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Been Busy

I got tied up at work and in a meeting yesterday.  I meant to do some blogging when I got home but just couldn’t find the strength to push out some free ice cream.  I’m pretty exhausted still from the long meetings I had the past couple days so I may not get around to writing any posts tonight.

In the meantime here’s some videos that are well worth your time.  The first of which is explains in detail why I felt “Fake It” was fitting for Wednesday’s ear worm.

CATO nails it as they oh so often do. (via RNS)

The second I found initially via Joe.

I have nothing to add to that video.  It was short, quick, concise, and nails the truth on the head.

I’ll try and throw up an SSCC tonight when I get home, I do have a stack in my notes currently, but I’m not sure I’m going to want to sit in front of my computer.

Guess He Skipped a Day of Class…

Someone bumped me this across twitter and initially I thought it was SSCC material.  The more I thought about it though it’s really hard to tell.

A Salem police officer shot and killed a pit bull dog as it attacked him Saturday, and a man who jumped into the middle of the attack also was struck, receiving a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the foot.

Now it is worth noting, they were evidently in a house talking with residents.  It appears that this was their dog, it was not during the execution of a no-knock, however the officers were there searching for a wanted individual.

First let me note, don’t ever let the police into your house, even if you call them.  Second of all, keep your animals away from the officers.  It is difficult to tell if the officer was really being attacked.  I have to say if I was attacked by a dog I wouldn’t just try and push it away.  The dog is probably going to be injured from my kicking it and it will be followed shortly there after with a shot.

I don’t know of anyone who would just push a dog away when being “attacked”.  Maybe the dog was wanting attention, who knows?   But the owner then tried to intervene to protect the dog, obviously late to the party because he reacted as it went south.

My guess is the dog was hopping up and putting his paws on the officer, the officer drew his gun to shoot after pushing the dog away didn’t work, because you know that’s a serious threat right there.  You know, so serious it’s worth discharging your firearm with other people present.  When the owner saw the officer start to draw his gun he attempted to restrain the dog and the officer already having made the decision ended up shooting the dog as well as the owner.

The big issue here is how readily and quickly officers will descend to the use of lethal force, even against an animal when it’s most frequently unnecessary.  It’s getting to the point where even lawful uses of force could be seen as yet another example of puppycide since it’s become so common.

The answer is to have officers use their heads. The problem is they’re never held accountable for their decisions so there’s no incentive to think prior to acting.

The quickest way to look at this is the fact that had this been any average citizen and not and officer, the would be arrested and probably jailed for their reckless actions.  Bottom line is he wasn’t sure of his target and what’s beyond it, which in a dynamic scene like that is difficult.  Either way though it is yet another indicator of problems in the system.


Via Tam comes this story which I am doing instead of a SSCC today.

Authorities said Hubbard was found to be in possession of methamphetamine and marijuana.

He was arrested on charges of dealing while in possession of a handgun, possession of marijuana, possession of methamphetamine and dealing in marijuana.

So why was this an Accountabilibuddyable instead of an State Sponsored Criminal?  Tam said it best so I’ll quote her:

I guess their union isn’t as good as the FOP Local here in Indy, because his employers dropped him like a live grenade as soon as he was charged. Quis custodiet, indeed.

Yeah, I wish more departments would fire their officers immediately when busted for bad behavior.  Now let’s hope the legal system will continue the accountability string.

Officer Robert Hubbard – He’s so bad we had to hold him accountabilibuddyable!

Actions have consequences…

So I got a text from my mom last night:

Police reportedly having difficulty buying ammo according to the national news.

To which I replied:

Welcome to the club folks.  Maybe you LEOs should tell your legislators to chill out and stop using tragedies to infringe rights.

Now, it is not a joke, and it’s very real that some departments are having trouble getting ammo.  Is it a surprise?  Which is more profitable for the manufacturers right now?  Hold it for the police or sell it to consumers?

Sult’s department is one of many law enforcement agencies in Georgia that Diamant found with bullets on back order – tens of thousands of rounds each.

“It affects our ability to be prepared,” Sult said. “It affects the potential safety of the officers, because they’re not as proficient as they should be.”

Now for my moment of warm shining insight of connecting some possible consequences not considered by some.

Who currently is buying ammo at a rate previously unheard of?

  • Law-Abiding non-LEO Civilians.

Who currently is conserving ammo as if they will not be able to get more tomorrow?

  • Law-Abiding non-LEO Civilians.

Who must continue to expend ammunition due to legal and department policy requirements?

  • Law Enforcement Officers.

Who will be tasked with enforcement of any new gun laws dreamed up by our elected critters?

  • Law Enforcement Officers.

Who stands to not have enough ammunition to enforce said treasonous laws?

  • Law Enforcement Officers.

Yeah, personally I’m failing to find anything wrong with this situation.  If our elected representatives would like to keep our paid law-enforcement officers plush with ammo, the solution is simple.  “Stop threatening the rights of Americans.”  Creating a bunch of felons overnight with the stroke of a pen will do nothing but result in conflict and additional unnecessary work load for those who honestly work in law-enforcement.  It is worthy of note that the class of individuals I am talking about should not be confused with those who appear on the SSCC.  Though many of that latter group are chomping at the bit, waiting for the order as an excuse to fight their brother.  The badge is merely a method to get away with criminal actions themselves.

Keep the heat on our representatives.  Don’t stop, and honestly even if it looks clear, do not waver.  It is quite possible and probable they may indicate our overwhelming strength early in order to cut down our response.  Look at what happened in Illinois.  The bills would die just to be resurrected again.  They wanted to fight the bear, by god they’ll get it.

Accountabilibuddyable–Las Vegas

Instead of an SSCC tonight we have this.  He only got 2 years but read the judges comments and what all went down.

Norman was in court this morning to face his punishment after pleading guilty to charges of coercing women to expose their breasts after stopping them on the road.

Judge Abbi Silver — after hearing victims’ statements — looked right at him and said: “You are nothing short of a sexual predator with a badge.”

Thankfully the judge didn’t hold back:

Norman received maximum sentencing for the counts he previously pleaded guilty to: oppression under color of office, and open or gross lewdness. His punishment is two years in prison and he was taken away in handcuffs.

And upon his release from prison he will have to register as a sex offender.  I would say his job in law enforcement is effectively done.

I wish he was serving more jail time, but as it’s the maximum sentence for his convictions and the other modifiers should keep him from doing it again.  I can take that.

Former Officer John Norman – Because he was too stupid to see he was using his position as force and leverage to manipulate people, yeah I don’t believe that and neither did the judge.