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Quote of the Day–Tam (06/26/2011)

You know, I’d be happy if they were plain old vanilla literate. I mean, what percentage of today’s high school graduates wouldn’t be able to spell "environmentally literate", even if you spotted them half the vowels?

Tam, Religion in Public Schools

[The most depressing thing about how hilarious that statement is, it’s 100% true.  The intelligence of the American public is constantly being eroded.  Most viciously by the public school systems who create the voters of tomorrow.  Coincidence, I think not. –B]

SSCC #190 – #191 – Seatle PD

Video and audio from the scene indicates the officers opened their car
doors briefly and shouted, “Hey. Stop moving.  Hey,” as Jefferson
started to  park his car. The officers shut their doors and drove
forward a few feet, while one officer told the other inside the case
“Just yank ‘em, right out.”

Without even fully assessing the situation they made the determination to use physical force.  Now before you say, “Well maybe it was necessary, he was hiding something.”

After finding no weapons or drugs in Jefferson’s car, SPD arrested him for “obstruction.”

Prosecutors later dropped that charge.

So let me get this straight the officers decided before even really making contact with the suspect to execute a use of physical force.  They then beat this man after pulling him from his car.  After beating him and searching his vehicle and finding nothing they trump a charge to justify the use of force.  Then the department comes and puts the icing on the cake.

“Had they shot him or something of that nature, I think we’d all be
saying that was excessive, but what they did was they took him into
custody, using physical force, no question about that, and he was
injured in the process. I think that’s unfortunate, but it’s not
unreasonable under the circumstances.”

This coming from the same department that did this little incident!?  How in the name of god is that even remotely justifiable.  They had no reasonable expectation to require the use of force at all.  No orders, no commands, just beat the hell out of the guy and we’ll fix it all in post.

State Sponsored Criminal Count:

190: Officer John Doe*

191: Officer John Doe*

Because in this day in age, go to full contact force first without reason or cause.  You can always make up something else later and the Seattle PD will back it up.

*As usual if you get a name please contact me.  I don’t care if they’re undercover cops, it’s getting posted.

Surviving An Active Shooter – A commentary

So I saw this in passing last week but didn’t really have time to watch it or talk about it.  Alan posted it today and well it gave me the urge to comment.  So to start off with watch the video.

First off is with its emphasis on running and hiding the immediate thought was of Bert the Turtle and if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Here is an educational video from on how to survive a nuclear attack, like the above, this one is made by your government.

At least with Bert it made a little bit of sense because you couldn’t do anything to change or alter the damage from a nuclear weapon.

Amazingly though this video does give some insight that we can all take home. The first notable item is that the attacker plainly and clearly ignored a gun free zone declaration on the door, this can be seen at 1:00. Attackers do this to know their victims cannot fight back.  Attacks frequently happen within gun-free zones, including the most recent one.  Secondly it guarantees the outcome discussed and noted at 4:20, specifically:

Improvise Weapons

It’s pretty hard to improvise a weapon equivalent to firearm, doubly so when you know the attacker has one.

Even the agency which put this video together admits what the pro-rights side of the argument has said from the beginning.  A criminal intent on doing harm will not be effected or restrained by law.  The intended victims of the attacker however will be left without the most effective means of self-defense.

Next up are the comments about first responders at 4:40.  Let this be a lesson to everyone because it is correct.  They are not there to evacuate you, they are not there to give you medical aid, they are there to stop the threat and secure the area so that medics and other emergency personal can do that.  Just because the Johnny Law has shown up doesn’t mean you are safe, that you are clear, or will receive immediate medical attention.  Let me translate this for people who still may not understand.

You are still on your own!

Emergency services will arrive on scene when they can, there is no guarantee for the response time for either medical personal or police to show up with their guns since this particular location wouldn’t let you have yours.

Hopefully the gun grabbers are crying in their beer because even the educational videos on surviving mass shootings emphasize the lack of rationality in their logic.  Can you say “Winning?”

*Overall I think the video was actually well done and decently educational.  I am not going to go running through an area looking for the shooter, but if I see him and have an opportunity I will fight, I will not run.  Running just serves to allow others to become victims or allow him a chance to shoot me in the back.

SSCC #386 – Opa-locka

A suspended Florida police officer—who’s been fired six times over the years for alleged misconduct, only to be reinstated—says he’s the victim of a “witch hunt” and wants to go back to work, even though he’s being paid $60,000 a year to stay home.

At least they have sent his ass home, but $60k a year still?  Not to mention that under the statement, “once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three or more times is enemy action,” what is six incidents?

Who knows maybe they were incidents that in the grand scheme aren’t actually that bad…

Bosque—who has been accused of “cracking the head of a handcuffed suspect, beating juveniles, hiding drugs in his police car, stealing from suspects, defying direct orders and lying and falsifying police reports”—was suspended with pay in May after he allowed a newspaper reporter to ride along in his patrol car without permission. (During the ride-along, Bosque told the reporter, “I’m an excellent police officer, but I break the rules.”)

He admits to breaking the rules, yet he continues to be paid for nothing and wants his job back.  This is why many people are loosing their faith in law enforcement professionals.  While not all are like this individual, their willingness to not expel him from their ranks taints them all.

State Sponsored Criminal #386: German Bosque

Because rules are for the little guy.  Why? Because if you want to make an omelette you’re gonna need to break a few eggs.

Quote of the Day–Joe Huffman(2/29/2012)

A YouTube video of a Gabby Giffords themed concealed carry side match to a USPSA match generated nearly 8000 views and the rage of anti-gun groups and even got the attention of a Brady Campaign Board member who said, “These folks could have just sat back and shut up.”

Joe HuffmanWinning Public Opinion

February 29, 2012

[Oh did we ever piss them off with that video.  That quote from Joan still makes me smile when reading it.  As I mentioned earlier today I am wanting to get some GoPro cameras.  Not just as training aids, but I think it would be neat to cut up videos of the highlights from action pistol matches.  The more instances of that type of information that are out there, the harder it is for the antis to peddle their lies.

When the truth becomes so prevalent their lies are obvious we’ve won.  Often many seem to think the inanimate object is going to instantly cause injury.  The solution to that is education.  If we can get people interested in the sport the will be receptive to education.  Teaching is selling, we want to sell people on our sport, on our hobby, on our right.  We want them to come enjoy it with us.  Often the anti-gunners will do everything they can to dehumanize us into animals.  Video’s of shooters competing, having a good time, the emotion that goes with it, that makes us human. I’m not talking about just having videos that are just highlight reels, but videos that cause the viewer to go, “Wow, that’s impressive!”  Then as they continue to watch, “Wow, those look like nice people, I’d love to get to know them.”

That’s the truth, 99.9999% of us are actually really nice people.  However many of us hide the fact that we’re gun owners.  I think Joe is right regarding gun owners coming out of the proverbial closet.  It’s not as if I’m hiding in the closet here but one should always lead by example.

So as I did previously when Newbie Shooter started it:

I am an Eagle Scout, an engineer, a wood worker, a blogger, a web designer, a computer programmer, a ham radio operator, your neighbor, your coworker, your friend, a loving husband, and I am a gun owner.

I am the guy that will clear his neighbors drive way of snow.  I am the guy that will stop and help you with a flat tire. I am the guy who will get in his car and come get you at 0 dark 30 and get you because you’ve had too much to drink.  Again, I am also the a gun owner. -TMM]

Quote of the Day–Tam (02/11/2012)

I demand that we close the Going Wherever You Want Loophole! If we checked everyone for government issued photo ID as they walked out their front door, we could prevent sidewalks from being superhighways for criminals, but the ACLU has vowed to fight any such legislation.

TamArgumentum ad fabricatum: You’re Just making stuff up.

[Careful Tam, someone might actually run with that.  It is amazing though the number of people who go into PSH over two law people engaging in lawful commerce.

I think to prevent people from going on murderous rampages with vehicles there should be no more private party sales.  If you want to sell a vehicle, it has to be through an auto dealer.  What’s that I hear you say, the person selling the item won’t make what it’s worth anymore since the dealer is taking a cut.  Too bad, we can’t have two consenting adults participate in lawful commerce anymore because there could be a bad person out there.

At one time the law was to protect the innocent and law abiding.  At some point this was turned on it’s head and people seem to think the law is there to protect them from the bad people.  News flash, it’s your job to protect yourself from bad people.  It is the job of the law to punish the bad people after they have done or attempted to do something to you.  It is not the job of the law to punish people because they have the ability to do something you don’t like.  Just because I have a gun doesn’t mean I’m an armed robber.  Just because Joe asks if he can buy a gun from me, doesn’t mean he’s going to go rob a bank.  I don’t see how my wanting to engage in lawful commerce makes me a criminal.

Just the same, my wanting to travel without showing ID doesn’t make me a criminal.  It just means it’s none of your damn business.  The fact I don’t fly anymore doesn’t make me a criminal, though these same people would argue it does.  What am I hiding and so upset by that I don’t want to be molested against my will by some sexual deviant being paid by the state.  To all those who want these types of laws: Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.  I haven’t done a damn thing to violate you, your rights, or your property.  Leave me the fuck alone to conduct my business in privacy and how I wish.  What is so freaking hard about understanding this!?  I haven’t broken the law, and as such you have no right to infringe upon my rights. –B]

SSCC #193 – Campbell

This is a first of the 4 legged variety.

An off-duty Campbell police officer was walking Storm and allowed the dog to go to the bathroom in a fenced-in area. But the dog saw the boy and ran after him, apparently mistaking a running boy for a suspect.

Remember though, had it been your or my dog, there would be a very strong and justified push to put down the dog as a dangerous animal.  There is no justification for attacking a 8 year old boy who was playing.  Why was the dog not trained to follow verbal commands.  The dog should not have attacked anyone without being instructed to do so.  At a minimum why in the name of Sam Hell was that dog anywhere off of a leash if that is it’s behavioral model.  It’s not as if the dog was defending it’s property or owner from a direct threat.  The property wasn’t even the owners.

“Anything running, they’re trained … could be a potential threat. And all he’s doing is reacting and doing what he was trained to do,” Rusnak told WFMJ.

Wait, your department did what!?  You trained your dogs to go after potential threats.  Who thought that it would be necessary to have a dog attack potential threats.  Where I’m from, your dog attacks my kid, if you don’t take it out to the woods and do it, I will.  Police dog or not, attacking a child, unprovoked, is completely unacceptable and shows severe training issues with the dog as well as handling issues with the officer responsible for the dog.

In this instance I’m going to blame the officer attempting to justify it since I am unsure of the name of the handler.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 193: Sgt. John Rusnak

Because a police dog is different than your dog because the state views him as a police officer.  So when he runs off and attacks and innocent child, that’s just like a cop shooting a boy hiding in a shed.

I Want to Return This Monday…

It’s apparently defective.

So I wake up this morning earlier than usual, why, because the weather outside is nasty and the wife would rather I drive in with her.  IE she sits in the passenger seat while I drive through the snow.

The drive in is fine, evidently we were not far behind the plow as we caught up with him in Pullman.  So I think, well it’s not going to be that bad today.

Drop the wife off, get to work, and evidently my keys did not actually make it into my pocket.  They’re either hiding in my rig or the 6 inches of powder on the ground.  I’ve gone around the rig many times and haven’t found them so I’m hoping they’re in the rig.  (Strike 1)*

Thankfully the wife has her keys with her so all is not lost.

Get into work, sit down at my desk and move my computer mouse.  Screen doesn’t turn on, odd I left it on over the weekend.  Push the power button, nothing happens.  Unplug and plug it back in, nothing.  Push the PSU reset, nothing.  It appears at this point my PSU is DED dead.  (Strike 2)

And to top it off I get to sit around waiting for the wife to finish her staff meeting tonight instead of just going home.  I have a strange feeling tomorrow, I’m not going to want to get out of bed.  I’m hoping I don’t get a 3rd strike today, it will make it exceptionally miserable.

Update: Found the little bastard in 6 inches of powder.  Wohoo for stepping on them and activating the keyfob.

Update 2: And I get to spend 4 hours in a meeting tomorrow. *Headdesk* Someone please make the bad man stop.  A few of you know the hell that is this type of meeting… You know who you are.