Earworm Wednesday – Disturbed Immortalized (1/6/2016)

Disturbed – Immortalized

Earworm Wednesday – 12/23/2015

But TMM, that’s a cover of AC/DC, that’s sacrilege.

That son is Lzzy Hale, don’t give a shit cause she’s that awesome.

Halestorm – Shoot to thrill.

Ear Worm Wednesday – 12/16/2015

Five Finger Death Punch – Jekyll And Hyde

Earworm Wednesday – 12/9/2015

I’ve been waiting for the music video for this to come out. I first heard this cover when listening to the album just after it released. I thought the cover won over the original, put with the visuals the power of the story is miles beyond the original.

Disturbed – Sound of Silence

Ear Worm Wednesday – 7/8/2015

Now you may not speak German, so here’s the original which you will probably recognize.

Yes that is the singer from Rammstein. There is something about the tone in the Apocalyptica version that just seems better.

Apocalyptica – Helden / David Bowe – Heros

Ear Worm Wednesday – Dec 10, 2014

Apocalyptica – Nothing Else Matters

If you don’t recognize the source material, here it is.

Ear Worm Wednesday 11/21/204

The Glitch Mob – Can’t Kill Us

2,000 Times….

That’s how many time’s I’ve hit the submit button. This post is #2000 that I’ve published. I saw this morning when I went to check on the blog it was sitting at #1999. We’ll there’s a post scheduled for later this morning but I like nice even round numbers.

So here’s a couple Ear Worms to start off your morning:

Make sure you actually let this play at least to 1:30, the rest is an intro. Real song starts @1:48.
(I know not everyone likes heavy metal.)

Beware it might get dusty…