Los Angeles County prosecutors say a former police officer has been sentenced to 19 years in prison after pleading no contest to sexually assaulting five women while on duty in 2006 and 2007.

A district attorney’s statement says Ryan Allen West entered the plea Tuesday to five felonies including two counts of rape and three counts of penetration with a foreign object.

Remember though, these men should be allowed to be armed while you are forcibly disarmed and the act of defending yourself against them automatically a felony.

State Sponsored Criminal: Ryan Allen West

Because when you’re a cop, you get the authority of the state behind you and a gun on your hip while your victims are just allowed to cower in fear.

SSCC Box Elder County

A former Box Elder County sheriff’s deputy has pleaded guilty to federal charges related to illegally strip-searching women at traffic stops.

Scott R. Womack, 37, admitted in U.S. District Court last week to two misdemeanor counts of deprivation of rights under color of law. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors agreed to drop six other counts.

I’d be interested to know what the sentencing guidelines are for this.  But I can tell you even at the maximum sentence it is merely a slap on the wrist relative to what he’s done.

Why does he make the full count though beyond the lenient sentence?  Well his department covered for him.

According to one suit, several women complained to the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office with similar stories about Womack. One woman says she called the office about the incident and was told: "I don’t think officer Womack is that type of person."

State Sponsored Criminal: Scott R. Womack

Because when you’re a cop, they can’t say no to what you tell them to do on the side of the road.  Their only option is to pray they get caught, even then they’ll only slap my wrist.

Quote of the Day–Scholling(5/21/2013)

We would not allow cities or states to require poor women to spend several hundred dollars on training and licensing before having a child or an abortion and I don’t see how it is any more constitutional to require a woman to spend several hundred dollars to obtain a license to defend herself against rape.

Scholling – CalGuns Forum

May 19th, 2013

[I have nothing further to add that I haven’t said before. –B]

h/t David

SSCC #566: Kern County

The victim reported that two deputies went to her home in the Tehachapi area at about 11:00 p.m., to investigate a burglary involving a man who was at her home. 

While speaking to deputies in her home she was handcuffed and led into a room by one of the deputies to be searched.  While being searched she was sexually assaulted by the deputy, according to reports.

Violated not once but twice.  First by the criminal who stole her property and then by the agent of the state sent there to investigate the crime.  This isn’t the first time something like this has happened either.

Not only that but he returned and assaulted her again.

State Sponsored Criminal #566: Gabriel Lopez

Because when a woman reports a crime you can just commit one against her yourself right?

Quote of the Day – God, Gals, Guns, Grub (4/2/2012)

So where am I headin’ with this whole diatribe… well I’m tired of gals who tell me they’d do anything to protect they’re kids when they don’t have a plan, training, or tools for that night when some scumbag kicks in their door during a home-invasion. You don’t need a “rape whistle” or to fire off a double-barrel shotgun into the air. You need sound advice and the determination to take care of yourself and survive no matter what you encounter.

It’s not paranoia, just reality and the world we live in… so… To the weaker sex… accept it and plan accordingly!

God, Gals, Guns, GrubTo the weaker sex: accept it, plan accordingly!

April 2nd, 2013


[I have nothing else to add that he didn’t say in that post.  Which I recommend reading the whole thing.

Some may be upset by what he said, but the fact of the matter is just because it’s politically incorrect doesn’t make it false.  We have tools and people are perfectly capable of learning the skills necessary to defend themselves.  It’s much easier though to say evil men just shouldn’t do that.

Well I’m sorry folks, evil men do exist and the prey on those weaker than them.  Accept it and plan accordingly. -B]

SSCC #557: Knoxville

A Knoxville woman filed a lawsuit against the city of Pittsburgh and a now imprisoned former officer, alleging the man was allowed to continue working for four years even after she filed a complaint against him for soliciting sexual acts from her.

This wasn’t just a one time deal either and it appears they knew about it for a long time.

Skweres was arrested a month later and this week pleaded guilty to all 26 counts against him involving five separate women. Among the most serious counts were charges of attempted rape and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney Alan Perer, alleges that the bureau took no action against Skweres even after complaints were made by Ms. Leonard in 2008 and another victim in 2009. The city also knew that he failed his initial psychological exam, the complaint said.

Aren’t you glad we have men like this who enlist to protect and serve the public.  It’s also nice to see how much the department actually bothered to investigate those seeking positions of authority and their lack of pursuit of information that should raise red flags.

Remember though, we need to put the public through hell to buy a firearm but people like this man and officer ‘roid rage are allowed to work, and continue working despite the evidence they should be fired.

State Sponsored Criminal #557: Adam Skweres

Because when you really need to fill the job, who cares who you hire?  They’re just looking for a good time and wont hurt anyone right?

And They Call Me Racist…

I’ve been called racist because I disagree with the policies of Barak Obama.  I’ve been called racist because of my membership in the NRA.  Tell me, am I really racist though for either of those things?

Hmm, interesting, why wasn’t this covered in the 5 o’clock evening news?  Why didn’t the media out all these folks who are obviously racist for their views of the NRA?

Could it be that people are using the racist label to shame those with opinions of which they differ?  Could it be the racist flag is being thrown when someone doesn’t like the argument of the other and see it as an easy out?  Or could it be that those people are honestly racist and think that anyone else must always be racist in their motives?

You have people like Joan screaming things like:

Plus, the NRA has thought of a cynical new way to make angry white guys more afraid of Black people with guns by encouraging people of color to arm themselves.

*blink* Seriously, I’m the racist here because I don’t have a problem with anyone being armed, yet Joan isn’t racist and is upset at the though of black people carrying weapons because it upsets her and her racist friends.

Look at the reaction by anti-gunners because Colion Noir decided to join with the NRA.  Heck, look at the media in general (just google Colion Noir NRA and you’ll find pages of this type of garbage), their focus wasn’t on Colion’s message, or that he had been doing videos on his own for a long time, it was, “How dare the NRA have a black man come into it’s ranks, especially as any type of spokesman!?”

Seriously, who’s acting racist in this debate?  Because the NRA doesn’t have any other members who are black, much less any black members of the board of directors?  Could it be you cannot argue with facts and logic and you are upset that the NRA represents 4 million people of whom you wish to deprive them of their inalienable as well as constitutionally protected rights?

You all keep using that word in that way and honestly it’s going to be the same as every other abused adjective, devoid of meaning.  You’ve labeled so many people terrorists no one really cares anymore.  When we see a real terrorist you call us racist if they aren’t Christian or have a slightly darker skin color.  Doesn’t matter he just tried to kill a bunch of people, we’re being racist if we label him a terrorist.

I’m seriously sick of this bullshit and hypocrisy.  When I see a man, I see exactly that, a man, nothing more.  He has his own ideas and character and if I call into question either of those things and his skin is a different color than my own I suddenly become racist?

Tell me, am I not allowed to judge a man by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin?  Because it seems everyone is insisting I judge by the color of their skin and ignore his actions and character.

And lets not forget about being called women haters and otherwise being disparaging towards women either; yet those who want to disarm women get a free pass when they say things like the following:

“I just want to say that, actually statistics are not on your side even if you had a gun,” Hudak said during the hearing. “And, chances are that if you would have had a gun, then he would have been able to get that from you and possibly use it against you.”

Not to mention the commentary by Joseph Salazar and the recommendation that women should just piss themselves to fend off attackers by the University of Colorado.

Seriously, WTF!?  How am I the racist misogynist pig in this debate?  How am I the person who hates women or those of a different race?  How is it that my desire to have equal access to arms is a racist or misogynistic tendency?  Someone explain to me how treating every individual as being an equal is treating them as being unequal.  I don’t freaking see it and frankly I’m getting down right pissed at those telling me I am while claiming women should just lie back and think of England.

Because evidently it’s a misogynistic to prefer a woman standing over the cooling body of her attacker in an alley instead of lying brutally beaten and raped with her rapist running away to possibly never be caught.

Because evidently it’s racist to want minorities to have the same rights as everyone else.  It’s racist to want those to have arms to defend themselves from the same threats any of us may face.

Why didn’t anyone tell me I was back in 3rd grade and it is opposite day?

h/t Joe

Sometimes they’re brutally honest

@Drake_Reinhardt @soderstromk@crazytrkdriver2 Yes. A rapist should be punished appropriately, not killed. It’s called justice. –Evan Olcott

Preserved for eternity


Yeah I saw a flurry on twitter and after that pile of horse crap, I did get involved.  The guy those is the classic case of Peterson Syndrome.

Best part is he kept saying self-defense was ok, but we shouldn’t kill anyone.  Tell me, what is the most effective method to stop an attacker.  As said before shooting someone merely starts a timer.  The shortest timer is smacking them in the face which is darn near instantaneous.  Center of mass causing massive blood loss is also quick, but also fatal.

Feel free to go pay that rapist supporting woman-hater a visit on twitter.  Remember though, supposedly it is me who hates women for wanting them to get training and empower them to be independent and fight off those who would do them harm.  He admitted he had never been raped but he is more than willing to force his morality and views on real victims.

He focuses on his dream “utopia” of training men not to rape as if evil is merely a learned trait.  Instead I teach women to defend themselves to make rapists lose interest and not want to harm women in general.  Too bad most rapists do it because of a control fixation.

Would it be great if evil didn’t exist, you bet your ass, but as long as we exist, the strong will attempt to prey upon the weak and I want the weak to have every advantage for their own survival at their disposal.

I can’t believe this crap, it makes me sick.  Doubly so since I constantly hear how I’m the problem with women’s rights and some how I cause a lack of respect towards women or endanger them.

Language Warning:

Why do I teach and encourage women people to get the tools and training to defend themselves?  Because FUCK rapists criminals that’s why.

*Evan Olcott, the internet is forever and your general hate and disrespect for women and rape victims shall be remembered forever you sick horrible excuse for a human being.