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The Government Protecting Its Own

The King County prosecutor has decided not to press charges against Officer Ian Birk regarding this incident.

This whole incident is reminding me of the what the Federal Government did to protect Lon Horiuci after Ruby Ridge.  The officer created this incident, and shot a man without any real probable cause.  The individual had done nothing wrong, was not aggressive or threatening anyone, yet he was shot four times.  The reasoning for the prosecutors office was the following:

Speaking Wednesday, Satterberg cited a 25-year-old state law mandating that police officers not by held criminally liable for using deadly force if they acted “without malice and a good faith belief” that their actions were justified.

Any civilian who made the same decision as Birk would be charged with murder, or at minimum manslaughter.  There is no way that they would escape criminal prosecution.  Even in video taped incidents of self defense civilians do end up on trial.  Why is law enforcement given a free pass?  So what that their job is more dangerous, if they use deadly force, it needs to be CLEARLY justified.  In this case Seattle PD has admitted that he was clearly unjustified.

Initially the department said Williams made a move toward the officer, but it later backed away from that assertion. Sources tell KING 5 a preliminary review on October 4 by the firearms review board concluded the shooting was not justified.

So, this is really just the same story we’ve heard before, but now on a lower level than the Federal level.  Remember, they’re exempt, you are not.

It Wasn’t Just a “Fair Weather” Crowd

So yesterday a bunch of people showed up at the Washington State Capital in Olympia. 

I wasn’t among them for a couple different reasons.  First my wife had to work, second It would have been at least a 6 hour trip one way.  Google says 5:35 and that’s a lie, it takes that long to get to Auburn where I grew up, and it’s about an hour from Auburn to Olympia.  Third the whole state is hovering around freezing and snowing in many places, including the passes.  Yeah I’m not embarking on a 339 mile road trip that in the grand scheme doesn’t matter.  If I need to roll out to Olympia to speak against legislation I will, but that’s not what this was so my investment in time and money wouldn’t have been worth it‘


Most news papers I’ve seen put estimates at around 1,500 people, the Seattle times is estimating under 1,000, some however have reported 2,000.  So take the estimates for what you’d like.  Given the cold and weather I’d say this was a significant turn out.  Doubly so since other major gun related events were going on yesterday and were packed as well.

The WAC show in Puyallup was packed, and put to me as “nuts”, and it appears that today is equivalent to a normal Saturday.  Considering Sundays are usually much more lax than Saturdays, the WAC show is busy.

There were rallies in 49 of the state capitals yesterday along with massive gun shows going on as well.  Hopefully everyone in attendance has taken the time to write their legislators as well

Also as a side note, a few at gun shows did something stupid and resulted in injuries due to a failure to observe the 4 rules.  Remember folks, right now we’re under a magnifying glass and the best way to describe these incidents as, “Not Helping”.  Never fear though because our opponents, ever ghoulish, were dancing in blood on twitter.


There were 3 different incidents with 5 injuries.  One was a case of induced touching where he was reloading his carry piece after going through the gun show.  Some how he put a round through his hand. 

The biggest single incident was Raleigh where an idiot didn’t unload his shotgun he was intending to sell at home.  When showing clear at the table it discharged striking 2 people with shot and injuring the hand of person checking the weapon.

The last one from Ohio was done by a vendor and some how the weapon went off by opening the box.  Yeah I don’t believe that story either.  Please folks, use some brains, this is not the time to cause more negative attention for us.

Why do we need the TSA again?

So the TSA today actually harassed a US Representative from Alaska to the point she’s returning home by boat instead of by plane. 

An Alaska state lawmaker is making her way back to the state Capitol after refusing a pat-down search at a Seattle airport, a spokeswoman said.

While our congress critters should be put through this same mess that the rest of us are.  However one should always be sure to never bite the hand that feeds you.  Most likely though our all knowing leaders will just exempt themselves from this hassle while they ensure their serfs constituents are continually abused.  It just another example how every incident involving TSA starts with “The Stupid Asshole”.

Later I discovered an undercover TSA agent showed just how much of A Security Theater the TSA is. 

The source said the undercover agent carried a pistol in her undergarments when she put the body scanners to the test. The officer successfully made it through the airport’s body scanners every time she tried, the source said.

(Emphasis mine).  She tried this multiple times and never failed.  Joe Huffman talked about his experiences with an X-ray machine in  an episode of BB&Gun’s.  The fact is the TSA can be thought of as defensive fortifications.  Tactics and strategies will be formed to get around these defensive fortifications, and because of this they will always be playing catch-up.  The fact is the TSA has never stopped anyone, and the people they abuse are the ones who’s lives are actually in jeopardy and will be the ones to actually stop an incident.

With all the criminals the TSA hires, the way they behave, and their total lack of effectiveness why haven’t our congress critters rendered them impotent?


On Dancing In Blood

While I was busy this weekend I heard about a shooting in Mount Rainier National Park.  I didn’t have time to investigate, though this morning I heard details about it on the radio.  I figured the blood dancers would be out, I just didn’t think how idiotic they would be.

Miguel this morning just how dumb and crazy they were.  They wasted no time to blame the shooting on the NRA and the modification of the National Parks rules which said they had to follow state law regarding weapons and concealed carry. 


There’s some serious problems with this logic though.

First and foremost is that the individual was a prohibited person under the Lautenberg Amendment.

In July, the mother of Barnes’ young daughter said in court papers seeking a protection order that he “has possible PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) issues,” NBC station KING of Seattle reported. In seeking sole custody of the girl, she said Barnes was suicidal and “gets easily irritated, angry, depressed and frustrated.” 

Second the park shooting was not the first shooting that day.

Witnesses told investigators that about nine people attended the party, many of them armed, and some had a “show and tell” with their guns. Some fired shots in the air to celebrate the new year. At 3 a.m. Sunday, one partygoer asked to see another’s gun and then refused to give it back.

At least two people drew their weapons — Barnes was one of them — and four people were injured in the shootout, two of them critically, the sheriff’s office said Tuesday. It wasn’t clear who fired first.

So this individual illegally had a firearm, engaged in a shoot out with other individuals, then fled.  Yet somehow he was going to magically be stopped at an invisible border and turn around because you’re not allowed to carry a gun!?  I’ve driven through Mount Rainier national park numerous times since my 21st birthday, I often had a loaded firearm with me.  Why?  Because unnecessary handling of a firearm is how accidental discharges happen.  I was usually driving through on my way home to visit friends and family while on break.  Did I shoot anyone? No, it stayed in it’s holster the whole time, where it’s safer for everyone.  Yet these blood dancing savages criminalized that behavior and insist that it is horrible for public safety.  The would prefer I unholster at each side of the park and unload and reload.  Each of those instances provide for the chance of a accidental discharge.

You know what is really horrible for public safety.  Running out and dancing in the blood of the innocent blaming tools and inanimate objects.  The sole goal in doing so is to disarm the law abiding to ensure their victim status.  They focus on attacking the right of self-defense instead of trying to actually get people the help they need.  Why would you need to carry a firearm for self defense in a national park they’d ask.

The visitor center was locked down, with tourists finally being escorted out by armed guards after midnight. To warn one group of backcountry campers of the situation, authorities flew over by helicopter and dropped handwritten messages on paper coffee cups that a gunman was on the loose, according to postings and photographs on the message board.

Looks like that question is self answering in this incident.  Tell me, were the authorities going to be able to protect those hikers in the back country of the national park?

Overall I find the behavior of the Brady Campaign and CSGV down right despicable.  Instead of trying to get people the help the need, which would help prevent incidents like this from ever happening, they insist of disarming the public and attacking inanimate objects.  They insist on ignoring the individual.  The individual is always responsible for their actions.  That said, if you want to help prevent things like this from happening, you should be seeking help for them if you are in fear for your safety.  Instead of actually trying to find out what was wrong, just like Jared Loughner, people ignored the signs.  The innocent shouldn’t be punished for the choices of others.  The correct way to help with this problem is to make sure to help those who are disturbed before they break.  Treat the individual in trouble, don’t disarm the victims.

h/t Miguel for the Facebook image.

On Being on Top of the Food Chain

So Tuesday I mentioned an incident where some enterprising individual thought he would stand his ground with a bison and lost.  I stated the following:

When armed however we are far superior to those other predators.  It’s tools that make the difference and for that reason your position on the top of the food chain is considered negotiable to mother nature.

I have also previously talked about how we are self demoting ourselves and our position on the food chain.  Well the situation isn’t getting any better.  Actually it’s going down hill fast and it appears it is showing no signs of stopping.

Like several other neighborhoods in West Seattle, the Seola Beach area is sandwiched between ravines and greenbelts, so it’s not surprising that coyotes live there. But in the last few weeks the animals have been showing up more and more, and residents say the coyotes are taking an aggressive stand.

The solution to this problem isn’t to kill the varmints.  No that would be bad.  The answer is to live trap them and relocate them.  Which is funny when you see the following shortly there after.

And the neighbors aren’t just worried about their own safety, either. Many believe the coyotes are killing off pets.

"Neighbors have talked about losing cats and dogs," said Kristi Coluccio. "Good dinner for coyotes, too."

The situation actually is bad enough that parents are fearing for their children and keeping them inside.  If you’re that fearful, why don’t you deal with the problem permanently.  Relocating the animals is only temporary.  Even then the animals no longer fear humans.  They have no reason to.

The animals are acting aggressively towards humans because they do not appear to be a threat, and actually appear to be walking 180lbs meat popsicles with much smaller juicier varieties that haven’t aged as much.  When their buddies bob and frank don’t eat dirt after being around humans they don’t associate humans as being dangerous.

For a long time wild animals avoid humans because by god if we saw them, we killed them.  Animals learned, and rightfully so, who the top predator was.  We have shoved our predatory status to the side though, and now many are acting surprised that wild life are learning there is no longer a need to fear humans.

Why should Wiley E. Coyote fear humans when a bunch of hippies have run to the state whining about how animals should be protected.  How humans shouldn’t be allowed to hunt them.  How the animals just want to live in peace and are not a threat to humans.

Yeah listen up there sparky and shut your patchouli eating ass up for a second and listen to me.  Any wild animal if given the chance would kill you, doubly so if it is any type of predator.  It is our tools and our history that causes animals to give us wide berth.  You’re meddling with the system has lowered our status on the totem pole and has opened up innocent people to animal attack.  Not only attack though but disease and pestilence carried by the animals is now left to spread unchecked.

Don’t come crying to me as this gets worse, and it will.  Mice are already problems in DC, and what’s that, you can’t kill the mice?  Mice that can carry bubonic plague and other diseases.

Do I like animals? Yes. 

Do I kill animals for the “thrill of the kill”? No.

I kill them for many reasons ranging from food, to pest control, to effective conservation.  Conservation? I hear you ask.  Yes conservation since over population actually weakens a herd as a whole limiting available resources limiting the overall health of the animals.

Besides, none of you tree hugging hippies can say a damn thing to me.  You know why?  Because while I try to act ethically and put an animal out of it’s pain and suffering, you tree huggers made sure I spent an extra 45 minutes waiting to get the O.K. from the state.  Why?  Because you were delusional about the condition of the deer and what needed to be done.  Yeah, who really cares about the animals again?  Not to mention hunters spend way more on conservation than you tree huggers.

My suggestion to the residents, get some of these and start shooting the damn things.

h/t Ry via email.

Another Incident with Wild Animals

Wild animals are making the rounds as of late.  It started off with a man attacked by a bear, then another one got into get in a pissing contest with a Bison.  Then information came out about a coyote problem in Seattle.  Now we have an incident involving some of our tree-dwelling cousins.

 The chimpanzees dragged the man for more than a mile, under a fence and into their enclosure at Jane Goodall Institute Chimp Eden near Nelspruit, The Telegraph newspaper reported.

Armed escorts were required for the paramedics who went to treat and rescue the victim.  But they’re just smaller animals that couldn’t possibly be a danger to humans right?

“These chimpanzees have six times the strength of a human being so you have to respect them and we certainly do,” he said.

So if you still think that wild animals, no matter their size, don’t present a threat or danger to humans, remember that’s your choice and opinion.  Facts state that humans are not on the top of the food chain by PFM.  They are there because of their tools and without them they are nothing but walking meat popsicle. If you choose to go into the wild unarmed, or even around suburbia, that is your choice and you can live with the consequences of your choice.  You have no right to force your moral choices though on anyone else.

Don’t Panic and Remain Calm…

So evidently a bunch of people on our side of the debate have gone into PSH and labeled Alan Gottlieb a traitor.

I dont trust ANY media, they lie…

But Allen Gottlieb, if this is true as stated, you suck moonbat dick. Fuck you. 

Never Compromise….. come fucking take them.

*blink*  Not to mention the other post hiding behind a login calling Gottlieb a traitor.  Seriously folks, are you that retarded and gullible.

First the primary source for your branding him a traitor is the Seattle Times which is notoriously anti-gun.  So your reactions have served to help cripple funding to one of the biggest legal branches we have to defeat legislation.  This is the principal man behind winning Heller and McDonald and you’re going to call him a traitor over what some liberal rag says.  Are you stupid?

This man thinks in terms of a long chess game. He doesn’t just think one or two moves ahead, he thinks well beyond what most of us can even readily comprehend.

There’s a couple of things everyone needs to realize.  First, our win is not guaranteed  look at New York.  Yeah they were blue, but look at how they accomplished it.  If the Peoples Republic of Puget Sound wants to push something through, we can try to hold them off but I will refer you back to the King Dome/Safeco Field incident.

Second given that a win is not assured, we must take actions and measures to either kill a bill or force an actual compromise.  The act of doing the latter can force the former.

It has become obvious though that the actions of our enemies has forced a wedge in-between us.  Many instead of using our heads instead brand our allies as traitors for no real good or solid reason.  Instead they believe false lies and misrepresented truths as well as labeling others as something they are blatantly not.

Tell me, what happens when you attack a friendly, especially a friendly who is out in front leading a charge?  You destroy his ability to continue to fight for you.  You destroy his ability to trust you for support.  You destroy his morale.

Going and publicly bad mouthing our supporters is nothing more than destroying those who support and fight for our cause.  You do so without actually knowing what’s going on and on the word of someone who wants to destroy you.

Here’s Alan’s statement:

First you should know that I do not support Washington House Bill 1588 as it is currently written.

My support for a state universal background check bill must include a substantial victory for gun owners that includes, but is not limited to repealing, prohibiting and destroying the current state handgun registration system and the data base of several million records of gun owners and their firearms that include the type of handguns and the serial numbers.

This would be a huge victory for our gun rights. We would be the first state to repeal a gun registration system. Think about that and what it means for your privacy as a gun owner and the fact that we all know historically that registration leads to confiscation.

In addition, if you have a carry permit you will be exempt from additional background checks. No checks would be required for transfers between family members. If you are a member of an organization like the Washington Arms Collectors that does a background check for membership, you would be exempt from additional checks to buy a firearm at their gun shows.

There are other inclusions that must be made as well that are good for our rights and freedom that need to be in a final bill to have my support.

My guess is that the gun grabbers will not go along with these provisions and kill the bill. If they do the “blood” so to speak is on their hands, not ours.

There are other smart, tactical, political and morally justified reasons why I have taken this position that I do not want to make public at this time. We do have enemies and I am not going to telegraph our strategy to them by spelling out our battle plans.

I enjoy winning our freedoms more than the fight. I wish I can say that about some of my critics who have pre-judged without knowledge what it is that I am doing.

Anyone who knows me knows that for the past forty years my efforts have expanded and protected our right to keep and bear arms from local city councils all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Alan Gottlieb

As I said, this man is thinking not just tactically but strategically.

So tell me, who is the bigger enemy to freedom?

  • The guy thinking this through and has the ability to force a real compromise, one big enough the supporters may very well kill the bill?
  • The bunch of gullible idiots who believe half-truths and attack their own on the word of an enemy that wants to see them destroyed?

By all means contact Alan and voice your concerns, but I suggest you think long and hard about who you’re labeling a traitor.  Especially if your goal is to either kill the bill or get an actual compromise.  I’m here to tell you if I get something crammed down my throat, I want them to at least pay with something.

Our enemies want something for nothing.  That’s not happening anymore but if you just sit there in the corner and keep screaming and attacking those on your side, they may very well still get it.

h/t Phil

Mayor Nickels and Concealed carry

Lately the idea of living on the west side of Washington has become more and more displeasing. I have been seeing Strong examples of the differences between myself and those hippie feel good tree huggers.

I haven’t written much lately due to the fact my writing would have been clouded by anger, most of this from the city of Seattle. First time I knew something was going to be blogged was after the Folklife shooting. I’m not going to discuss it much because many of the details I feel important and relevant still haven’t come out, such as why the argument started and what actually occurred. All we have is the biased output of the media which only focuses on him ignoring the other party. Not to mention the fact he by no means represents the majority of concealed carry permit holders, and there are many things that make me wonder why he was issued a permit.

Instead I’ve discovered that Mayor Nickels is going with a knee jerk reaction and is disregarding state law and imposing restrictions on concealed carry by licensed permit holders. Instead of actually getting to the root of the problem, he feels it better to impose restrictions on law abiding citizens. What’s worse is the method by which he is doing it. Instead of this being handled by the city council, which policy such as this should be, his issuing an executive order; thus by passing public discussion and outcry. It has been shown in state after state Concealed carry lowers crime rates, and now in an “effort to go forward” he wants to go backwards.

From this we see who’s side Mayor Nickels is on which is to provide a safe working environment of rapists, murders, and thieves. Not to mention he is as much a criminal as any other jack booted thug by his own blatant disregard for the law.