Shooting Like A Girl…

So I was browsing through footage from Boomershoot 2012 and there was a couple clips I had intended to use but forgot about.  You see when Anette heard there was a rifle caliber pistol, she looked all giddy when I told her that.  Then we warned her about all the things that could possibly go wrong, most importantly making sure you provide correct eye relief before the shot. 

Below is the video of Anette and Shelly teaching us how to shoot like a girl.

Yes, Anette squealed like a little girl and Shelly just turned around and rocked it like a boss.  Now in Anette’s defense, she hadn’t seen that pistol fired every.  She didn’t know really what to expect other than what we warned her about.  Well when you’re warned about it flying back punching people in the face, you get a bit apprehensive.   Shelly got the benefit of watching Anette shoot it so she knew exactly what to expect.  Never the less, it was fun for everyone there, even Anette!

At the end was my new production clip I’m going to put at the end of every video I do.  That was my first venture into the world of After Effects and over time I may add more but that was 100% done in house.  I recorded the sound and edited it, did the 3D animation, and did the effect for the writing.  The animation was the hardest part because for some reason my render would break about a quarter of the way through.  Finally I did it in a bunch of stills and then condensed it into a clip.  Also of note, creating models in Solidworks is much easier than Blender.  Honestly I think blender has to be the most counter intuitive UI I have ever encountered.  When you’re excuse is, you haven’t learned it, you’re doing it wrong.  It doesn’t even lend itself to playing to figure it out, that’s a freaking clue!

What is wrong with this picture…

First up is the following headline:

US Embassy issues terror warning for Americans in Egypt

It appears that there is credible information suggesting another terrorist attack is going to occur in the middle east. You know much like the first one that killed a US Ambassador and 3 other US citizens.  Our fearless leaders response can be summed up with the following statement:

The Obama administration notified Congress on Friday that it would provide Egypt’s new government an emergency cash infusion of $450 million, but the aid immediately encountered resistance from a prominent lawmaker wary of foreign aid and Egypt’s new course under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Umm, why are we still sending money to that crap hole?  Seriously, why is anyone in our government still contemplating sending our money to those who will just use it to kill our own civilians.

Yeah, Reason magazines response I think fits this incident quite well.

Lets not ignore the fact that this administration still tries to blame a video for something that is actually a terrorist action.  I watched the video and it doesn’t even qualify as something that would even fit into Grindhouse cinema.  Some of us have woke the fuck up, there’s plenty more than continue to want to rack up debt and fund our enemies, who’s really asleep at the wheel here?

I like my whiskey… (Hint: Dry Fly if you want to get me a bottle!)

So on Wednesday after the funeral the wife and I decided to hit up a couple places in Spokompton while we were there.  First on the list was the Dry Fly Distillery.

We showed up just as they were about to start a batch of Washington Wheat, which comes highly recommended by the way.  Even the wife drinks it straight.  I have known about Dry Fly for a while but I only knew about their Vodka and Gin.  At GBR, one of the bloggers brought a bottle of Washington Wheat, there was nothing left in the bottle by the end of Saturday night.

They had their hours listed online but we showed up at just the right time because one of the owners (sorry I forgot the name) was utterly awesome and gave us a quick personal tour.  It was quick because process for grinding the wheat and making the mash is quite loud.

He gave us a rundown on the process and explained how they do their distillation differently than most other companies, and the key is this:


Most companies will distill the alcohol over and over to achieve the correct purity, instead they have a quite long tube for condensing so they can dump the top and bottom and keep the middle.  Yes that thing is huge.



After he walked us through the distilling process for their gin, vodka, and whiskey, we went to the back where they age the whiskey in barrels.


It ends up they have additional whiskey types coming out this December.  Currently you can get Bourbon and Washington Wheat, there are two more coming and one will not have any equivalent like it in the world.  They are the first to use this particular seed for whiskey, yes I am excited!  And yes I want one of those barrels!

One of these weekends the wife and I will have to go so we can get a more formal tour, I am awesomely impressed though that the owner went out of his way to give a tour!

If you’ve never had a chance to try Dry Fly I highly suggest it.  I haven’t had a chance to try their Bourbon yet, but the Washington Wheat is down right dangerous.

From there we hit up Cabela’s.  We had a few things we needed to pick up so we decided to walk through and grab what we needed since we were there.  First up, proof we’re winning!



Now I wouldn’t pay that much for a box of M855(SS109), but still the fact they’re front and center at Cabela’s, that’s awesome!  We found a pile of new shirts for me and the wife picked up a new bed set.  On our way out though was this piece of awesome!


Yeah, this wasn’t surprising considering this was again at Cabela’s and in North Idaho, it was actually kind of expected, but down right awesome never the less.

There is evil in this world…

And it would serve you well to remember it.

Six teenagers were in custody Friday on charges they brutally beat a neighbor on her stoop just “for fun” and then posted cellphone video of the attack on Facebook, authorities said.

Four 16- and 17-year-old girls were charged as adults in the attack on the 48-year-old woman, a crime that has shaken this struggling city of about 30,000 residents just outside Philadelphia. The girls were charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, burglary and harassment. Another teen girl and a 19-year-old woman were also arrested later Friday afternoon.

The woman, whom police described as “mentally challenged,” was punched, kicked and hit with a shoe and chair, and suffered cuts and bruises but no broken bones, authorities said. Her name was not released.

There are so many parts of that are disturbing for different reasons it is mind-boggling and the incident as a whole is an illustration of evil.

Lets start with the fact that none of the ghouls girls are remorseful about the attack and that they did it for “fun”.  Anyone that would physically assault another human being for “fun” has no business being with the rest of society.  They are obviously sociopathic and have absolutely no empathy towards their victims.

Next up to ensure they would have “fun” and not risk someone fighting back, they attacked a woman who was mentally challenged.  The woman didn’t even think to report it to police, it was found after the aggressors posted video of the attack on Facebook.

Some look at me like I’m nuts when my morning routine to get dressed involves a firearm.  If you see me without one, odds are I’m either where I cannot legally carry, or I’ve just woken up and haven’t gotten dressed yet.

This pack rolled up onto someone else’s property and attacked them, unprovoked, in superior numbers.  When the woman attempted to flee they followed her into her house.

I have a fire extinguisher in my house for the unlikely event of a fire.  I carry a gun for the unlikely event of someone physically attacking me or breaking into my home.

SSCC Honorable Mention – Cleveland

This one is still vague on the details though the incident type is not unprecedented.

A police probe is now looking at whether Cleveland police officers took guns and gun parts from their shooting range and sold them online.

*Now I watched the video, yes that shell is backwards but it was an induced failure during ejection.

State Sponsored Criminal Honorable Mention: John Doe

Because when you need a quick buck, just sell property owned by the public.

Knife vs. Gun

Yeah, sometimes violence shows up on your doorstep unprovoked.  Our opponents would have preferred to just be unarmed and give them what the aggressor wanted.  Except in this case all he wanted with their lives.

If someone tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back.  I’m glad that it appears that the victims in this case all survived.

h/t David Hardy

SSCC Update – Lincoln County WY

Via Uncle I came across another article that paints an even worse picture.

A Wyoming sheriff’s deputy who detained a combat veteran in handcuffs for openly carrying a pistol offered to let him go if he agreed to let another deputy draw his weapon and shoot if the veteran made any sudden moves while driving away, court records show.

Your guess of what would be considered a “sudden move” is as good as mine.  Thankfully the victim in this case was smart enough to refuse, less they decided to ventilate him for fun using a ready-made excuse.

“I didn’t know whether kicking my leg over the bike, or walking away, or what they could possibly constitute as a hostile act,” Pierson said in a telephone interview Monday. “I didn’t like the terms. And I was a little unnerved by the fact that they were threatening lethal force with a deadly weapon against a man who was compliant, in handcuffs, who had been screened.”

Yet the department has supported the actions of these officers.  The clue about the cause of the problem though was this statement:

“We’re told every day, our safety is first,” he said. “We’re here to come home every night.”

Guess officers no longer in the business of protecting and serving now are they?  You would rather threaten lethal force against a law-abiding citizen and commit assault with a deadly weapon than do your job.  Yes there are risks for law enforcement, but that is the price of freedom and liberty and if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to be a police officer.

The victim in this case understands the same:

Pierson said he is seeking damages, an apology and a statement by the jurisdictions involved that the open carry of handguns is lawful — and that the purpose of government is not officer safety but the protection of peoples’ lives, liberty and property.

There is nothing scarier than a guy with a badge and gun and thus has “qualified immunity” and having him so willing to deprive people of their liberty as well as use lethal force.  If you live in that county, contact the sheriff and voice your displeasure.

State Sponsored Criminal #415: Corry Bassett

State Sponsored Criminal #416: Rob Andazola

Because protecting and serving means you plug the law-abiding citizen who serves his country more fervently than yourself in the back because you feel like it, you just need to get his permission first.

Quote of the Day–Random Little Girl (9/26/2012)

Grandma, why is that guy wearing a skirt?

Grand daughter of the dearly departed…

September 26th, 2012

[Yeah, today wasn’t the happiest day for our family.  Late last week we found out a member of TMW’s family, who was quite close, passed away unexpectedly.  TMW’s parents stayed with them while we were in the hospital after the car wreck.

Initially we didn’t think we’d be able to make the funeral thinking it would be back in Minnesota, except nope it was close by in Spokane.  Sunday my wife found out the funeral was today so I took the day off work and my in-laws drove out from the west side.

Shortly after the wife found out she asked me, what are you going to wear to the funeral?  My response without thinking was, a kilt of course, what else!  The wife didn’t argue but many constantly tried to get me to justify this through some logical means mainly because they couldn’t come up with a justification of why I shouldn’t.  The naysayers even included my own mother.

You know what, every last one of them was wrong.  You want to know how wrong they were, every time the widow saw me she smiled.  The granddaughter asking that question made her laugh.  When I walked up to give my regards she rapidly became more up beat and said, “I love the kilt!”


My only regret is I wish I had known she would have liked to have a piper.  It’s often difficult to find one mainly because it’s not something you can just look up in the yellow pages.  It’s something where you need to know people, well I happen to know exactly the right people as my mom is involved with the Seattle Scottish Highland Games every year and could have certainly given me names and numbers.  Alas it’s too late now, and at least for me it was a good thing because whenever I hear this since 2003 I have to just go off by myself.  Doubly so if I hear it in person.

Goodbye Mike, you will be missed, and thank you for all you did.