SSCC #511 – TSA

A Charlotte woman told Eyewitness News she also had cash stolen from a TSA baggage inspector at Charlotte Douglas airport.

Reggie Edwards was arrested and charged with stealing cash out of a suitcase.

Edwards was arrested again Thursday after police said they linked him to stealing $150 from a woman’s suitcase just weeks before.

So much for their “zero tolerance” policy on stealing.  Someone explain to me how schools can take “zero tolerance” to a level where it resembles “zero brains”; yet the TSA runs it so low as to make it seem like it’s, “do nothing”.

State Sponsored Criminal #511: Reggie Edwards

Because when you get caught stealing as a TSA agent, your only mistake was getting caught.  Have no fear though, you won’t be fired.

Quote of the Day – LawDog (1/31/2013)

And when it comes down to brass tacks, the individual is the only person ultimately responsible for his — or her — own safety. Part of that responsibility involves being able to defend your own self, with appropriate tools.

Gun control is denying you those tools in exchange for the nebulous assurance that the police will “do their best”.

“Doing their best” oft involves putting a toe-tag on your corpse and finding the guy that killed you so that he can plea bargain his way out of an extended sentence, but that’s gun control for you.

LawDogGun-Free does not equal Violence-Free
January 30th, 2013

[First, go read his whole post and watch the linked video.  That is by far the best example I have ever seen to show the complete and utter failure that gun-free-zones are.

Lastly, those paragraphs are the central point of this debate and you either admit this harsh reality, or you pretend that unicorn farts do exist and you want the force of state to coerce others into giving up their tools for non-existent unicorn farts.

This is the world our opponents want.  This is the world many of our elected representatives want to force upon us.  Make no mistake, they want the strong to prey upon the weak and they want the state to have a total monopoly on force.  -B]

Ear Worm Wednesday–1/30/2013

Theory Of A Deadman – All Or Nothing

SSCC #510 : Oakland County

Oakland County prosecutors have dropped 16 drug cases in recent months — including one involving a large-scale marijuana bust — after an investigation determined a deputy on the county’s narcotics enforcement team falsified a search warrant and lied under oath.

County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said she learned in September that Marc Ferguson, now fired, opened a shipping container at YRC Freight in Pontiac without a search warrant in June 2011. He discovered 78 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $300,000.

He has been fired, however I think that was more because of the fact his actions and getting caught compromised hundreds of cases.  No word on him being charged for violating peoples rights, and more importantly though as usual:

Ferguson was fired in December, following an internal investigation by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. He has filed a grievance to get his job back.

I’m reasonably sure he will get his job back, Officer Roid Rage did.

State Sponsored Criminal #510: Marc Ferguson

Because when you violate someone’s rights being held accountable becomes a relative term when you’re a cop.

Quote of the Day – Joe Huffman (1/30/2013)

Any attempt at gun registration in the U.S. will result in massive non-compliance on a scale that will make alcohol prohibition look like first graders failing to stay in a straight line while waiting to go on recess.

Joe HuffmanBackground Checks

January 29th, 2013

[That is the most accurate example I’ve seen because with what’s going on in New York it’s obvious he’s correct.

Now I hadn’t thought about a license endorsement and that would work on the condition that it was automatic.  Everyone who satisfied the requirements was automatically endorsed.

I’m not a fan of the background check BS, however if we’re going to get stuck with it, we need to find a way to make it work and remove the loopholes they’re trying to create.  Though the idea of a public number to conduct background checks could be interesting.

Daughter has a new boyfriend?  Time to check him out.  Going on a date?  Verify they’re not a felon.  The number of ways this could be misused gives a solution to the idea of them recording every last call to make a registry would be impossible.  For those of us in the security world, it’s yet another example of the bane or benefit of false positives, positive or negative depends on which direction you’re looking.

The drivers license solution would serve an additional benefit of replacing NICS and decreasing additional costs.  Your background check is renewed every time you renew your license.  There is the problem though of the Feds could say that a national ID card would be required for the endorsement and give them another foot in the door for “Real ID.”  No matter how hard you try, it’s a cut towards the freedom of the law abiding, criminals don’t care. -B]

SSCC #509 – LAPD

A secretive cellphone spy device known as StingRay, intended to fight terrorism, was used in far more routine LAPD criminal investigations 21 times in a four-month period during 2012, apparently without the courts’ knowledge that the technology probes the lives of non-suspects who happen to be in the same neighborhood as suspected terrorists.

According to records released to the First Amendment Coalition under the California Public Records Act, StingRay, which allows police to track mobile phones in real time, was tapped for more than 13 percent of the 155 “cellular phone investigation cases” that Los Angeles police conducted between June and September last year.

Comforting is it not.  Yet another piece of technology and it’s application that I have no doubt goes back to the Patriot Act.

I’m sure no one will be held accountable for this violation of the rights of citizens, as usual.

State Sponsored Criminal #509: The Entire LAPD

Because by all means violate the rights of law abiding citizens because a criminal has decided to live somewhere near by.  Though that is better than what they did to Jose Guerena for being related to a criminal.  

Quote of the Day – Awr Hawkins (1/29/2013)

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne is fully supportive of the Obama/Feinstein gun grab, and says if lawmakers play it right Americans can be completely disarmed within “a generation.”

Awr HawkinsSan Diego Police Cheif: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation
January 28, 2013

[Still have friends who think they don’t have skin in this fight?  Show them this and tell them to think again.  That is their end goal and they now have no problems making it known.

A citizen denied arms isn’t free, they’re nothing more than a slave. -B]

h/t Uncle

SSCC #508 – Citrus County

Now, getting out of your car during a traffic stop is never a good idea unless ordered to do so.  That however doesn’t excuse that cops behavior and the way he made up the law as he went along.

This guy and officer Roid-Rage would get along great.

State Sponsored Criminal #508: Andy Cox

Because an officer of the law can just make it up as he goes along and in the end qualified immunity will protect him even if grossly negligent in his understanding.

h/t Uncle