Quote of the Day – Kelly Grayson (3/29/2013)

Why yes, that is a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy holding an AR15. Because that’s just how we roll down here in Bitter Clingerville.

Kelly GraysonTin Can Assassin*
March 28th, 2013

[First, go over and read the post and look at the pictures.

Yes, that AR-15 is so unwieldy according to Joe Biden that it should be banned yet all those features allow that wonderful little girl* to experience the same fun as the rest of us.

I will say it is stories like Kelly’s that builds an unbelievable fire in my belly to the point of wanting to just fight this battle with a scorched earth policy.  The thought of Mr. Biden or any other person telling that little girl that she has no reason for that rifle does nothing by make my blood boil.

These people don’t care about safety, violence or the rest of it.  They merely hate firearms, the people who own them, and ultimately what firearms represent.

While I like Kelly’s version, I think I like mine better because it emphasizes my feelings on the subject without any question as to my meaning.

Why yes, that is a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy holding an AR15. Because that’s just how we roll down here in Bitter Clingerville fuck you that’s why!

I suppose since this is Kelly’s daughter he was trying to avoid a 4 letter expletive, frankly the though of people trying to take away her tools and what she’s accomplished pisses me right the hell off.  Not only does it piss me off, but there is no “why” necessary when teaching someone a skill and watching them excel at it, especially when it provides them enjoyment.

*Given Kelly has many of the same online friends as well as knows some of the same people from Meat Space as myself, as well as reading his accounts of Katy Beth, I can only assume she is as awesome as she looks in the picture. -B]

Quote of the Day – Colion Noir (3/28/2013)

Gun control isn’t a solution, it’s a band-aid on a bullet hole.

Colion Noir

[First watch the video, it’s very well put and well said.  Second, save it in your back pocket the next time some bleeding heart starts crying at you.

I’ve grown tired of wasting my time with most of these people.  They are nothing more than tyrants who support the corruption and destruction of freedom by Bloomberg and his ilk.  They attempt to hide under the guise of caring, but honestly they don’t.  -B]

I think I’m alive…

I thought my sinuses were just irritated last week from them starting to plow up the fields.  Evidently not.  I went down like a sack of hammers Tuesday, stayed down yesterday and am barely limping along today.

My Ice Cream machine will be off probably for the next bit until I get this sinus issue under control.  I’ve had some bad sinus infections before, but I think this one just set a new record for the worst.  It seriously feels like my teeth are going to pop out of my mouth and that my forehead is currently in a vice.

Go read the folks on the sidebar.  I’ll try and post when I can.  It may not be the usual stuff as I start back up again.

Quote of the Day – Robert Steed (3/25/2013)

The Constitution did not guarantee public safety, it guaranteed liberty.  And sometimes what comes with liberty is tragedy, unfortunately.

Robert Steed
March 14th, 2013

[His whole speech was fantastic, but that quote was down right priceless.

DFS!  I must say he was also very well spoken.  Well done and said sir!  -B]

h/t Sebastian.

SSCC #555: Pittsburgh

Remember how I said the following on Friday:

It’s a common thread when a department has problems like this, it’s usually more than just one or two officers but a systemic corruption within the police department.

Well, I must have been clairvoyant because A Girl sent me the following this morning.

Attorneys for former Pittsburgh police Chief Nate Harper say he will plead guilty to charges that he conspired to steal $32,000 in city police funds and failed to file federal tax returns from 2008 to 2011.


It’s no wonder his shining star of a police department has ended up in my count so often as of late.  The first clues were in 2011.

Thank god he got busted but it was his behavior that created the corruption and problems within the department.  He created a band of criminals under him with protection and silent blessing.

State Sponsored Criminal #555: Nate Harper

Because by all means if you’re in the police cheat on your taxes and steal taxpayer money.  You are one of the king’s men after all.

Quote of the Day–John Klein (3/23/2013)

If I had known this would come from those mags, I would have purchased them for that sole purpose.

John Klein – IM Conversation

March 22nd, 2013

[The magazines in question can be seen here.  Screen shot is below, though it’s worth clicking over just to read the whole debate it started (I will include the best part).


You can probably already guess who the problem child was in that threat of comments.  Read through them the debate was interesting even if honestly it fits the script I’ve seen 100 times.  Seriously I don’t know how they do it but I swear every “debate” goes through the exact same evolution. The kicker though is during that evolution they always do the same thing at one particular point.


And that folks, ended the debate.  Seriously, he stayed quite after that.  Though there is one other comment that frankly had me laughing my ass off.


I think Matthew’s final observation there nails it.  I gave plenty of counter anecdotal evidence along with information he could independently verify.  Instead he alluded to the idea that John and I are compensating for something.  Yup, that’s the sign of the winning argument there. –B]

Quote of the Day: Michael Bane (3/22/2013)

Of course, you’ve got to pay your attorney, and because your car, guns and magazines were “seized for cause,” that is, the property was confiscated because you in fact broke a law, you will probably get your car back, but Denver and surrounding municipalities have a policy that NO guns “seized for cause” will be returned.

That’s the minor “inconvenience” that the Governor says is definitely worth inflicting on law-abiding Colorado citizens for a law that will, according to B-Ho’s own Justice Department says will have NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on crime.

Michael BaneColorado ClusterF%$k

March 21st, 2013

[If you want a clue at the real intent of these laws, look no further than New York and this recent discovery:

Nearly a year before signing the nation’s most stringent gun control measure into law, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo launched a hotline that allows state residents to report illegal gun owners in exchange for a $500 reward.

Tell me, if this was really about lowering violent crime rates, why not actually offer that reward for catching people actually doing bad things?  Instead they created this broad bill that criminalizes every gun owner and are encouraging neighbors to stab each other in the back.

Here’s a tip for anyone living in that crap hole, get a 30 round mag from across the border and toss it in your local representatives car and have someone else call it in.  Even better toss it in their spouses car.  Even better if they’re a Fudd and just more than willing to throw you under the bus while they enjoy the rights they would deny you like Gabby Giffords and her husband.

There is no question in the intent of these laws, doubly so as the people supporting them also scream about confiscation. Next time someone tells you they’re not out to confiscate weapons, call bullshit.  There’s enough on the table now that anyone who says that is merely lying or not paying attention.  Frankly if you’re not paying attention, STFU, you have no business talking with regards to this conversation. –B ]

SSCC #552-#554: Pittsburgh


The injuries to the victim include a broken rib, chipped teeth, stitches across the face and a chunk of flesh missing from his tongue. The officers came up behind the victim pushed him down, and two of the officers held him down while the third continued to assault the victim.

My personal favorite is this quote from the police department:

Regarding the cell phone video and the body blows, police sources describe them as a compliance technique used by police officers attempting to handcuff suspects.

Umm, no, I’ve been taught compliance techniques and those were not that.  That was nothing more than a physical assault against someone they thought they could get away with.

Even more entertaining is this is a second incident among another one in the Pittsburgh area.  It’s a common thread when a department has problems like this, it’s usually more than just one or two officers but a systemic corruption within the police department.

State Sponsored Criminal #552: John Doe

#553: John Doe

#554: John Doe

Because when a kid is drunk, you basically get a free pass at utterly beating the crap out of him.  They likely wont remember it and you can make up whatever story you want.  Just remember, physically restraining someone and punching them in the face is a “compliance technique”.