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SSCC #485 & #486 – Seattle

A witness who called police said she saw a woman driving a Nissan Altima away from the scene with front-end damage. According to police, the witness said a female driver stopped the car in the middle of the street and switched places with a man in the passenger seat.

Officers conducted a search of the area and found the car near the accident with its engine running. Officers contacted the couple in the car and immediately realized the occupants were two off-duty Seattle police officers. Each of the off-duty officers had been drinking, police said, and were arrested for DUI.

It’s the holidays and you constantly hear about the police cracking down on DUIs.  Evidently these officers felt they were exempt from that and hit and run.  Given the history of the Seattle PD this one goes on the count.

State Sponsored Criminal #485: Jane Doe
#486: John Doe

Because hit and run while drinking and driving is only bad if you don’t have a badge.

SSCC #330 – BATFEieio

This one came across the wire this weekend.

A felon with a lengthy history of violence against women, Jackson was
sentenced to 10 years in prison April 13 for sexually abusing an
18-year-old woman and holding her against her will for days inside a
cheap South Seattle motel last year. The woman told investigators
Jackson forced her to audition for a porn film and at one point choked
her so hard she almost lost consciousness.

What does this have to do with the ATF I hear you ask?  Quite simple really.

For all of this, the 34-year-old Jackson would be just another
habitual criminal except for one startling fact: He was working the
entire time as a paid informant for the Seattle office of the federal
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The agency made Jackson an informant even though he had come out of
prison early last year with a documented reputation as a violent,
mentally unstable inmate who had been arrested in nearly every state and
posed a serious threat to law-enforcement officers.

It’s so good we have geniuses like the ATF around to protect the innocent and law abiding.  Oh wait, they criminalize ownership of inanimate objects.  Their sole purpose is to make criminals out of as many people as possible.  The upshot of hiring thugs like Jackson is it helps intimidate people into compliance.

Besides, as Ry, this was the result of the geniuses behind Gunwalker recognizing their own talent.  Normally one needs to be an officer to make the count, but I’m making an exception due to the egregious nature of the crimes committed and the sponsorship by the ATF.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 330: Joshua Allan Jackson (Sponsored by the Seattle ATF Office)

Because sometimes it’s better to just hire your thugs from prison and put them on the payroll as an informant.  That way when they’re caught abusing an 18 year old girl, plausible deniability is that much easier.

Accountabilibuddyable: Seattle Honorable Mention (2/28/2012)

This isn’t a true accountabilibuddy but it deserves serious recognition. 

A King County judge has ruled that the names of Seattle police officers
who are disciplined for misconduct may be released under
public-disclosure requests.


Superior Court Judge Dean Lum, citing the public’s right to know the
names, handed down his ruling after listening to arguments from the city
and the guild. His decision comes at time when the Police Department is
under intense scrutiny, particularly after the U.S. Justice Department
found late last year that officers had routinely used excessive force on

I run the State Sponsored Criminal Count specifically to help shed light on bad behavior.  Why?  Because light is a natural disinfecting which helps curtail bad behavior.  Currently the police are protected in so many ways that they are immune from any consequences.  If you are proud of your job and what you do you stand up and receive praise right.  Just the same if you screw up you serve as an example for others.  Besides, the fact that it’s publicly available will make that officer think twice in the future less his fun be exposed as a ongoing problem with a history.

So, with that, Superior Court Judge Dean Lum, Thank you.  Thank you for not caving to police pressure and reinforcing the law as written.  Thank you for making sure light can find those who need disinfectant the most.

Because not everyone thinks that you need so many protections to do your job effectively.

SSCC #58-Seattle PD

Two brothers allege in a lawsuit that they were falsely investigated as bank robbers because a Seattle police officer was upset about the way he had been treated at a popular longshoremen’s bar that all three men frequented.

Basically this whole incident boils down to your standard guy gets dumped and seeks vendetta against the replacement.  Don’t believe me?

The suit alleges Waters developed a "malice and animus" toward Alan Jeffries shortly before the 2009 incident after Waters broke up with a bartender at the Chelan and saw Jeffries flirt with her. Waters became more jealous after he was excluded from a George Clinton concert attended by Jeffries, the bartender and others.

The officer [Waters] then arrests the two brothers on suspicion of bank robbery despite not matching the actual description.  All charges including the obstruction charge was dropped after the officer didn’t bother to show up at the court hearing.

Basically what’s going on is the PD that is oh so great at letting officers shoot peaceful people, also lets officers arrest people on trumped up charges.  Because why punish an officer for making false or fraudulent arrests?

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 58

Because when you’re a cop, no one flirts with your girl and gets away with it.  That’s why they run the jails right?

SSCC #286 – Seattle

This is unsurprising given the how the City and PD have been attempting to prevent the release of these dash cams.  What is doubly entertaining though is this:

So what did the officers claim they were doing? De-escalating the situation. That’s right. During an investigation by SPD’s Office of Professional Accountability, according to documents obtained by SW, the officers claimed that that Oregon and Perez were “obvious gang-bangers.” (See pdf of OPA’s summary findings.) Officer Corey Williams explained further:

Yeah, de-escalate doesn’t mean what they think it means.  Where I’m from they were escalating the situation to provide a better reason for the use of force.

I could tick it more than one but right now I feel like crap and this is my second time writing this pile of garbage.*

State Sponsored Criminal Count 286: Officer Brett Schoenberg

Because when you’re telling someone you’ll beat the crap out of them and skull fuck them, you’re really saying just calm down!

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*WinXP auto rebooted after an update and Windows Live Writer didn’t keep my previous post.  While sick that means this post becomes double abbreviated.

SSCC #333 – DeKalb County

DeKalb County is back again, their previous incidents are here.  I’ve noticed that much of the time bad actions are all within the same area.  Take Seattle PD for example. This incident has holy hell written all over it.

A DeKalb County police officer is under criminal investigation after
being accused of kicking a woman who was almost nine months pregnant,

What was her grievous offense that provoked a response like that from the officer?

Raven Dozier said she was trying to help her brother calm down during a
child custody issue that involved police. She said she started crying
and questioning officers after a Taser gun was used on her brother.

The officer claimed he didn’t know she was pregnant, possible but doubtful, and that she came at him threateningly.  The prosecutors dropped charges against the woman.  It really is telling though given the following.  It ends up though that Jerad Wheeler is the officer from one of the previous incidents in the count.

Two other complaints about use of force have been filed against Wheeler,
including when he allegedly shot a family’s dog after responding to the
wrong address, the report said.

Considering this officer is too stupid to figure out if he’s at the right address and then threatens the home owner, is it really that surprising that he would kick a pregnant woman?  I mean he’s obviously mentally deficient and heaven forbid they actually can someone who love his Authoritah!

If anyone has information on the third complaint mentioned in the article please contact me.  Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three or more times is enemy action.  At this point he’s writing checks his ass can’t cash and obviously should not be employed in law enforcement.  That just means he’ll be promoted and given more Authoritah.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #333: Jerad Wheeler

Because the scowl of a pregnant woman about to pop is so fearsome it requires physical force.  Doubly so if she’s crying since she’s obviously hysterical!

SSCC #240/241–Denver PD

They’re back already.  Between them and Seattle PD I could create a daily feed for just the two of them.  For the departments, being listed here is not a good thing.  If you’re here repeatedly you might want to reevaluate your behavior.  This however leaves no doubt the officers behavior is endorsed.

Two fired Denver Police officers accused of excessive force and lying on reports will get their jobs back after a decision by the Civil Service Commission.

The city fired Devine and Nixon, who were accused of lying on their reports about the incident by making it appear they were defending themselves.

How many things do you have to do blatantly wrong, and illegal I might add, before you are fired for being a bad cop?  Continuing in the article the board was sympathetic to the officers because it felt the chaos of the evening provided an valid excuse.

Pardon me, but I don’t give a crap.  This isn’t the first time someone from Denver PD got caught lying.  Most disturbing is they get back pay as well.  They get paid for sitting on their ass that whole time.  Your tax dollars at work.

There’s a reason I’m siding against the officers here.  The city found enough evidence and grounds to fire the officers.    Couple that with the fact that this isn’t Denver’s first rodeo in the count.

Besides here’s the video:

State Sponsored Criminal Count 240: Ricky Nixon

241: Kevin Devine

via David Wilson

SSCC #190 – #191 – Seatle PD

Video and audio from the scene indicates the officers opened their car
doors briefly and shouted, “Hey. Stop moving.  Hey,” as Jefferson
started to  park his car. The officers shut their doors and drove
forward a few feet, while one officer told the other inside the case
“Just yank ‘em, right out.”

Without even fully assessing the situation they made the determination to use physical force.  Now before you say, “Well maybe it was necessary, he was hiding something.”

After finding no weapons or drugs in Jefferson’s car, SPD arrested him for “obstruction.”

Prosecutors later dropped that charge.

So let me get this straight the officers decided before even really making contact with the suspect to execute a use of physical force.  They then beat this man after pulling him from his car.  After beating him and searching his vehicle and finding nothing they trump a charge to justify the use of force.  Then the department comes and puts the icing on the cake.

“Had they shot him or something of that nature, I think we’d all be
saying that was excessive, but what they did was they took him into
custody, using physical force, no question about that, and he was
injured in the process. I think that’s unfortunate, but it’s not
unreasonable under the circumstances.”

This coming from the same department that did this little incident!?  How in the name of god is that even remotely justifiable.  They had no reasonable expectation to require the use of force at all.  No orders, no commands, just beat the hell out of the guy and we’ll fix it all in post.

State Sponsored Criminal Count:

190: Officer John Doe*

191: Officer John Doe*

Because in this day in age, go to full contact force first without reason or cause.  You can always make up something else later and the Seattle PD will back it up.

*As usual if you get a name please contact me.  I don’t care if they’re undercover cops, it’s getting posted.