Winter on the Palouse

Winter arrived for me and the wife just prior to Thanksgiving this year and has yet to leave. This past Thursday we had yet another significant snow fall but with the catch of high winds. This resulted in much of my yard being devoid of snow, yet my drive way and sidewalks in decently sized drifts.

Yes that snow next to the truck is up to the running board. Opening the door caused snow to be scraped off the top of the drift. Clearing the driveway was fun because the drifts were big enough to have to be slowly cut off.

I will say though, that 44 inch blower for the lawn tractor thus far has been a life saver. When I get to the far side of the driveway it actually takes a couple passes because it’s so deep as well. While yes, the snow can be annoying, I am willing to put up with it for the following couple reasons.

There’s some more of the senic pictures I took today here.

Death to Pumkins

I have been meaning for a while to put up this post but never had the time to get around to it until today. Instead of cleaning the shop I wasted my time editing pictures, writing this post and working on some others, and chatting on GBC.

A couple years ago we blew up some pumpkins as relief for the election of fearless leader. After rolling through the store and being able to walk away with 400 lbs of pumpkins for about 20 cents a pound I sent an email to Joe.

The results were quite wonderful.

And lastly, as I always try to do, here’s the video:

We just want to talk…

Supposedly the man was using a crossbow in his back yard. 20 police respond and attack him when he refused to present ID indicating they have no right to request for it. After they beat the crap out of him they accuse him of assault. The wife video taped the incident, it appears at this time Youtube yanked it. The video can still be seen here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

Coming to a Mall Near You

With everyone refusing to have their privacy and 4th Amendment rights violated by TSA at the airport, They have decided to expand to commonly traveled areas.

I’ve already seen that the TSA is worse than Russia in 1989. However with the tactics and the rate that they’re expanding, I’m seriously beginning to wonder when people are going to start “disappearing” in the night to never be seen or heard from again.

DHS and TSA are both totally out of control and obsessed with power. The worst part of all of this though is we’re told it’s for our own good. William Pitt has expressed my feelings on that type of sentiment quite well.

Update: Some coworkers and I were talking and trying to figure out why they would want to screen malls. Then it dawned on us, the number of teenage girls at malls is through the roof. Coupled with their soccer mom escorts, it’s a sexual predators wet dream.

If you speak out against us…

we will raid your house, and destroy you.

I guess it’s positive they haven’t started loading people into train cars yet.

CIA creates a new taskforce

The CIA created a new taskforce today to asses the impact of WikiLeaks. The new task force is the WikiLeaks Task Force, or WTF for short.

Finally they use an acronym that describes exactly what everyone is thinking!

Now this is good news

I’m glad to hear Aitken’s sentence was commuted to time served. While a full pardon would be absolutely wonderful for him, for the rights of everybody this allows him to continue the fight to rectify the situation.

Mr. Aitken know this, I do not think there is a single gun owner who is not behind you. Those that aren’t, if any, don’t understand how easily it could have been them.