SSCC #245–The TSA

Hey, we’ve come back around to the same agency that started it all!

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) worker at Miami International Airport was charged with grand theft after allegedly stealing from passengers’ bags and hiding the items in a special constructed pocket added to his uniform jacket.

Well how big of a pocket could he actually make?

A police spokesman said Pujol stowed the stolen goods in a secret jacket pocket that was big enough to conceal a laptop computer.

He got the job and manipulated the uniform just so he could steal from the public at large.  He did it with the state seal of approval too.  Yeah higher ups may get angry when he’s caught, but overall they could care less.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 245: Michael Pujol

Because what the American public is to a TSA employee is nothing but a shopping center for free stuff.

via Weer’d.

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2 Responses to SSCC #245–The TSA

  1. tcallahan1982 says:

    They’re going to be riding the MAX trains here in Portland this week.  I’ll get some more data and put it up. Two by two, hands of blue…


  2. Lyle says:

    Those are just the petty thieves.  The professionals are in Congress and they steal trillions.  Why should the latter be concerned about the former?