SSCC #228 – Denver

I’m going to keep an eye on this one for extra updates.  It is a SSCC for these blocks emphasis on the

Saunders was traveling 143 mph
in a 55-mph zone on June 17, 2010, according to the order terminating him,
issued by Manager of Safety Alex Martinez on Dec. 7.

So that’s a serious screw up, enough that had it been any
civilian there would have been serious jail time involved.  DUI and such excessive speeds that it is clearly reckless and beyond just willful negligence.

was driving a friend’s car when he flew past the trooper. He pleaded guilty to
driving while impaired and to reckless driving. An Arapahoe County Court judge sentenced him to five days in jail,
fined him $300 and ordered him to perform 100 hours of community service,
according to court records.

That’s it!?  I passed a car making a poor judgment call because
of weather (snow and slush on a poorly maintained road) and was charged with 2
felonies.  In a plea deal I plead no-lo
on reckless driving and got 160 hours of community service.  My license was suspended for a month and I
still suffer the effects of the 2 felony charges 6 years later.  I made an honest mistake from inexperience,
he got drunk and hopped behind the wheel of a car and did 143 MPH because he
knew he was a cop and felt he was untouchable.  His department fired him as was their right.  Officers of the law should be held to at least the same, but higher standard of conduct.  If you don’t want to be held to a higher standard, don’t become an officer.

Then we see this officer has a history of complaints against him.

An Arapahoe County jury cleared Saunders of felony menacing and weapons charges after an employee of a McDonald’s accused him of pulling a gun when he grew impatient waiting for his food.

It was dismissed, though I have a feeling it wasn’t because the officer actually didn’t do it.  The judge enabled this one more
than the department did but the police union feels that the department should be sponsoring their criminal hires as well.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 227: Derrick Curtis Saunders

Because if you’re anointed, drunk driving is just part of the job, it’s just against the law for all those other peons.  

via David Wilson

Accountabilibuddyable: Louisville KY

One should always try to end the year on a high note, so I was pleased as punch when I saw this come across my twitter feed.

A Louisville man has reached a $750,000 settlement with a former police officer who twice arrested him on domestic violence charges but failed to disclose a romantic relationship with the alleged victim.

So cop was sleeping with a mans wife and arrested the husband on domestic violence numerous times.  It is worth noting that the husband plead guilty to the first incident while prosecutors then dropped the second incident after discovering the relationship.  I don’t know the details on the plea so it is very well possible that they were going after him for something quite bad and he took the plea in fear.  For those who don’t think that happens the way it works is prosecutors will often fire well beyond what they can effectively prove in the hopes of getting a plea agreement. 

I’m glad to see that it appears the officer in question is liable for the settlement, though he has moved to a new town and it is quite possible he is still a law enforcement officer since he resigned instead of being fired.

Michael Delbert Bonzo is being (mostly) held Accountabilibuddyable.  More like this please.

Because if you see a chick you like and she’s married, arrest the husband on domestic violence charges.  That way you can get some one on one time with her.

SSCC #227 – Fort Worth

Here’s another one, this one from Bob S.

A Fort Worth police officer is off the job — not only charged with DWI, but investigators say he was driving around shooting a handgun with a convicted felon.

I do find it interesting that he’s not being charged on any other firearms violations than just giving a firearm to a felon.  Nothing for the negligence or recklessness involved in the incident.  However I did notice this little line.

Officer Gonzalez is 35 years old. He joined the force in 2002. He’s been placed on restrictive duty.

Evidently this department has a history of DWI with officers to boot.  With 12 since 2008, one of which caused a fatal crash, that averages out to be 3 a year.  Then to add further icing to the cake:

More than a dozen Fort Worth police officers have been disciplined for DWI since 2008; many of them were fired, and one of them was responsible for causing a fatal crash.

Many, not all, were fired.  Such fine an exemplary men they have in Fort Worth to protect the public from the injuries and deaths caused by DWI.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 226: Officer Daniel Gonzalez

Because when you want to have a good time nothing beats vandalism of public property, while driving drunk, and handing a gun to your felon buddy.  You’re a cop, what could go wrong!

SSCC #226 – Sedgwick County

The Sedgwick County deputy who allegedly beat a 63-year-old physically handicapped man during a traffic stop has resigned, according to a county commissioner.

Again with the resignation instead of firing his ass to prevent his employment as a LEO elsewhere.  What was this horrible crime that the man committed?

Poole stopped Steven Dye, 63, on July 4 to ticket him for an improper lane change, then accused Dye of resisting arrest and obstructing justice. Dye has filed a notice to seek damages from the sheriff’s office and the county for the severe beating he says Poole and another man inflicted after the traffic stop.

And this isn’t the first time for this sheriff to be in hot water because of his department either.  The same officer injured another individual in a previous arrest.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 226: Darin Poole

Enabled By: Sheriff Randy Peck

Because firing an officer would hamper their employment opportunities so instead just let them resign when they know they’ve been caught.

via David Wilson

Pardon the Drama Llama (hilarious)

Stumbled across this today which follows under the “Don’t Be a Dick” rules.  Here’s the synopsis from Penny Arcade:


Reading the full email exchange has made me decide I will NEVER buy something from N-Control.  Yes the wife may be disabled and could benefit.  We understand the power behind voting with our feet and our wallets.  The behavior of that PR rep is inexcusable and if that is how the company feels it should be represented they don’t need my business.  He couldn’t even take the time to proof read and spell check his emails.

I do love it when Mike from Penny Arcade got involved and they guy began trying to pass him off as a fly.

Bottom line is though this is why I don’t pre-order anything anymore. It’s not worth it, you’re giving a free loan to the company, and lastly the price of the product falls before it’s release.  That said, I agree with Dave on his view of how the prepaid customers were treated.  It’s a risk you run and the company can do as it pleases, however that behavior is definitely unacceptable and is nothing more than an effort to screw their customers.

So again, if that is the way N-Control and Ocean Marketing think customers should be treated, I will not buy or use their products.  If N-Control makes a formal apology, with all three parts, and fires Ocean Marketing I might think about getting a controller for the wife to try.  If not, we’ll find something else and review it instead.  Even then I really don’t want to because I wasn’t aware of N-Control until this explosion.  N-Control could leverage this for a win, but right now this is one big bag of fail

So what other 360 controllers are good for disabled gamers?

*Note to the FCC, F-Off no one paid or supplied anything for this.  Besides I’m saying a gigantic “Fuck You” to both the company and PR firm, as well as you ass hats reading this on the taxpayer dime to try and fine me.

SSCC #222 – #225 : Seattle PD

A local man called the cops on Seattle officers when he felt a traffic
stop was spinning out of control – and the entire incident was captured
on a police video that shows the man being yanked from his car and
thrown to the ground.

Sound familiar?  Well it should because this isn’t the first time the Seattle PD has ended up on the count for pulling someone out of a car.  It gets better though when you find out that the victim called 911 because the officer was behaving erratically and caught it on the 911 call.  The victims attorney nailed this situation on the head though.

Gebreselassie’s attorney, James Egan, says, “I’m not sure what lessons
are ever learned when the police department can’t police its own.”

Remember, this is the Seattle PD where an officer got away with murder after shooting a deaf man in the back.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #222: John Doe

#223: John Doe

#224: John Doe

#225: John Doe

Because when you’re a cop you can act like a total dick and people just have to deal with it.  If they attempt to verify your authority, beat them into submission.

Most Played – A Meme

Tam started it, then Uncle chimed in, so here’s my list off my Xen X-Fi.  I don’t believe in spending buku bucks on a piece of shit status symbol when I get get more for cheaper.

  1. Disturbed – I’m Alive
  2. Limp Bizkit – Almost Over
  3. Disturbed – Indestructible
  4. Hellyeach – Alcohaulin’ Ass
  5. Nonpoint – Bullet With a Name
  6. Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch
  7. Disturbed – God of the Mind
  8. Nonpoint – In the Air Tonight
  9. Nonpoint – Alive and Kicking
  10. Airbourne – Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
  11. Limp Bizkit – Build A Bridge
  12. Limp Bizkit – Red Light Green Light
  13. Skillet – Monster
  14. Sick Puppies – You’re Going Down
  15. Drowning Pool – Bodies
  16. Metallica – Don’t Tread on Me
  17. George Strait – I Saw God Today
  18. Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow
  19. Brad Paisley – Then
  20. Hollywood Undead – Undead

So there’s the top 20.  You’ll notice the country starting to creep in there towards the end.  Most of that list is there because it can be heard over the tools in the shop, heard over the engine in the boat, and provides a mood to set me in a groove.  Rarely do I listen to country while in the shop, for some reason I can’t just focus while listening to country.  Surprisingly though there’s no techno in there,  I did expect to see Crystal Method – Name of the Game, at least.  I’ve got a bunch of Paul Oakenfold on here, most of them weigh in at an hour or longer, so the play count probably isn’t that high on them just because they won’t repeat as often.  Those I prefer for coding for the same reason as above, it just puts me in a groove.

Come to think of it though, I haven’t reset the statistics counter for a long time.  There’s probably some newer stuff that has to overcome the existing play counts.  Maybe it’s time to flush the counter I haven’t done it in at least 3 years.  See what my new popular list looks like after a month.

SSCC #221 -Madison WI

A federal court has ordered the city of Madison to pay members of a gun-rights group $10,000 to settle a lawsuit.

Notice its the city paying for the officers screw up, not the officers responsible.  Also note the damage bill is so low the city isn’t going to even notice, doubly so since the city insurance will probably pick up the bill.

This case started prior to the Wisconsin concealed carry law when open carry was their only option since it was legal.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 221: John Doe

Because deprivation of rights is a administration problem, no need for the actual perpetrators to pay.