A Testament to the Community…


Chris was my spotter at the 2008 Boomershoot.  I wasn’t initially planning on going but lucked into a spot and he said he wanted to go when I started hunting for a spotter on short notice.  He dropped the hammer on a a bunch of Federal Gold Medal Match.  This was as I was getting ready to graduate and obviously a broke college student.  He offered at the time to pay for it and I said don’t worry about it.  Almost a year later when he’s back in town he offers again.  I still haven’t taken to seeking reimbursement.

I like sharing the joy I find in my toys.  So do others.  It’s also telling that those in our community remember graces like that.

Quote of the Day–Joe Huffman(2/29/2012)

A YouTube video of a Gabby Giffords themed concealed carry side match to a USPSA match generated nearly 8000 views and the rage of anti-gun groups and even got the attention of a Brady Campaign Board member who said, “These folks could have just sat back and shut up.”

Joe HuffmanWinning Public Opinion

February 29, 2012

[Oh did we ever piss them off with that video.  That quote from Joan still makes me smile when reading it.  As I mentioned earlier today I am wanting to get some GoPro cameras.  Not just as training aids, but I think it would be neat to cut up videos of the highlights from action pistol matches.  The more instances of that type of information that are out there, the harder it is for the antis to peddle their lies.

When the truth becomes so prevalent their lies are obvious we’ve won.  Often many seem to think the inanimate object is going to instantly cause injury.  The solution to that is education.  If we can get people interested in the sport the will be receptive to education.  Teaching is selling, we want to sell people on our sport, on our hobby, on our right.  We want them to come enjoy it with us.  Often the anti-gunners will do everything they can to dehumanize us into animals.  Video’s of shooters competing, having a good time, the emotion that goes with it, that makes us human. I’m not talking about just having videos that are just highlight reels, but videos that cause the viewer to go, “Wow, that’s impressive!”  Then as they continue to watch, “Wow, those look like nice people, I’d love to get to know them.”

That’s the truth, 99.9999% of us are actually really nice people.  However many of us hide the fact that we’re gun owners.  I think Joe is right regarding gun owners coming out of the proverbial closet.  It’s not as if I’m hiding in the closet here but one should always lead by example.

So as I did previously when Newbie Shooter started it:

I am an Eagle Scout, an engineer, a wood worker, a blogger, a web designer, a computer programmer, a ham radio operator, your neighbor, your coworker, your friend, a loving husband, and I am a gun owner.

I am the guy that will clear his neighbors drive way of snow.  I am the guy that will stop and help you with a flat tire. I am the guy who will get in his car and come get you at 0 dark 30 and get you because you’ve had too much to drink.  Again, I am also the a gun owner. -TMM]

SSCC #265 – Northumberland Co

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

A Northumberland County deputy, sworn to protect the children that attend the local high school, is currently sitting in a jail cell accused of carrying on a sexual relationship with a female student under his watch.

Yet another wolf hiding in plain sight.  The scariest thing is this is a district with an on going history of problems.

The arrest has shocked a community already reeling from last year’s arrest of 5th grade math teacher Christopher “C. J.” Richardson, who has been indicted for multiple felony and misdemeanor charges including indecent acts with a child, abuse of a child with disregard for life, purchase of alcohol for minor and distribution of marijuana to minors.

Not to mention it appears he committed the acts while on the school campus.  The state put the wolf in the pen with the sheep.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 265: Derek Jones

Because what better way to pick up little girls than to be the trusted police officer.

Mother Nature Is Cruel

Proof that mother nature is a cruel, mean, cold hearted, son of a bitch.

And when she is, she is doing it with pure unadulterated beauty. 

It actually makes sense but it isn’t something I considered before.  Normally with I think of saltwater in the ocean I don’t think of salinity changing so rapidly.  In this case as ice forms the salinity increases (salt water has a lower freezing point), that salt water with a higher salinity is more dense and colder so it begins descending.   The fact that water is colder, below the freezing point of the surrounding water, causes the surrounding water to freeze.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Remember that the next time someone says you should be cuddly with mother nature because frankly, she won’t cuddle you back.  If she could she’d freeze your ass in place for the hell of it.

via Dave(Photographer) at RNS.

Earworm Wednesday–02/29/2012

Here’s one from the dubstep realm.  Damn you Weer’d and Pandora!

The song is by Glitch Mob, Title: We Can Make The World Stop.

I am actually looking into slowly amassing a set of 4 GoPro cameras.  For shooting, boating, off roading, snowmobiling, and diving.  I want a couple that will remain pretty much permanent in the cars except rare occasions and others for use in shooting.  120 FPS would be nice for some fireballs too.

I’ve got other stuff on the list first, hopefully one is picked up here soon.

An Inside Joke for the Evening

In the words of Homie D. Clown:

Let that be a lesson!  Homie Don’t Play That!


On Wednesday, February 22nd I showed up to the Palouse Hills Amateur Radio club meeting early.  I was there to take the extra class exam for a 3rd time.  Man is that test a bitch.  I finish the test in about a half hours time then anxiously awaited the grading process.  After a few minutes one of the VE’s grading my exam gave me a thumb’s up.  I immediately yelled “WoHoo!”  That got everyone’s attention.  I passed.  I FINALLY passed the damn exam!  I am proud to say I am a newly minted Extra Class amateur radio operator.  The next step is applying for my vanity call sign followed by a new license plate for my Earthf*cker Lite.  The husband can “Now Shut The Fuck Up”.


Accountabilibuddyable: Seattle Honorable Mention (2/28/2012)

This isn’t a true accountabilibuddy but it deserves serious recognition. 

A King County judge has ruled that the names of Seattle police officers
who are disciplined for misconduct may be released under
public-disclosure requests.


Superior Court Judge Dean Lum, citing the public’s right to know the
names, handed down his ruling after listening to arguments from the city
and the guild. His decision comes at time when the Police Department is
under intense scrutiny, particularly after the U.S. Justice Department
found late last year that officers had routinely used excessive force on

I run the State Sponsored Criminal Count specifically to help shed light on bad behavior.  Why?  Because light is a natural disinfecting which helps curtail bad behavior.  Currently the police are protected in so many ways that they are immune from any consequences.  If you are proud of your job and what you do you stand up and receive praise right.  Just the same if you screw up you serve as an example for others.  Besides, the fact that it’s publicly available will make that officer think twice in the future less his fun be exposed as a ongoing problem with a history.

So, with that, Superior Court Judge Dean Lum, Thank you.  Thank you for not caving to police pressure and reinforcing the law as written.  Thank you for making sure light can find those who need disinfectant the most.

Because not everyone thinks that you need so many protections to do your job effectively.