Random Thought for Halloween*

Watching Young Frankenstein for Halloween works quite well.

Even better is open carrying a 1911 as you hand out candy to little kids.  And of course absolutely nothing happens.

*I had to come up with something, that’s 80 posts in a month** a new personal best.

**I’m an engineer, I like round numbers.

More Like Him Please

A woman was attacked, thankfully the attack wasn’t fully successful.  What is awesome though is the response from the county Sheriff.

Wright said, “It’s too bad someone with a concealed weapons permit didn’t walk by. That would fix it.” He said people are tired of doing the right thing and criminals getting away with their actions.

He said several times, “I want you to get a concealed weapons permit.”

The icing on the cake though was his closing statement.

He encouraged women to walk in groups, and he ended by saying again, “I want you to get a concealed weapons permit. Don’t get Mace. Get a firearm.”

I gave my wife a firearm as a wedding present.  Not only that but I also actively encouraged her to shoot and get her CPL.  This picture from Oleg also states the subject quite well.


It pleases me that a sheriff is actively encouraging his constituents to arm themselves.  More like him please!

New Ear Worm 10/31/2011

So I’ve been hearing this a lot on Sirius (Octane) as of late.  It didn’t really get it’s worm on until today when I had to pass someone.  Now the dang thing won’t leave my head.

Previously there was a discussion for what music would you want playing as you run out of ammunition in a fight with zombies.  This one is currently at the top of that list, for now anyway.

*For those that don’t know, my music tastes cover just about everything except pop.  That crap can go die in a fire.  Rock, classical, and country all live in my MP3 player.

SSCC #159 – Montgomery PD

Carpenter searched Jett’s car without a warrant or her consent, the lawsuit states. During the search, he allegedly ordered Jett to pull out her bra and shake out her breasts. He did not seek assistance from a female officer.

The officer has been fired from the department due to an “unrelated” incident of filling his private vehicle using the department credit card.  Because someone corrupt like that could never do the following after the complaint above.

In the search warrant affidavit, Carpenter falsely alleged that he had searched the car and found marijuana on Jett’s passenger, the lawsuit states. Based on the reportedly false find, Higgins granted the search warrant on Pancake’s home without the legal authority to do so, the lawsuit states.

Evidently he wanted to take some of her undergarments from home as well.  For those who might take the complaints as being he said she said, history is on the side of the person filing the complaint.

Carpenter has worked for at least two police departments in the past two years, having been fired from the Charleston Police Department in 2008.

Not to mention the hunting violations that the article goes on to detail that were committed by the officer.  Such a wonderful set of morals and hiring requirements that department has.  

State Sponsored Criminal Count 159: Conrad M. Carpenter

Because when you see someone you like, violate her forth amendment and then frame her for drug possession.  If she acts like she hates you, she’s just putting on a show.

Radio, Radio, and More Radio

Saturday ended up considerably busier than expected.  Initially I had just planned to help with the ARES exercise, but it ended up they were making a trip up to the Kamiak radio site.  I went along to help since I hadn’t seen the radio site.


That’s the tower with the KABARA Repeater Antennas, as well as the packet system we were up there to work on.  Next to it is that tower is KWSU.


Inside the radio shack was some impressive equipment for the KABARA system, more specifically a pair of duplexers for the 6-meter repeater.


After a quick tour we then got down to why were were there.  Someone was going to have to climb the tower for recon for an upcoming antenna installation.


He wanted proof that he climbed the tower.  I have other pictures while he was at the top, none however provide proof that it was actually him climbing.

It appears the recon was successful, the hardline we were planning on using is currently at the location where we are planning on installing the antenna.  We just need to coordinate with some of the other antennas owners when we go to actually install it.

The antenna is going to be hooked into this.


Which is the packet node on top of Kamiak, the recon was because the owner is planning on adding a 70cm link if I remember correctly.  It was pointed out to me though how wind can be a royal bitch up on the tower.


The wind was light that day, the antenna is either caught in the tower, or permanently deformed from wind and ice loading.  That particular antenna however was no longer in use.

After that we headed back down the hill with one quick stop right after we got out of the trees so I could do this today.


After that K7LL helped me test an mobile amp I have.  It works, but nowhere near as effective as it should be.  It is now sitting on my workbench awaiting disassembly.  An upshot a coworker and fellow ham drove by and I paid him a visit.  I must say his ham shack is by no means a shack, and is actually quite nice.  He actually had a spare 2m/70cm base and it’s now sitting on my desk.  He also has a spare HF rig but it needs some repair work.  Electrolytic capacitors don’t last for ever.

From there I went and picked up a sign for the lodge.  The sign was vandalized and I picked it up to take it home to attempt to clean it.  Attempt one removed some of the paint but next on the list is acetone.  From there I headed over the Moscow to W7UQ to kill some time before going over to a friends house for dinner and helping him with some homework.

While sitting at W7UQ one of the members showed up and I then preceded to spend the next 2 hours discussing antenna design, radiation patterns, and methods to solve some issues they are having with their current project.  Including moving from just telemetry based information to adding command and control.  I gave him my contact information so they can come to me with questions and help with the project.

Lastly I had dinner over with some friends.  I finally headed out from their place at 0130 after helping him with a programming assignment.  Overall it was a busy, educational, and productive day.

SSCC #158 – Vermont State Police

Troopers responded to a home April 6 at the request of developmental services and mental health professionals. The man with disabilities including Down syndrome, was told by care providers that he needed to be taken to a new placement. He refused to get dressed and accompany the caregivers. When troopers arrived, they attempted to escort the man from the home, but he pulled away. Trooper Paul Mosher, who is assigned to the Derby barracks, deployed his Taser.

Because someone who isn’t really aware of whats going on but just knows that the world he knows is being upended is totally in need of a shot with a Taser.  The only outcome of this was that Vermont has altered it’s policy on the use of force with a taser.  The officer involved however has not been disciplined or removed from duty.

As The Minutewoman is currently working with people such as the victim and I have spent a lot of time around them it bugs the living hell out of me when I see crap like this.  Seriously I wouldn’t mind seeing that damn taser disappear due to the attitude cops place towards it.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 158: Trooper Paul Mosher

Because when someone sees his world crashing around them, the proper response is to tase them into accepting it.

SSCC #157 – NYPD

The unsealed indictments contained more than 1,600 criminal counts, the bulk of them misdemeanors having to do with making tickets disappear as favors for friends, relatives and others with clout. But they also outlined more serious crimes, related both to ticket-fixing and drugs, grand larceny and unrelated corruption. Four of the officers were charged with helping a man get away with assault.

How messed up is that.  Remember we’re all equal under the law unless you know some body.  They’re caught though, how is this really a fully sponsored criminal I hear you ask.  Well for starters they haven’t all been fired yet.  Second:

A three-year investigation into the police’s habit of fixing traffic and parking tickets in the Bronx ended in the unsealing of indictments on Friday and a stunning display of vitriol by hundreds of off-duty officers, who converged on the courthouse to applaud their accused colleagues and denounce their prosecution.

All I can say is fire them.  Fire every last stinking one of them.  Unequal application of the law is the first sign of tyrrany.  They felt that the law didn’t apply to their family or friends as it does apply to the rest of the public.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 157: NYPD – This is a blanket because they feel it’s their right to do this.  There’s too damn many to count.

Because being a police officer means not only do you enforce the law, but you decide who the law applies to.

SSCC #156 – NYPD

A stray-bullet victim says she was held prisoner for five days at a Brooklyn police station because detectives didn’t believe her story about the shooting, the Daily News has learned.

The victim was denied an appearance before a judge. Was denied access to the facilities. As this was all going on she was berated as if she was lying about the incident with no evidence to the contrary.

She said detectives insisted she had been shot during a lovers’ quarrel.

“They were trying to get me to say it was my friend who shot me,” recalled Griffin, who is seeking $5 million from the city.

“He never had a gun,” she said. “I told them he was gay; we had gone to a gay club the night before.”

The friend offered to take a lie detector test and submit to a gunshot residue test on his hands, she said. He was released that morning; she was held.

To add further insult to injury there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest that was a clerical error. This was corrected, but not until she was finally able to see a judge.

The only problem I have with the monetary settlements like this is it’s paid by the police departments insurance company. It should be taken out of the pockets of the officers involved as well as their superiors. This includes going all the way up the path to the chief.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 156: John Doe

Because despite a lack of evidence if you think someone’s guilty lock them up without legal representation.  It’s not as if you’re going to have to pay for the deprivation of rights under color of law.