Ear Worm Wednesday – 11/30/2011

So some how I have missed Your Favorite Martian.  It’s a tie between these two.  First though has a slight edge.  Because well who doesn’t!

Frankly I love em!

And that’s just hilarious.

SSCC #195 – Lowndes Co.

A Lowndes County deputy is suspended for driving a patrol car to work after drinking alcohol. 

Let me get this straight, DUI, in government property and he was just suspended.  No fine, no ticket, and he wasn’t fired.  That’s fair justice right there.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 195:  Mark Selph

Because DUI only counts if you’re not a cop.

Correlation and Causation

Linoge has often said correlation does not equal causation with regards to analyzing the statistics around gun control.  For those who are still unsure what he meant by that we now have a comic.


Make sense now!?

SSCC Honorable Mention – West Covina

Now this was a staged video, however it was using public resources without authorization. Now the city is funding an investigation. It was city employees not sworn officers.

At the end of the video is what appears to be gun fire. However those could have easily just been special effects, though they were using department vehicles.

How much is this one little video going to cost the tax payers of West Covina?

Because taxpayer funded resources really exist for someone to make a movie for a “political statement”.  

h/t Weer’d Beard

A DGU Without Even A Draw

This story seriously was just a blast to read and there’s a few notes that everyone should be jotting down and paying attention to.  Go read the story, I’ll wait.

  1. This was a a successful DGU without a single shot fired or person injured.  The Brady Campaign and CSGV try to pretend that stuff like this never happens but it does and there were two such incidents within my own family.
  2. This incident played out the way it did due to situational awareness.  He was paying attention to his surroundings and made eye contact with the suspect.  Predators do not like prey willing to stand up to them.  Doubly so to prey that can stop them with a permanency that cannot be undone.
  3. It was a 3 man team with easily identifiable behavior.  Scout, Primary, and Get Away driver.  All three were doing their best to conceal their identity while appearing normal but out of place to those paying attention.

Had this man not have been paying attention the fact he was carrying probably would have been overlooked by the predator.  His strong side would not have been as likely presented and without his head turned the predator wouldn’t have given him a second look.  The act of looking in his direction changed the status of the situation for the predator.  He was no longer a predator but prey should he pursue the robbery.  Criminals aren’t interested in getting killed or injured in their line of work like anyone else and as such look for easy soft targets.  Condition Yellow, live it, love it.  It can not just save your life, but make it so you never even have to draw your weapon.

To sprrdhawk44, stay safe my brother and fellow traveler.

h/t Robb

SSCC Honorable Mention – Yemassee PD

According to the arrest warrant provided by SLED, Curtis Fields agreed
not to issue a speeding ticket in exchange for oral sex.  The warrant
states that on November 5th, 2011, Fields conducted a traffic
stop on a vehicle operated by the victim who was speeding on Interstate
95.  During the traffic stop, he agreed not to issue the victim a
traffic ticket in exchange for sex. 

Seriously!? It gets better though, the bone head wasn’t even smart enough to turn off his mic and video. So the whole thing was recorded for posterity and when someone reviewed the tape, he was nailed to the wall.  So this one’s at least being held some what accountable.  The only statement was he was no longer with the department.  Which means they may have offered him the opportunity to resign meaning he could go find a position as an LEO someplace else.  Consider this my effort to add another hit in Google to limit that ability.  He has no business in law enforcement.

There are serious issues in the current system for dealing with speed limits and speeders though.  I can’t help but look at this situation and say, “there’s a hot girl and just pulled her over claiming that she was speeding.”  The thing with speeding tickets is it’s your word against there’s and any actual physical evidence obtained is only seen by the officer.  A little birdy told me of a simple way to fight back, now to figure out how I could market it and sell it after development.  It is technically legal since the whole system is passive.  

The bottom line though is if you think that the police and speed limits are really there just for your safety think again.  That’s why officer friendly here went out hunting.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #195: Curtis Fields

Because when you’re a police officer, solicitation means just pulling a chick over and offering her an out for the ticket.  

Engineering Awesomeness

Stumbled across this today and having done model aircraft when I was younger I can’t help but look at this with a dropped jaw.

That is an operational scale V-8 engine. How operational?

  • Fuel Pump
  • Runs off of standard 87-octane
  • Electric start
  • Water Pump and Jacket
  • Oil Pump
  • Working supercharger
  • Functional carburetors
  • Distributor and Spark-Plugs

Naturally aspirated it pulls about 5.5HP at 9500 RPM. The supercharged version runs about 9HP at 9500 RPM.  Cost’s a pretty penny though and I’m not that much of a gear head.  Though if I had a classic car I’d probably buy one to make a scale model replica.  It’s cost prohibitive for anything I could think to use it for but I can’t help but look at it and think it’s freaking neat.  Find more info here.

SSCC #194 – Wisconsin SP

A 49-year-old Green County man has been convicted of four felony
counts of sexual assault of a child and two felony counts of incest
involving a child placed in his home for foster care.

James M.
Norquay was working as a Wisconsin state patrolman in February when he
was charged with the crimes in Green County Circuit Court.

Another predator sitting in plain sight hiding as a good guy.  As a note, he was found guilty on all six counts, and he wasn’t just a foster parent but legally adopted the child.  It was a state investigation that caught him.  Even though he’s lost his job and is going to prison, this is still a massive fail.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 194: James M. Norquay

Because hiding in plain sight as a good guy is the best way to get a wide victim selection.