of those officers and school administrators should be fired.  Training is being used as an excuse to hide a lack of common sense and negligence.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 181 These 8 are all Does since they weren’t listed.  Again if you find them send them to me.

Because as an officer every trusts you so you can do whatever the hell you want despite common sense and logic dictating otherwise.  If someone complains, the state will cover your ass.

SSCC #83: San Antonio

A 14-year-old boy got into a fight at a school bus stop and the school district’s police officer responded by shooting him to death, the boy’s mother says. She says the cop had been reprimanded 16 times in the previous 4 years, suspended without pay 5 times, and “recommended for termination for insubordination,” but the school kept him on the force “without remedial training.”

Basically the cop was told just let the kid go, we’ll find him later there’s no need to exacerbate the situation and just stay with the victim.  What’s he do instead, throw the victim in the back of his patrol car, drive around the neighborhood looking for him.  At this point the kid is hiding in a garden shed.

Owner of the shed calls police disturbed, and as expected officer hero is the first to arrive.  This is what followed:

Nonetheless, she says: “In violation of NISD police department procedures, Alvarado drew his weapon immediately after exiting the patrol car. With his gun drawn, he rushed through the gate and into the back yard. Within seconds from arriving at the residence, Alvarado shot and killed the unarmed boy hiding in the shed.”

Because at this point he had every reason in the world to believe that the use of deadly force against a 14 year old kid that is hiding because he’s terrified will be totally justified.  Right?  Heaven forbid you just try and talk the child out of the garden shed.  Why would anyone bother to try and be civil about this and not run to the use of force?  Oh that’s right he’s a cop, this is what would happen instead:

Rather than fire Alvarado, the district transferred him to patrol, “an area of duty with less supervision,” according to the complaint.

Seriously instead of being punished, note he’s been moved to a location with less supervision.  Also he’s been reprimanded 16 times.  Between this guy and Officer Roid Rage there’s a clear pattern developing.  Cops are getting get our of jail free cards and evidently they even work with the unlawful use of lethal force.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 83Daniel Alvarado

Because being a cop allows you to play hero and be judge, jury, and executioner.  Didn’t you see Judge Dread?

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SSCC #446 – DHS

A 43-year-old Department of Homeland Security worker allegedly used Facebook to solicit more than 70 area children for sexual acts, according to authorities.

We’re not talking high school students either…

Robert B. Rennie Jr., a Loudoun County resident, was charged Oct. 24 with five counts of using a computer to solicit a child under the age of 15, after a school resource officer was tipped off to suspicious activity on a Mercer Middle School student’s Facebook page.

Sounds like a fine upstanding government employee doesn’t it?  I wish I could come up with something better, but this just makes me sick.

State Sponsored Criminal #446: Robert B. Rennie

Because working for the government means you’re some how special.  

SSCC #257–Clute Texas

An 18-year-old at Brazoswood High School in the Brazosport Independent School District says she was a senior when the Clute Police Department officer, who was assigned to protect the school, called her into his office as she walked in the hallway.

The woman writes in her lawsuit that she felt “fearful and intimidated” by the officer, who was wearing his uniform with a gun and a Taser during the encounter.

Know what’s sad.  I’m no longer surprised by these types of incidents.  They are all way too common.  If you want more details go read it, I’m sick of the excuses people give for putting predators around children.  Especially when the predators in question are backed by the state.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 257: Joe Matthew Mosqueda

Because the perfect crime is the one where you already have the power and control of the situation before anything even starts.

SSCC #201 – Arapahoe County

Since this guy is currently waiting locked up in the jail named after him I feel this is more of an honorable mention.  It’s not going to be fully accountabilibuddible though.

Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan limped into court Wednesday morning, using a cane, as he faced accusations of trying to exchange methamphetamine for a sexual encounter with an adult man.

But this isn’t even the best part though.  He evidently would personally bond out suspects from jail.

Robinson would not say what type of suspects he bonded out and would not confirm if they were drug suspects.

Is it still prostitution if instead of a direct payment of cash the John just bond’s you out of prison?  Still that’s just minor icing on the cake compared to the next item.

At the time, Sullivan used the event to champion gun control. He held up a semiautomatic weapon on TV and demanded more restrictions.

Sullivan then participated in many national programs, some preparing the country for a national disaster. He also took a prominent role during the 1999 Columbine High School shootings. After he retired in 2002, he led the security department for the Cherry Creek School District. He worked there until the end of the 2007-2008 school year.

That’s right folks. This holier than thou member of the anointed class was using his position to argue for the disarmament of law abiding citizens.  He began his crusade in 1989 prior to the Brady Bill.  So here comes this eternal question, did he support the Brady Bill?  Not only did he, he was considered by the Brady Campaign an expert witness.  

He worked in a may issue county and attempted to use concealed weapons permits as bargaining chips to get people to stop fighting for the second amendment.

Sheriff Sullivan was also famous for trying to buy off local gun rights activists with a “buddy” concealed carry permit (when permits were almost impossible to acquire).

In 1995 Sullivan offered me a permit, attempting to buy my inactivity in the battle for concealed carry in Colorado.

Think about that for a second.  This state sponsored criminal was selling your rights down the drain and attempting to bribe others who were fighting the good fight to leave and be complicit.  They only way this guy could ever be held accountable is to have his naked body flogged by every victim of violent crime who was disarmed by his efforts.  When that was complete he would be keelhauled in open water.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 201: Former Sheriff Patrick Sullivan

Because it’s perfectly fine to use your position of power not only for your personal gratification, but then try and disarm the public so they can more easily become your victim.

*There has not even been an acknowledgement from the Brady Campaign of the corruption of one of their former “expert witnesses”.  I guess it never happened just like the death of Brian Terry and operation Fast and Furious.  Out here in the world of facts and logic we air our dirty laundry.  In the world of emotions and Peterson Syndrome that is not an option since it destroys the crux of their argument.

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SSCC #164 – Atlanta PD

Wilson Carstaffin, 46, met his 12-year-old victim in November 2007 while working a side job as a resource officer at a middle school. According
to prosecutors, Carstaffin summoned the girl, who has a slight developmental disability, from class and instructed her to meet him after school at a nearby church.

Yet again a police officer placed within a school has ended up being a predator. Again I ask, why does a police officer all the sudden get a free pass when it comes to trust just because he is an agent of the government?

I understand why they put resource officers within schools, but I do wonder why departments don’t follow basic youth protection policy involving two deep interaction.  If you have kids remind them that as a minor if the officers wish to interact with them they have a right to have their guardian or legal council present.  As always, your children should know to exercise that right.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 164: Wilson Carstaffin

Because when you wear a badge you no longer have to work to be trusted, it is bestowed by government.

SSCC #154 – Portland PD

We have another one.

A former Portland police officer who resigned in the face of being fired in August 2006 after he made his own “Girls Gone Wild” video, filming Madison High female students at a school dance, has pleaded guilty to seven felony sex offenses in Washington state.

Like the previous three examples, we have yet another predator among the sheep.  It is wonderful that these individuals got caught, but what is even more disturbing is the state paid all these predators to be there.

Portland police had discovered his misconduct when Graichen’s sergeant asked to see what he thought was Graichen’s copy of a professional “Girls Gone Wild” video, which typically shows women removing clothing or acting in a sexual nature. Graichen acidentally handed over his knockoff version, filmed at the school where Graichen was assigned, which included zoom-in shots of girls’ “breasts and crotch areas.”

Such a wonderful person to have placed around children in a position of authority.  A position who’s authority is often unquestioned and considered to be the most trustworthy individual in the school.  In reality he is a predator using his power to find and manipulate his prey.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 154: Ryan Graichen

Because when a teenager thinks you’re infallible, they’ll do anything for you.  Especially when you give them drugs and alcohol in return.

h/t Timothy Callahan 

SSCC #146 – Richland County

This one goes in the count for much the same reasons as #143.

Richland County deputies have arrested a uniformed Columbia police officer and charged him with prostitution.

How nice, he made sure to made sure to do this while he was being paid by the taxpayer.  But wait there’s more!

Officers say they found a 17-year-old female in the room and charged her with prostitution. Deputies say Cornish was located a few blocks away.

Not sure what the age of consent is in the state of South Carolina, but frankly when it comes to something like this I don’t really care.  Many who find themselves in that type of environment are victims in their own right.  This is like a tv telecast though because we’re not done.

CPD officers say Cornish is a school resource officer at W.A. Perry Middle School and has been with the Columbia Police Department since May 2009.

How nice.  He had a thing for the young one’s and his job provided him ready access as a predator.  The fact that he has been busted and already fired from his job says it’s not fully what this count was designed for.  Yet at the same time his job allowed him predatory access to his prey.  For that it still qualifies.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 146 – Mark Cornish

Because if you’re a high school resource officer, the thing to do is to hit on all the young ladies since you’re in a position of power… right?