If you’re reading this, it is done…

If you are seeing this post that means that you are now staring at my new and shiny VPS.

There is a pile of stuff I’m still cleaning up and I’ve got a pile of sites to move over and this one only took me about 5 hours to do.  I’m hoping the others go more quickly but the majority of the time was spent downloading and uploading with a bit of tweaking files here and there.

In the mean time if you find something broken or out of place.  Please let me know so I can get it fixed immediately.


Pardon the Nuclear Fallout

So I spent yesterday and today migrating my blog to WordPress.  This while mostly successful has had a few minor hiccups.

First up, clean URLs is currently broken.  For some reason I have to manually touch every blog post *merely clicking update* for the clean URL to work properly.  I haven’t found the PFM in the database that is changing to allow it to work.

While doing that would be an inconvenience there is another issue which makes me want to touch every post.  None of the categories imported correctly.  The database and content nodes appear to line up correctly but alas the rendering fails for some reason.  Updating the content by hand again fixes the problem.

So the wife and I are going to work on going through all 1171 posts updating their categories and getting the clean URLs straightened out.  I did spend a decent amount of time creating a list of 301 redirects for all my previous posts.  Any and all previous incoming links should still be going to their respective content.  They will just have the ugly ?p=xxxx at the end instead of the nice clear /2012/05/23/This-Post-Is-So-Awesome/ url.

The last problem was brought on by my use of Disqus.  I wanted to get an export of my comments so I could reimport them into Drupal and then import those comments into WordPress.  Disqus would be used on all future content.  Well I didn’t get an export of the comments this weekend and I got tired of waiting.  If and when they come in, I will work on getting a snap shot of the database and migrating those into the system.

I was going to leave a domain up with the Drupal blog intact, alas for some reason I have not been able to make a subdomain.  Why I do not know other than Murphy hates me with a passion.

So yeah, if you notice other stuff that’s broken let me know.  I’m working on cleaning up the mess.  On the upshot I can blog from my phone now.

If you’re feed broke, let me know.  The feedburner feed should have continued uninterrupted.  I am working on getting the contact forms back up tonight.  Any of you who have my contact info in your address book, bump me a line if you notice anything grossly out of place.

Busy Weekend… Kind of

I have some stuff planned for Sunday and today I’ve got some back end work planned.  Success may or may not be achieved.

In the mean time, enjoy this gratuitous gun porn from Boomershoot.


Wish me luck.

New Domain The-Minuteman.org

I figured I would slip this under its own domain now that I’m slowly updating it more regularly. I must say Drupal was awfully nice about switching to the new domain name. After digging through the SQL and some of the PHP, all I needed to do was just set the .htaccess to remap the domain for me. Due to the number of links coming into barronbarnett.com unless I find some way to snapshot all those links and forward them alone easily, it forever forward to the new domain.


Video Mash Up now up

The video is now posted. For some reason the blog software published the item before I wanted it to be. If you checked the site due to an RSS, consider this a new ping. You can check out the video here.

Site Update

I was having some issues with different services reading my blog. I discovered that there were some issues internally in the site. I have since spent my evening redoing the site and porting over all my old data. This is more of a test blog to make sure everything is back up and running correctly.

Should this work you’ll see more up tomorrow.